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The Projection Principle
George Weinberg and Diane Rowe
The Breakthrough Technique for Getting Others to See You as You Really Are
Published by St. Martin's Press in 1988
Book Review by Bobby Matherne ©2002


This book starts out slow but picks up speed towards its middle with useful insights, axioms, and suggestions on how to improve your life by improving your projections of others and theirs of you. The slow start is probably a projection on my part and is a sign that the book assumes no prior knowledge of the subject. It provides the reader with a comprehensive grounding in the psychology of projection.

The second half of the book provides an almost cookbook approach to ferreting out projections from personal and business relationships. The male-female co-authors provide a sexual balance to the problem of projections. As many stories are written from the masculine view as are written from the feminine view.

Some of the work examples provide intriguing behind-the-scene looks at case studies of employees with projection problems. The male employee who views his female boss as a dummy and tries to steal her blind is counterbalanced by the female employee with the same boss who sees her boss as a demanding taskmaster who can never be pleased. Same boss, two completely different responses, all based on projections. The authors go even further and provide early life histories of each employee so that the readers can understand the origins of the projections.

All this case history stuff would be nice fluff except that the authors supplement it with techniques for recognizing and undoing similar projections in your world. Anyone who thinks he or she has no projections should definitely read this book on an emergency basis.

As a bonus the final chapters deal in detail with the function of projections in the process of falling into or out of love with someone. It is refreshing to encounter a useful approach to these seemingly unsolvable human dilemmas, especially one based on clear, rational psychological grounds and one that doesn't trivialize the process of falling in love itself.

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