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How to Develop a Million Dollar Sales Presentation
Jay Arnet
Evolution of Consciousness
Prentice-Hall, NJ in 1961
A Book Review by Bobby Matherne ©1999


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"Introducing the greatest aerial act of all time. . ." These are the words that P. T. Barnum had his greatest creation, the Ringmaster, say when introducing a couple of trapeze artists on the high wire. Barnum knew what Jay Arnet reminds all wannabe salespersons: "You are your own greatest visual-aid!" With these words Jay Arnet lets us know that this is a different book on sales. Just about everything about Jay is different. He has a healthy regard for how being different and dramatic helps a sales presentation to get recognition and, most importantly, to get the signature on the bottom-line of the contract.

He reframes the famous "vicious cycle" into the "victorious cycle" which goes like this:

[page 16] You say better words; you get a more pleasant reaction; you like your work more because the reactions you get are better and this gives you more enthusiasm. With more enthusiasm you make more sales, and as you make more sales you get more excited, and as you get more excited you get more animated.

I appreciate what a busy reader you are and won't take anymore time than necessary to tell you that I have a million dollar idea to share with you in the next few lines. Well, I let the cat out of the bag and told you in the previous sentence. Actually there were two ideas in that sentence. Inflate your clients by consciously noting aloud what busy and important persons they are in their jobs. Secondly get their attention with the "million dollar idea" and then show them how using your product or services will provide them with the million dollars, in savings, in added sales, in added benefits.

How many of you are salespersons or trying to be? All of us in whatever profession we're in are confronted with having to sell an idea or proposition to another person. This book is packed with ideas on how to go about that endeavor.

"Do you follow me on that?"

"Have I made myself clear?"

"Can you see why I'm so enthusiastic?"

These are a few "Questions to Clear the Track" from page 173.

"Can I show you one more example?" This example is from "Mind-Opening Closers" on page 176.

This book is dated in many ways. Adding $5,000 to someone's income was a big deal in 1961, but is not so now. The ideas, however, that cram this book are still as vibrant and alive and power-packed as they were in 1961.

And as Chapter 14's title informs us: "Ideas PlusYOU Will Do It."


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