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The Celestine Prophecy
James Redfield
An Adventure
Published by Warner Books in 1993
Book Review by Bobby Matherne ©2002


Opening the cover to the title page one discovers this book was published by Warner Books, and in the name "warner" we find a foretaste of the first insight which concerns synchronicity. From the first page the reader is pulled through an adventure novel that is simultaneously a new age testament. Embarked on a metaphysical scavenger hunt, the nameless hero of the story heads for Peru in search of nine insights. Along the way he encounters each insight in process before he has someone explain it to him and then he gets to read the manuscript. Like the synchronicity of "warner" books and the content of the book warning the reader of a new transcendent consciousness that we remain unaware of at our peril. The danger is that we might otherwise remain stultified in our limited Western consciousness.

Ever talk to someone for a few minutes and suddenly feel drained - like someone had pulled a plug and all your energy had gone down the drain? In the fourth insight you discover where your energy has gone: like a psychic Count Dracula, the person you were talking to has sucked your life's blood(energy) right out of you. How do you handle that situation? How do you replenish your energy? The answers may surprise you - both by their simplicity and this ease of implementation.

Do you find yourself in patterned sequences of interactions and wonder why you repeat these scenarios? If so the next insight will be helpful to you in uncovering the unconscious control dramas" that have been driving you life, up until now.

In the 1970's The Course in Miracles led to groups springing up to meet and study the principles of the books. In the 1990's similar groups are springing up around The Celestine Prophecy at metaphysical bookstores and centers around the country. To those for whom the insights are brand new information, the corroboration of others will be useful - and it will give them immediate access to people they can talk to who will not steal their energy in the course of the telling about the book. Stay tuned - movie may follow.

Here are my summary of the nine insights. This text evolved over a year of leading a Celestine Group with Mal Morgan and borrows freely from Redfield and Morgan's texts on the insights:

INSIGHT I Coincidences
The transformation begins when you become aware of coincidences happening at all levels of your life, when you begin reconsidering the inherent mystery of life, paying attention especially to those mysterious occurrences that change your life. The transformation is not new -- what's new is the increasing number of people undergoing the transformation -- it will reach critical mass, the 100th monkey effect, by the late 1990's. Other insights will follow from this first one. James Redfield says, "If one can connect and build up enough energy, then coincidental events begin to happen consistently." One example: when I thought parking places were things you found, I spent a lot of time finding them. Now I think parking places are things you create and I create them right next to the door in the shade. By a change of attitude coincidences of my driving to the front of a restaurant and finding a parking place there waiting for me have increased.

INSIGHT II Awareness
The coming mass transformation is heralded by a re-interpretation of history -- a new perspective of history that keeps coincidences conscious in the public mind. Our intense preoccupation with science and technology, while a necessary development, has become a screen behind which we hide our uncertainty about life. The coming transformation establishes our awareness as something real. We begin to see that we have been pre-occupying ourselves with material survival and controlling our situation in the universe for security up until now. From now on we know our openness represents a waking up to what is really going on.

The transformation leads us to understand that the entire universe is energy -- an energy that responds to our expectations and suppositions such that Everything Allways Turns Out The Way It's Supposed To (EAT-O-TWIST). The supposing refers to the process of thinking and imaging we do through every step of the way. Thus we come to see how our expectation itself causes this energy to flow into and out of the world and affect other energy systems. Awareness of this energy begins with a heightened sensitivity to beauty -- the greater the perception of beauty the closer we are to perceiving this energy. This energy is on the same continuum as beauty. By suspending our skepticism we can become aware of a subtle, visible energy field that hovers above beauty - especially natural beauty. We learn to gather this energy into ourselves from the beauty surrounding us and from the foods we eat, especially food we have grown or prepared ourselves.

The transformation allows us to see how we have competed for energy, how everything is composed of this one energy that responds to our expectations and sustains us, how when we feel weak and disorganized we have cut ourselves off from this energy, how lacking this energy in our lives we have unconsciously stolen it from other -- up until now. We learn that energy flows between people -- that when one dominates another, the dominator feels powerful by sucking vital energy from the other person. We learn that wars have been fought because one side was holding on to an irrational position for energy purposes. When we factor in the energy exchange, the position becomes rational, but unjustifiable. Thus have we competed for the only energy we have open to -- up until now. From now on we will learn to better utilize other sources of energy so that both sides in an exchange will garner more energy as a result of the transaction.

INSIGHT V New Energy
The transformation shows us that everything around us has energy and that love is pure energy that enters us when we allow it to. Connecting with energy feels like excitement, then euphoria, then love. Through food, beauty, and love we learn to acquire enough energy to sustain ourselves and the world -- thereby bringing ourselves to our individual peak experiences.

INSIGHT VI: Control Dramas
The transformation leads us to understand our individual unconscious control dramas -- the ways we have conned other people out of their energy -- up until now. As we each learned to preferentially use one hand because we felt most competent using it as a child, so we learned to use certain control dramas because we felt the strongest using them. From now on we learn to transcend our unconscious control dramas, whether they be the active Intimidator and Interrogator or the passive Aloof or Poor Me, by reviewing our early life experiences in light of our control dramas. We learn that what we would change about our parents is what we are working on in ourselves because we are as much a spiritual product of our parents' lives as a physical one.

The transformation begins in earnest when we have acquired enough energy so that, like a downhill skier, we speed along consciously engaging evolution by creating the coincidences to lead ourselves forward. By letting go of our unconscious control dramas we have filled in any potholes along the way before we speed past where they were. We learn to use our dreams as sources of learning by comparing the story of the dreams with the story of our life. From our observer position we allow our thoughts and daydreams to guide us. We learn to release fear thoughts right away and to recognize answers and coincidences immediately while they are happening.

INSIGHT VIII: Interdependence
Immersed in the transformation we give up our addictions to persons as well as things, recognizing them as obstacles to our speeding progress. In their stead we practice a new interpersonal ethic in which we help others to maintain and increase their energy -- to treat them in such a manner that more messages are shared freely among all. We learn to treat children as fully conscious human beings in small bodies. We recognize puppy love, infatuation, and marriage as ways of garnering energy from others, that, unless replenished, can lead to power struggles, unconscious control dramas, and blockages of our evolution. We learn that marriage, which brings completion, must also bring autonomy or it becomes a step backwards in our personal evolution. In groups we learn to function as a SuperPerson, each listener pouring energy into the speaker of the moment so as to activate their highest and best thought. We learn to speak only our highest and best thought in our turn and then listen to others. We learn that energizing others is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

INSIGHT IX: Trancendence
The transformation culminates in conscious evolution into harmonious relationships with ourselves, others, and the world. We willingly leave behind excessive consumption of food, acquisition of possessions, and the need to control others for security. Living consciously, openly, we expect coincidences to feed our awareness of meaningful encounters -- which replace our control dramas -- and to engage us in the discovery of new messages of evolution. With availability of energy from our new found interdependence, we re-discover the inherent mystery of life and the source our spiritual truths. Transformed by our conscious evolution, we overcome our fears so that we vibrate at a higher level until we become living spirit, crossing directly from the physical world into the spiritual.

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