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Change Your Mind and Keep the Change
Chapter: Psychotherapy

Steve Andreas and Connirae Andreas
Published by Real People Press in 1987
A Book Review by Bobby Matherne ©2007


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As I have mentioned in other reviews of Steve and Connirae's books, I met them in the fall of 1977. Each time I tell the story, however, I remember slightly different facets of it. I was attending the Association for Humananistic Psychology's conference on the University of California Berkeley campus, and after this conference was a Gestalt Conference which I stayed over to attend. During the first day of the Gestalt Conference, I was eating lunch in the cafeteria when this tall man in sandals sat down across from me. He introduced himself as John Stevens and his girl friend who came from the cafeteria line later as Connirae Andreas. I recognized him as Barry Stevens's son, or he told me he was. His mother, Barry Stevens, was a close friend of Fritz Perls and wrote the book Don't Push the River which had a been a classic of the personal growth movement in the early 1970's. John was a Gestalt therapist, and he and Connirae were there to attend the Gestalt Conference. I asked if he'd heard about Richard Bandler and John Grinder and he said he hadn't, why? I explained that a Gestalt therapist I had been training with named Eric Marcus was going to give a short presentation on the work of Bandler and Grinder and I thought John might find it interesting. He said he didn't think he would. So I explained to him how these two guys had developed a technique for curing a lifelong phobia in ten minutes, plus I threw in a lot of other stuff that I thought would interest another Gestalt therapist like myself.

John and Connirae showed up for the afternoon session and then signed up for the next Bandler and Grinder seminar, taped it and produced a transcript of the seminar in the book entitled, Frogs into Princes, which for the first time made Bandler and Grinder seminar material available in book form. This material grew into the body of knowledge that came to be known as Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP for short. Since that time John has changed his name to Steve Andreas and he and Connirae are teaching NLP and creating extensions of it. This book represents a compilation of their teachings as of 1987. In my experience of them, they are one of a small set of people who have been creating innovative techniques instead of describing the techniques of others. They also openly express their gratitude for the "creative genius" of Richard Bandler.

As Bandler says in the Foreword:

[page v] Most of my students tell me about their successes with the patterns I teach. In contrast, Connirae and Steve tell me about their failures, because those are much more interesting to them. Successes are boring, because they only confirm what you already know. Failures are much more interesting, because they indicate where you can learn something new.

That is pure Bandler, always the innovator, always interested in how things work and the only way to satisfy such an interest is to notice when things "fail" that is, when they work differently than the theory predicts they should.

In this book, you will discover Time Lines, the Swish pattern, shifting criteria, removing compulsions and many other unique techniques for improving your life through NLP, Richard Bandler, and the authors of this book, Steve and Connirae Andreas.

A little lagniappe at the end of this book on page 189 is the following: "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." Dorothy The actual words from the sound track of The Wizard of Oz is "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." Note how the modality got changed from "feeling" to "thinking" this is a sure sign that NLP is a thinking and not a feeling field.

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