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Fire in the Heart
Kyriacos Markides

Healers, Sages and Mystics
Published by Paragon House in 1990
A Book Review by Bobby Matherne ©1999


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This is the third part of a trilogy, but unless one wishes to memorize such terminology as anapodos (five-pointed star), antilepsis (awareness), holyspiritual (animal's highest state), ontopeisis (ultimate individuality), and synantilepsis (co-awareness) in preparation for a trip to Nicosia to worship at the feet of the two Masters, Daskalos and Kostas, this book should suffice as a full course in their esoteric mysticism and shamanistic healing practices. This book reads like a combination of The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield and The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda. It lacks the drama that pulls you through Redfield's book and has none of the jester-like shenanigans of Don Juan Mateus. It tells a good story about the master Daskalos and his main pupil and co-worker, Kostas, and how they perform magical healings of the people that come to them. Sometimes, using only a photo of the person who's ill, they can diagnose and cure the illness.

Markides, a native of Cyprus, is a professor at the University of Maine. He visits his boyhood home and these mystic healers for extended periods of time, studies with them, and writes books about them. One must always keep in mind that it is second-hand knowledge that is being reported herein, very similar to Castaneda's books, which he began writing when he was a know-nothing student of Don Juan's mysticism and esoteric lore, and continued to write until he could do the things that Don Juan did. What's important is that this book is not being written by someone who understands in details all the processes going on, but one who is observing them and asking questions about them. Compare this with the writings of Rudolf Steiner, who was a scientist, an Initiate, a capable writer, and an accomplished lecturer. His 6,000 lectures comprise a consistent body of knowledge about the same occult worlds with which Markides hopes to impress and educate the reader at times focusing much more on the impressing than the educating side.

Does Daskalos know of Rudolf Steiner? Yes, but only what he's been told by Markides, and, while there are some points of correspondence with Steiner's exposition of the spiritual worlds, the points of salient difference are dramatic. One of those has to do with the time between incarnations for someone who's been really evil. Steiner makes it clear in Karmic Relationships that this time is necessarily short due to the ability of persons to take the evil aspects of their being into the Sun realm with them and requires a quick reincarnation to keep from disappearing entirely. Daskalos on the other hand says about really evil persons such as Hitler:

[page 188] Their ego will not be dissolved. They will simply be put to sleep for a very long time and when their time comes to awaken they will move one step upward, but only one. Their ascent, or if you wish to call it their maturation, will be gradual and very tiring.

Some of the processes he describes in this book are practical and easy to learn, such as how to protect oneself inside of a five-pointed star. It isn't enough to just imagine oneself inside such a star, Kostas warned Markides. "No, The protective power of the five-pointed star is activated in the process of drawing it." (Page 76) This illustrates an example of the teachings that Kostas and Daskalos shared with the author. In another place on page 273 Kostas talks about spending five to ten minutes each night to review the day's events shortly before going to sleep. "Pick an episode and examine yourself. Examine your feelings, your thoughts, your behavior around that incident, but from the point of view of an outsider." He recommends this exercise as a way of mastering one's thoughts and emotions.

Daskalos, the "Magus of Strovolos" is definitely an Initiate, and his knowledge of the spiritual worlds is in many ways on a par with Rudolf Steiner's. He lacks the scientific training and the precision of description of Steiner, but with few exceptions what he reports of the spiritual world is consistent with Steiner's body of works, so far as I can tell. Unless someone already trained in Steiner's works is ready to learn a whole new terminology, however, the study of Daskalos's description of the spiritual worlds will be less than useful and certainly not a little confusing. On the other hand, someone who is impressed by Daskalos's work and wants to learn more about the worlds that Daskalos moves within, reading Steiner can be a very useful endeavor.

The merit of Daskalos's work is his adherence to so many of the principles of a true spiritual healer one can learn a lot about the proper manner of behaving, of working in the spiritual worlds by reading about Daskalos's life. Years ago I promulgated the following principle, "If there's a process that one person is doing anywhere or anytime in the world, everyone in the world is capable of doing that same process, and is in fact doing it right now, out of their awareness, all the time." If that's so, how can we explain all the problems of the world except that they must be using these processes for evil rather than good without knowing it, up until now. These books of Markides can help us by leading us to understand the tremendous power for good that lives inside of each and every one of us, if we but acknowledge it and move its application towards good in all of our endeavors from now on.

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