7 Conditions of Consciousness or planetary embodiments (Manvantaras)

Old SaturnOld SunOld MoonEarthFuture JupiterFuture VenusFuture Vulcan

7 Rounds or Life Conditions (of present Earth)

1st2nd3rd4th 5th6th7th
Elem. KingdomElem. KingdomElem. KingdomMineral KingdomPlant KingdomAnimal KingdomHuman Kingdom

7 Globes or Conditions of Form (Of present Mineral Kingdom)

1st2nd3rd4th 5th6th7th
ArupaRupaAstralPresentHigher AstralLower DevachanUpper Devachan

7 Great Epochs or Root Races (of present Physical-Etheric State)

1st2nd3rd4th 5th6th7th
Polarean EpochHyperborean EpochLemurian EpochAtlantean EpochPresent Post-Atlantean EpochSixth Great EpochSeventh Great Epoch

7 Post-Atlantean Cultural Epochs or sub-races (of Post-Atlantean Great Epoch)

1st2nd3rd4th 5th6th7th
Ancient India EpochAncient Persian EpochEgypto-Chadean- Bablonian-Assyrian EpochGreco-Roman EpochPresent Cultural EpochSixth Cultural Epoch (Russian)Seventh Cultural Epoch (American)
7893 BC->5733 BC->2970 BC ->747 BC ->1413 AD ->3573 AD ->5067 AD ->