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Personality Types
Daryl Sharp
Jung's Model of Typology
Published by Inner City Books in 1987
Book Review by Bobby Matherne ©2002


An excellent introductory text for beginning typology students - not recommended for those who have trudged through Jung's "Psychology of Types" and von Franz's review of types already because Sharp uses ample quotes from both authors to provide the kernels of explication of the key points. The new points of the book from the author, which, while not the in-depth insights of a Jung or von Franz, are very useful. The clinical applications appendix can help one to see that extraverts are most prone to accidents (remember Jung's admonition to the mountain climber) and that introverts are most susceptible to infections. My own experience with amoebic infections during the 60's confirms that for me.

Sharp uses a circular diagram in which the function he's discussing goes at the top of the page and the inferior function goes at the bottom. One would never consider using such an arbitrary mode of diagraming for relationship analysis because putting them side-by-side would require one of them to rotated (unless they both had the same function). Sharp talks about intuition as information coming "out of the blue" and sensate types as "stuck in a rut." Both metaphors suggest a mapping of intuition on the top and sensation on the bottom as a natural. Typology Diamond Diagram, Prototype by Bobby Matherne Copyright 2002

Sharp closes the book with the types-party in which the Extraverted-Feeling Hostess greets each of her guests, and each guest is a different type. (All but the Introverted-Intuitive poet who forgets the engagement until it's too late.) Her six guests include a complementary-typed couple who, although so different from each other, seem so right for each other.

Particularly useful in the book is Sharp's insights into the symptoms of typological reversal and change in both the normal and the abnormal person.

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