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Quote for the Back to School Month of August:

A great deal that is not set down in the bill. I pay the Schoolmaster, but 'tis the school-boys that educate my son
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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ISSUE#198 for August, 2019

Archived DIGESTWORLD Issues

             Table of Contents

1. August's Violet-n-Joey Cartoon
2. Honored Readers for August
3. On a Personal Note
       Bobby's Books
       Movie Blurbs

4. Cajun Story
5. . . .
6. Poem from Poetic Diction: "A Poem in Waiting"
7. Reviews and Articles featured for August:

8. Commentary on the World
      1. Padre Filius Cartoon
      2. Comments from Readers
      3. Freedom on the Half Shell Poem
      4. Buy a Better Car
      5. Contribute to New LSU Library

9. Closing Notes — our mailing list, locating books, subscribing/unsubscribing to DIGESTWORLD
10. Gratitude

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1. August Violet-n-Joey CARTOON:
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For newcomers to DIGESTWORLD, we have created a webpage of early Violet-n-Joey cartoons!

This month Violet and Joey learn about Adverbs.
"Adverbs" at

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Each month we choose to honor two Good Readers of our DIGESTWORLD from those all over the World. Here are the two worthy Honored Readers for August, 2019:

Rod Resweber in Broussard, LA

Jeff Parsons in Sunny Arizona

Congratulations, Jeff and Rod!

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Out Our Way:


Yes, no water or sand for me and Del, but lots of Mathernes gathered with us to enjoy Orange Beach for our annual vacation there, Sunday the 7th through Sunday the 14th. Our son Robie arranged for all seven of his family to join us. We had him in the two BR condo, we were in the one BR condo, and Carla had rented a separate condo. The separate condo ended up holding our under-thirty adults, Garret, Molly, Waldo, Emerson, Aiden and Mia. My three daughters slept in the king-side bed of the second bedroom and Robie, Meghan and the two toddlers, Serafina and Zia held out in the master bedroom. Yvette left with her two on Wednesday and Robie's gang left on Thursday, just in time for Maureen's sons Chris and Gabe to arrive with her grandson Ben and Knobby's daughter Brook. Everyone found a convenient place to sleep and hang out during the time they were here. And they all spent time enjoying the Sun, Sand, and Gulf waters.

All except for Del and me. I love walking in the early morning down the beach right outside our condo, but this year, my legs were not up to walking much further than to the car and our kids' condo. In addition, my annual ablution in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico was eliminated because of the urinary catheter bag on my leg. I couldn't wear a bathing suit because the bag would show and besides that, I couldn't get the bag wet in the pool or in beach water. Our week was a reunion of our Matherne offspring with us and with themselves and everyone enjoyed themselves.


Redfish Courtbouillon Day before our trip to the beach: It began with my helping chop the green onions, yellow onions, parsley, and basil. Del opened the dozen or so cans of ingredients for the thick stew. She did most of the cooking and stirring with a little prompting from me.

It was her first solo courtbouillon and it came out great. The plan was to put half of the sauce into Ziplock gallon bags, freeze them, then lay them on the bottom of our ice chest along with the frozen fileted redfish for transport to Orange Beach, but first we had to reward ourselves with two large dishes of the finished meal. I chopped some of the redfish into 1" squares and added them to sauce in the pot. Talk about good!

Robie and gang showed up about 7:30 PM and we got to meet our granddaughters Serafina and Zia for the first time. We had only seen Serafina the day after she was born when we flew out to San Francisco for the occasion. We took out the Pink Tricycle that we had bought for our first grand-child, Tiffany, in 1981.

Each of our 21 grandkids has had a chance to ride the well-preserved plastic tricycle, but none have enjoyed it as much as these two new girls. Serafina is 3 and Zia a year-and-a-half old. Both were able to ride it and the various other ride-able toys we brought down for them: a metal car they could pedal (a 1938 Roadster replica), and a wooden Radio Flyer car they could push with their feet. Zia went through about 11 minutes of this repeated routine: leaving the Living Room area, saying, "I'm going to work now" and pedaling to the foyer, turning around, coming back, and saying, "I'm home from work now." The girls were very shy around me and Del, but not around these riding toys. Zia loved the plastic hammer with which she pounded on things like a real carpenter.


Daughter Yvette showed up with Aidan and his friend Mia. They had stayed with Maureen's daughter Jennifer over night. Two of Maureen's boys showed up to join the gang of fifteen at Timberlane that busy day.

