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Robert U. Akeret Evolution of Consciousness
Published by Pocket Books of Simon&Schuster/NY in 1975
A Book Review by Bobby Matherne ©1999


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The book starts and ends with a quote from Lawrence Durrell, which sums up the theme of this book:

[page 300] I am not inviting you to follow me, but to follow yourself. I am only here to help if you need me.

And what Akeret helps us with is interpreting photographs in exactly the way the subtitle promises. On page 5 a seemingly innocent photo of a father with his two children, a boy and a girl, is laid bare with new meanings when the author deduces from the photo that the two children fought constantly. How did he discover this from the photo? The boy's arm around his father's waist terminates in a fist against his sister's neck preventing her from getting as close to her father as she would like.

Thus goes the 320 pages of the book, filled with photos and analysis, private families, snapshots, posed portraits, public figures like Churchill, Truman, and Stalin, and so forth. This book is definitely a handy guide to pull off the shelf if some photo reveals a puzzling aspect that one would like to investigate further.


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