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The Trauma of Birth

A Reference Page of Material on the Trauma of Birth
Bobby Matherne

Published by Good Mountain Press/US in 2006
Reference Page Design and Compiled from Yahoo SERP by Bobby Matherne ©2006


Otto Rank's book on the subject the trauma of birth provides valuable insight into depression, especially when it arrives when one is under pressure as usually the case when one is transiting the birth canal. These links are places where I have referenced Rank's book in my various writings.

1. The Kingdom of Childhood by Rudolf Steiner by Rudolf Steiner, A Review by Bobby Matherne
Steiner was "then already a sick man" Christopher Bamford tells us in his Introduction to this book, but you couldn't tell it from the vibrancy of his living thoughts as expressed in these lectures. ... the soul-spiritual nature of the child beginning with the birth to seven year old child ... the nascent science of doyletics [See ARJ: The Trauma of Birth ], we can understand ...

2. Doyletics Training Exercise to Learn to Do a Speed Trace by Bobby Matherne
... ... day of birth should be skipped over completely to avoid re-experiencing trauma of birth ...

3. Althea's Initial Speed Trace Experiences by Bobby Matherne
... From my studies, especially of Otto Rank's The Trauma of Birth, the disturbing dreams seems to suggest a birth trauma. Long passages are suggestive of the birth canal to ...

4. Counselor's Corner: Suggestions on Incorporating Doyletics in Your Work by Bobby Matherne
... of any kind -- no food was eaten before birth, therefore concentrate on time marks before you reach birth. Read Otto Rank's The Trauma of Birth for details on birth doyles ...

5. AUX FAQ Page: Frequently Asked Questions about Doyletics and Their Answers by Bobby Matherne
Frequently Asked Question about Eliminating Unwanted Doyles with the MOSTtm -- A Simple Memory Tracing Technique Suggested by the Nascent Science of Doyletics ... Easy skip over the birth process completely. Go from "I am one day old" to "I am minus one day old, the day before birth ... when they help someone relive birth trauma eliminate behaviors like kicking in the walls, retching, screaming, etc ...

6. The Red Wagon Story by Bobby Matherne
A Metaphor to Explain the Origins of Emotions and Why Autistics Have so Few doylic memories ... more details on types of birth trauma, which may occur at both ends of one's life, see my review of The Trauma of Birth by Otto Rank ...

7. Doyletics Introduction by Bobby Matherne
... In Otto Rank's book, The Trauma of Birth, he points out that the trauma of going through the birth canal or being ... see my review of by Otto Rank ...

8. Twitch and Shout A Touretter's Tale by Lowell Handler, A Review by Bobby Matherne
... stored during such a birth. Did these birth trauma doyles contribute to ... one avenue of research that holds promise for detecting a relationship between birth trauma and Tourette's Syndrome ...

9. Nobody Nowhere by Donna Williams, A Review by Bobby Matherne
The Extraordinary Autobiography of an Autistic ... these feelings, probably experienced by her during her birth, were the sum total of her feeling ecology ... began experiencing the physical body states of her birth trauma once again ...

10. Laws of Form by G. Spencer Brown, A Review by Bobby Matherne
... as I point out in The Trauma of Birth, what actually occurred was an unconscious doyle trace, either in ...

11. Doyletics The Basic Theory by Bobby Matherne
... indicated that the doubling of brain mass that occurs between birth and three-years-old culminates in the beginning of ... The Trauma of Birth by Otto Rank

12. An Outline of Occult Science (Chapters 1, 2 and 3) by Rudolf Steiner, A Review by Bobby Matherne
.... later they will confront the enigmas of birth and death whether they unlock them ... all parts of our body, except during times of pain or severe trauma. Smash a toe ...

13. The Strange, Familiar, and Forgotten by Israel Rosenfield, A Review by Bobby Matherne
... in the classic cases, the disease or trauma in the brain destroyed specific memories, or limited certain of ... not innate or predetermined before birth, might have been created by the ...

14. A Psychology of Body, Soul, & Spirit (Introduction and Anthroposophy Lectures) by Rudolf Steiner, A Review by Bobby Matherne
... dream interpretation, case histories, theories of the self, trauma, abuse, analysis, and visualization ... the intellect, and this gave birth to the erroneous statement that the ...

15. The Body in the Mind by Mark Johnson , A Review by Bobby Matherne
... to 3, 2, 1day after birth, 1 day before birth, 1 month before birth all the way to ... experience the same cy cle of trauma, even though there is no ...


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