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Footprints of God by
Luella Sibbald
The Relationship of Astrology, C. G. Jung and the Gospels
Published by SIGO Press in 1988
Book Review by Bobby Matherne ©2002


The title word "footprints" indicates the tracks left behind in the heavens by God that we call the Zodiac. Ms. Sibbald uses the word footsteps in the body of the book which is more appropriate to her subject. Footsteps are in the present tense - something happening right now - we can hear them on the staircase, etc. The author explains astrology from her Jungian orientation (or her Jungian views from an astrological orientation, take your pick). She takes us through the two Great Ages that most concern us: that of Pisces, which we are leaving, and that of Aquarius, which we are entering.

During the entire 2,000 year-long age we stay in one sign, and that sign is located in the First House. That puts all the other 11 signs in their respective houses. In the first half of the book, she explains Pisces, then Aquarius in relation to each of the 12 houses. An important point is the complementary sign of the Age - for Pisces, it's Virgo and for Aquarius, Leo.

Certainly the past 2,000 years of Pisces has seen much emphasis on the Virgin in both religion and social affairs. As we are entering the dawning of Aquarius, the emphasis will switch from the virginal aspects to the leonine aspects of femininity in particular. It is already more important how well-prepared a woman (or man ) is to take the lead in the business world than whether she (or he) is a virgin upon marriage.

This is a good reference book on the transition from Pisces to Aquarius, but it would probably be of more use to astrologers to learn about Jungian issues than vice versa.

The author's assiduous avoidance of the use of AD and BC in dates and the perspective with which she views religions ("the three great religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Mohammedism") indicate a Jewish or otherwise non-Christian heritage. In all, this subtle skew does not detract from the excellent treatment of astrology and depth psychology issues.

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