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Faces of people with Unwanted Doyles.
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Althea's Initial Speed Trace Experiences

The following is excerpted from a series of emails between Bobby Matherne and Althea (not her real name) in 2002. In it Bobby suggests that Althea do a food dislike trace, and Althea reports on the success: a confirmed speed trace! Then she proceeded apace to apply the speed trace in many other areas of her life. I wish to thank the real person behind Althea for permission to use her description of her experience to help others who have yet to do their first speed trace. Especially those who doubt that tracing a simple food dislike can accomplish anything for them.

"Althea" is a pseudonym to disguise the identity of the real person. Used with permission.
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~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ Reply to Email # 1 ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~

Althea's original post double-indented in BOLD type.

Bobby Matherne wrote:

Dear Althea,

I'm glad to hear from you. I had spent about twenty years devoted to studying psychotherapies and metaphysics, hypnotism, NLP, TA, Bioenergetics, Neo-Reichian work, Re-birthing, Primal Work, you name it, I studied it or took a workshop in it. When I found Doyle Henderson, his work blew me away. Here was truly an innovative discovery which explains why all the other things I studied worked at all, when they worked, which they didn't always. I talked to Doyle yesterday, btw, he's 79, driving his motorhome, selling his mountain cabin, and moving on in the last years of his life, still thinking clearly and vibrant, though in at times frail health.

As I worked with Doyle for several years, 3 hrs a day emails back and forth, I did seminars for people to teach them how to do the doyle trace. I found that the speed trace I was using was as effective as the software, but could be done on the spot, right when a doyle was happening for real. And fast. Less than a minute with a few practices and confirmed speed traces. The physical body states I named "doyles" after Doyle Henderson, who was named after Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes stories his father loved. They are the substrate of all feelings, emotions, internal states, and bodily movements that we make -- doyles are to doyletics what genes are to genetics. Tiny indivisible carriers of physical body states are doyles; tiny indivisible carriers of physical body traits are genes.

Althea wrote:
A brief history of myself. Born 1954 to insecure neurotic parents who fought the whole time I and my twin where in the womb - and all my childhood. Born prematurely (blue) and incubated although not for long. Twin sister had health related problems which took a lot of my mums time and energy. Father, and elder brother and uncle (sexually) messed with me. I have little conceptual memory but found out latter in life. Mother strict, gave us lots of battering, and did not believe me when I was three that dad had be messing with me. Battered me and called me a dirty bitch. Used to suffer for years with depression until 1989 when I learnt to meditate. Many relationship breakups after 13 years of marriage.

Dreams have helped me a lot and many therapies, zazen, Gestalt, Ortho-Bionomy, etc. I am a metaphysical believer and blame no one.

I myself am a psychotherapist and martial arts teacher. A couple of years ago had a lot of success with emotional clearing and lowered my emotional reaction to life and its many trials. However I was clearing a big one and ended up in a very stressful state which continues as many physical problems. Some of which that have happed in the last couple of years. Falling - legs giving in. Headaches, dizziness, heart pounding, jaw head neck and shoulder including upper spine region stiffness. Clenching teeth. Tension all the time in stomach area - holding tight. Holding hands together tight. Fear feelings.

All these are likely doyles or doylic in origin. Of course, they may be medical problems, but the simplest way to find out is to do a doyle trace: if they go away with a doyle trace, they were doyles, if not, something else. Once you have a confirmed speed trace under your belt, the easiest thing to do is to ask your body -- and you ask your body by doing a speed trace -- you ask you body in effect: "Is this problem besetting me a doyle?" If the problem goes away, your body has answered yes, this was stored as a doylic memory before five years old and now it has been converted into a cognitive memory, never to return. If not, the answer is it may be something else encountered after five years old.

Althea wrote:
I have nothing in my life to worry me now, and I am on the whole happy. I have grown spiritually and realize my oneness with the Divinity. Now I think it's time to stop suffering and live.

