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Jungian Symbolism in Astrology
Alice O. Howell
Letters from an Astrologer
Published by Quest Books in 1987
Book Review by Bobby Matherne ©2002


Ms. Howell is a delightful author - a joy to read and she fills every page with new insights and quotations. Her understanding of astrology and Jungian archetypes is outstanding, which she demonstrates over and again in each chapter of the book.

Her descriptions of the planets Jupiter and Saturn sent me scurrying to locate my horoscope. Jupiter (Zeus) is the prolific seed-planter, the planet of expansion at all levels of process. Saturn (Chronos) is the planet of limitations and deflations. These two planets are in conjunction in my natal chart. After reading Howell I understand that this conjunction amounts to a simultaneous appearance of inflation and deflation, of boundless expansion and limited boundaries. Looking over chart interpretations I've had done over the years, the astrologers wrote that I could expect periods of expansion followed by periods of shrinkage. That has happened, certainly, several times in my weight and my day-times jobs. For the first time I have the tools to understand for myself the meaning of this conjunction: it is at the root of, it resonates with my love of paradox, which is a simultaneity of opposites in the logical arena. Thus the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction leads me to be continually confronted in my life with expanding and shrinking areas of consciousness, career, and all aspects of my being. Out of the confrontation of opposites comes the transcendental third component of the syzygy, which is the path of individuation. Thus my natal chart shows the very forces that have propelled me into individuation and keep me ever confronting balanced polarities with the challenge to transcend them.

To read Alice O. Howell is to wish ardently to be able to look at a natal chart and to have visions to share that illuminate the life of the charted person, like she commonly does.

A seer, a sage, and a prophet inside a beautiful woman, Alice is all these things and her books are like living monuments to her.

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