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"Today readers live in the midst of riches, which they neither value nor exploit, failing to realise that the application of attention is the magical act which transforms print and paper into bread and wine. And now, patient reader, read on!" ---Robert Cecil in his Introduction to The King's Son

These reviews were the very first ones I wrote. Back in 1987 I began doing free-writing exercises each day as Peter Elbow suggests in his book, "Writing Without Teachers." The exercise consists of writing without stopping for ten minutes on any subject. One day while beginning a writing exercise, I was searching around for something to write about, and I remembered that I had just finished reading a book. CONTENT! The word shouted itself in my mind! Simply write about my reactions to the book I'd just finished. I did. And soon I began to look forward to completing a book so that I would have content for my next free-writing exercise. Recently I located my 1987 free writing journal while painting the library, and there, to my utmost surprise, were 18 reviews from 1987 that had never made it into the original Volume I of "A Reader's Journal." In addition, "A Glastonbury Romance" review was buried the journal as well, and even thought I'd written a review which got incorporated into the bound version of ARJ, this review was worthy to be added to this list on-line.

I have prepared this special page for you, Dear Reader, so that you may sample what a beginning writer's voice sounds like. To the me-now writer, the me-then writer sounds abrupt, unconventional, and fresh. I kinda like that me, and these reviews help me to remember to not take my writing so serious that I lose the sense of fun that attracted me to writing in the first place. I hope you find something to enjoy also, In freedom and light, Bobby.

A Reader's Journal -- Journeys into Understanding
Volume 1 Early 1987, 1988 Reviews
(Not included in Bound Volume)

Author (Last Name, First) Full Title of Book Reviewed
Powys, John Cooper A Glastonbury Romance
Bohannen, Paul All the Happy Families
Conroy, Pat The Prince of Tides
Carey, Ken The Starseed Transmissions
Strieber, Whitely Communion
Welty, Eudora One Writer's Beginnings
Austen, Jane Emma
Mircea Eliade The Myth of the Eternal Return
Mircea Eliade No Souvenirs: notes from a Journal 1957-1969
Mircea Eliade The Forge and the Crucible
Blount, Roy, Jr. One Fell Soup -- Or I'm Just a Bug on the Windshield of Life
Lankton, Stephen R. Elements and Dimensions of an Ericksonian Approach
Carse, James P. Finite and Infinite Games
Soseki, Natsume The Three-Cornered World
Khan, Hazrat Inayat Spiritual Liberty -- Volume V: A Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty
Burnett, Frances Hodgson The Secret Garden
Swimme, Brian The Universe Is a Green Dragon
Hall, Tom T. The Songwriter's Handbook
Stewart, Mary The Crystal Cave
White, James Boyd When Words Lose Their Meaning
Margenau, Henry The Miracle of Existence

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