Yes, I agree. At 49, do you have any food dislikes remaining? Anything that if you smell, taste, or chew causes your stomach to turn, your jaw to set, your face to grimace? Or something you've never tried to eat, but when you think of eating causes you to react that way? Haggis, blood sausage, sushi, pig's knuckles, hogshead cheese, seaweed, turnip greens, oysters, etc? Every food can become a source of a powerful speed trace experience. The best one to start with is an actual food. Buy the food so you can do this alone at home. Prepare it if necessary. If the smell during the preparation gets to you, begin your speed trace. If tasting it triggers it, put some in your mouth and leave it there, if possible, while doing the trace. If it goes away when you remove food from mouth, put it in before each time mark below. Start at current age or time mark=49: SAY Aloud [later you can do this in public by saying to yourself] I'm 49 and I'm experiencing this doyle. [doyle refers to the set of bodily states triggered by the smell]

Say the same thing for time marks: 40, 30, 20, 10, 5

Now switch to saying this:

I'm 4 -- am I experiencing this doyle? [check -- is doyle still present? If yes, you're done, if no, continue]

Say the same thing for time marks: 3, 2, 1, 9mons, 6mons, 3mons, 2mons, 1month, 1 day, -1 day (day before I was born), -1 month, ... -7 months. Stop. If doyle is still present but lessened, you may wish to try it again later, you removed one of the doyles, but another remains.

When the doyle goes away, e.g., at time mark=2, ask "What's a plausible thing happened to me at age two that could explain the doyle?" and pay exquisite attention to every thought that immediately flashes through your mind. That will be your clue as to what happened to you. You have just gone past the place in your past where the original doyle was stored, and being over five-years-old (49 now) you have cognitive memory, so a cognitive memory will be made of the original event, and the doyle will not surface ever again, only the cognitive memory (cognitive memory is what everyone calls just "memory", but I need to distinguish doylic memory from cognitive memory). You will recall something of the original event, however vague, and upon future triggerings that memory may pop up till you get bored with it. It will no longer hold you in thrall as a slave to the doyle from now on.

Remember this MOST IMPORTANT function of the Plausibility Question or PQ:

No need to wait 2 or 3 weeks to find out if the doyle returns. You know immediately that a speed trace has worked because a speed trace transforms a doylic bodily memory into a COGNITIVE memory, and getting plausible explanation for the original event demonstrates immediately that you have done just that: COGNIZED a DOYLE!

Althea wrote:
Doyletics is the answer I think. Can you point me in the right direction. If I bought the Doyletic software do you think it would help me?

There is no "Doyletic software" -- doyletics is a science and The Doyletics Foundation is devoted to research, not selling products. Doyle Henderson sold his software called Panacea! for many years and I think it is still available from him, if you feel a need for it. You can order it only from Doyle Henderson, but he currently has no mailing address as he lives in a motor home and is traveling around the country.

Althea wrote: Can a person have so many doyles that it doesn't seem to be working for a while. I had a pretty traumatic childhood and marriage. Please will you write back to me I am desperate to get better because its time now to let go. Many blessings and thank you for the wonderful work you are doing helping people like myself understand doyletics. Althea.

I hope this email will help you get started with removing your doyles. First the food dislike or some other doyle that you are absolutely positive that you can trigger every time so that you can begin with a confirmable speed trace. Simply say the words for the time marks, you brain will take care of the rest.

To do a good trace you must simply HOLD and MARK: HOLD the doyle present and say the TIME MARKS!

most cordially,


P. S. I'd like your permission to share this with the World-Wide Doyletics List to help others. I reserve the right to use my responses to you, but I'd like your permission to use your background and questions as well. I'll change your name to hide your identity.

~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ Email #2 ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~

These next two emails came from Althea. Bobby's answers in bold.

Dear Bobby thank you so much for getting back to me so soon! I am from Canada. Thought I would tell you this in case you needed it.

Lovely to hear you had spoken to Doyle give him my love and tell him a great big thank you, he is a true friend in spirit as are you. I loved hearing how he got his name. He has been a real Sherlock Homes finding this healing technique. I hope he has lots of fun with his motor home he deserves it!

Of course you can have my letter. Things have been happening since I last wrote to you. When I do a trace and get to five and under I get visions in my head. My husband had gone out for a while and the same old feeling came. FEAR. "Will he be safe, what would I do without him" I did a trace and saw when I got down to about I year old, a babies bottom being wiped. I think I been fearing being left all my life, with heart racing, feeling weak, for no more than the fact that maybe I had been left in a dirty nappy. Probably so, due to the fact I was a twin and there were two babies to see to.

I went straight to the kitchen and cut up my most hated food a tomato and guess what I actually tasted it. Haven't ate one as yet. I will do some more speed tracing on that one. I woke in the night with stomach pains, haven't had these for a long time so I did a speed trace. Nothing came to me and I went back to bed and fell to sleep speed tracing.

I had one of the many nightmares I have of someone entering a house I am in. I was at the end of a long passage looking towards the door. I was shouting who is there? I was panicking. My heart was racing. I woke up. Do you think that this nightmare could have been suggesting the birth or sexual encounters from my dad when I was a baby? I suffered for years with stomach pains. Do you think maybe there has been some healing? Can dreams be an outcome of Doyletics?

This sounds like a repeating nightmare. From my studies, especially of Otto Rank's The Trauma of Birth, the disturbing dreams seems to suggest a birth trauma. Long passages are suggestive of the birth canal to a baby in the process of being born. The midwife or doctor is likely the person on the other side of the door. That's one possibility for you to consider.

In doyletics, we have a motto: "It's Easier to Do a Trace Than to Ask If a Trace is Possible." When my wife, Del, began doing computer work, she was constantly asking me questions like this, "What happens if I do this?" As she graduated from Techno-Newbie to Techno-Middie, I began to answer her this way: "Ask the computer." That is, do whatever you are asking me about of the computer and see what response you get. That's my suggestion to all those who ask question about whether something is a doyle: "Ask your body by doing a speed trace. If the doyle goes away, it was a doyle." It's faster to trace than even to ponder the question of whether it's doyle or not.

About the nightmare panic response -- the heart racing part. The first trace Doyle ever did was to get rid of the fast heart rate that almost got him barred from service in World War II. Next time that panic response happens, begin a trace as soon as you're aware of the panicky feeling or racing heart. It will go away at some age and that will answer your question as whether it was a birth trauma or some sexual abuse (which would be post-birth).

If you are saying that the stomach pains are gone and asking if that could be due to a doyle trace, the answer is: MOST Definitely. I know personally of many people who have removed all kinds of chronic pain. I suspect that folks suffering from fibromyalgia, which is chronic pain in at least 11 or more spots in one's body, could find relief by systematically tracing each different pain as it comes up for them.

Sometimes the triggers for a specific pain can be seasonal or connected with some time of the year and return every year. One woman had shoulder pains the beginning of each year. She did a trace and they went away right before birth. Then she realized that she was born in mid-January and that's when the pains came each year. She was the first pregnancy, first child of her mother, so it was a tight birth canal she had to transit and her shoulders were compressed tightly. The doyles of that passage returned to her every year.

Lastly, you asked, "Can dreams be an outcome of doyletics?" I suspect you're asking if doyles can cause dreams. It's possible, but mostly it's the other way around. Dreams can trigger doyles. Good ones you keep. Bad ones you trace. "Bad" means ones you don't like. If you systematically remove the bad doyles that dreams and nightmares have triggered in you, you'll undoubtedly find that "Good dreams can be an outcome of doyletics." Why? Because even bad dreams will no longer cause you to have unpleasant feelings.

It is true, as I've found from my own experience, that doyles can be active in dreams. My salient experience was a dream in which I was eating sauerkraut and enjoying it. I had always hated the sight of sauerkraut and never eaten it before. That dream made me aware that some speed trace I'd done had removed that doyle from me. I no longer had a negative doyle created by the sight of sauerkraut, in fact, I was eating it! I awoke and told Del excitedly, "We're going to Bailey's and I'm going to have myself a Reuben Sandwich tonight! I have often longed to eat one but the sauerkraut on it had put me off, up until now!"We now keep sauerkraut in the house and I eat it along with Del and love it.

Before I went to bed I also had a sharp pain in my genital region something that I have never experienced before. It was so sharp so I did a speed trace. I got to less than five again and saw a vision of a belt below a waist. Maybe I was being told I had been belted below the waist. Anyway the pain went and has not returned.

Another one was I was feeling frustrated at my partner for something so I did another speed trace and saw a beautiful rounded baby naked - don't know what that was saying. But the frustration left me.

Do you get people who see visions and is this the right way to do it. I have seen visions for years since I meditated 19 years ago. Can these visions help me or should I keep my eyes open.

Yes, at the completion of a doyle trace people often get visions of the original event during which a doyle was stored. Your brain has just created a cognitive memory out of a doylic memory. That cognitive memory will float up in front of your inner vision if you allow it or welcome it or urge it to come forth using the Plausibility Question as soon as you know the age of the original event -- the last time mark you went past. ["What's a plausible that happened to me at that age?"]

Today I have a sore throat something I haven't had for years. I used to get loads when I was a child. I may speed trace this one latter. Do you hear of people when they do this work get things they used to get as a child, or am I a one of a kind?

No, it's usually the opposite: People lose things they used to get as a child. If sore throats return, do a speed trace. Ask your body.

One more question. I read in Doyle's work ‘answers to questions' that some people work on happy doyles. Could it be that these people are spiritually minded and want to be free of attachment to anything, or are they being foolish?

To my mind, they are being foolish. In his writings, Doyle liked to speculate philosophically about how someone might, using his discovery, turn himself into a Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame who had no feelings at all. For myself, I would banish the thought of ever doing a speed trace while I was happy or joyful. It would never come up for me. Focus on getting rid of the stuff you don't like, and be happy with what remains. That's my advice to all users of the speed trace. What gets traced is what you focus on when you call some feeling in your body "this doyle." You do not trace every feeling you're having at the time, so it doesn't matter how you're feeling otherwise when you do a speed trace. Focus on what you don't like that's happening, call it "this doyle" and trace it on down.

About the "spiritually minded" part of your question: If a Buddhist wishes to remove her desire for something by doing a speed trace to remove the doyle associated with that desire, that is a legitimate use of the speed trace. To her, it was not something good that she removed, but instead it was something "bad" -- something she didn't want that she removed.

I would like to keep in touch with you for a while and if my letters can be of any help to you, please feel free to use them.

I am so grateful for this work you and Doyle have made possible for me to have. It's been an answer to many prayers. I thought emotional clearing was the icing on the cake and although it helped me with my many phobias, it didn't take them away completely. I can see I have now some "Royal" icing" The best ever, and I hope I can help my clients to take a step further and be rid of the debilitating habits I was unable to help them with.

This therapy says what metaphysics says, that there is no such thing as illness and now I know why. It's just infant doylic memory, waiting to be changed into conceptual memory. WOW! Many blessings to you from Althea

~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ Email # 2 ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ Hi Bobby,

Thanks for the email, it gives me the incentive to keep going. I keep tracing for everything that I experience but nothing seems to happen, however I have a notion that doyles can be pilled on top of each other and so it’s a bit like the onion, peeling away the layers and hopefully I will realize emotional and physical freedom.

This time of the year (July to September) for as long as I can remember has seen me in some sad states but this year I am not in depression but my heart is racing so fast all the time. The doyle is showing up I believe as physical. I keep tracing but get nothing, I was born april - if this was to do with the birth trauma - as my dreams point towards, why should I, I ask myself, experience pain of some sort from July to September. Maybe something happened when I was three months old. Or around this time up to five.

Do a speed trace whenever that pain comes into your awareness. Ask your body.

My mom went into hospital in July when I was seven, and my brothers and I was sent to an aunt and uncle 'far away' as she was frightened of my father looking after us. The aunt and uncle didn't really know us and hated having three children around - I remember crying most days. I wonder if that could be a doyle - is this possible at seven?

It's unlikely that a new doyle could have been created at seven. The age of five is considered the Memory Transition Age, but there is not likely a sharp break right at five-years-old. Much research will need to be done to pinpoint the range of the Memory Transition Age for the general population. Till then, the safest answer is No and this motto: When in doubt, Trace it out.

Anyway I am a strong fan of doyletics and I have introduced my classes and clients to your work and some have gone on to your site on the internet to understand more. I do not seem to be able to find your answers to my last questions on the site. Have you written them as yet? Anyway thank you so much for everything you are doing, I remain grateful to Doyle Henderson and yourself. Many blessings Althea

And many blessings on you, Althea. I have answered your questions here on this webpage. Stay in touch. Join the World-Wide Doyletics List, use a pseudonym if you like, and ask away any more questions that arise as you undertake this great journey into becoming bad-doyle-free from now on.

Most Cordially,
Bobby Matherne
Principal Researcher
The Doyletics Foundation, 2003 A. D.

~^~ Relief is just a Trace Away! ^~^~

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