We needed some white fabric paint to add our two new grand-daughters' footprints to my apron. Aidan and the under-thirty gang drove around until they found a tube at Hobby Lobby, and that night we were able to place a footprint of each of the two girls on the apron and write their name in red over it. With 21 grandkids and four ggrandkids, we're having to overlap the prints to fit them all.

On Saturday the redfish courtbouillon virtually disappeared. Meghan had never had any of my cooking before and she loved the dish, taking a large second helping and eating some for breakfast on a couple of mornings. There was one more rolling vehicle which the toddlers loved: a large, foldable cart useful for hauling groceries, chairs and chests for Mardi Gras parades, and for putting toddlers to sleep as we discovered. Near their bed time, Robie would put the two girls in the cart, pull them around, and they would be asleep in short order.


Robie took care of hauling stuff and packing our trunk. At the base of trunk was the Zero Gravity chair, then the two suitcases, food stuffs, and the large rolling cart. Ice Chest and Big Bag in back seat. We packed up our vehicles and headed out to the beach that morning. Del and I drove to Pascagoula for a stop for lunch then continued on to Foley where we stopped at Burris' fruit stand for some fresh peaches and a ripe watermelon; and at the Tanger Outlet Mall, to buy myself some new Brooks Bros cotton boxers.


I discovered I'd forgotten my Williams shaving soap and had to substitute with a small round bath soap to shave. For breakfast we ate Kashi and milk. I went down to visit with my four offspring in D33 where the 3 girls shared the king-size bed in the 2nd BR and Robie and his girls shared the main BR, and he said he used our lugging cart to help put them to sleep. He was cooking blueberry pancakes for everyone, so I enjoyed a couple myself.

Back in our unit, I turned on my LT and had trouble with everything for a while, till I rebooted and things settled down. Soon I could get my statistics and update them plus make a change to Digest World 198. Once I could do that I went out on the balcony to take a photo of the colorful umbrellas on the beach for the banner. I used a photo of the Mexican petunias against the white wall in the morning Sun as the flower of the month.

While I was down in D12, my grandson Emerson came over.

I hadn't seen him in over 7 years and he had shot up to 6'2" tall. When Yvette, Carla, and Maureen were going grocery shopping, I called Del and she came down to go with them. Emerson went along with them too, and he was a great help to Del in getting her groceries back up to our D33. Our two condos were almost directly on top each other, but ours required an elevator to get back and forth. On two occasions I was going down to D12 and elevator wasn't working. This meant a long walk to the other elevator or a trek down two fights of stairs.

Thant Monday we had some soup Del bought for lunch and took a long nap. We awoke to see what further adventures awaited us in Orange Beach. I know Emerson was excited about going Go Kart riding for first time without needing his dad, Rob, driving next to him as he did the last time he was able to join us at the beach! Del and I decided to get a grouper sandwich at the Crab Trap for dinner that evening. We had invited Emerson but he was going Karting. When we got back, Carla marshaled everyone for group photos. It was lots of fun taking these photos. We chose a bench on the walkway to the beach with tall sea oats growing in the background of the photos. Each family group got its photo taken and various sets of siblings as well. One photo had my four leaning over each other like a row of elephants in the circus, a position which made them laugh continuously. We came back to D12 and my four girls had fun with their Play Phones (I-phones) doing picture looping and bouncing, then laughing at the ridiculous results.


Yvette, Aidan, and Mia were leaving Tuesday and came up to D33 to say good-bye and to get some photos together with me and Del. In the afternoon, Del and I drove down the beach to Dairy Queen for a milkshake.


Today we cooked the redfish courtbouillon and steamed some rice to go with it. The first ziplock bag filled less than half of the pot, so I dumped both bags and chopped up the redfish and sheepshead filets to fill the pot.

We send out a group text and only got a perfunctory response from Sierra, but within minutes D33 was filled with rest of the gang who came in sans Meghan, and the napping toddlers. The hungry group plowed their way through the courtbouillon and enjoyed the watermelon I sliced up for them. I made sure to put a large plate of courtbouillon aside for Meghan.

That night we were guests of Meghan and Robbie at a local bar and grill. It was up on stilts, being on the edge of Perdido Bay and they had no elevator, requiring me to walk up a long slanting walkway. There was no AC inside and the outside seating was open to the water with a thunderstorm brewing, scattering stuff all over. There was nothing on the menu I could eat so I got some sliders from the Children's menu. I walked to the side of eating area and was able to take a 30X Zoom photo of the Cobalt Restaurat, which we had been told we were going to. I was almost into Cobalt's parking place when I got a strange text about a "Change of Plans". Del and I doubled back and had to use our GPS to navigate us to the changed venue.


The morning started with Robbie and his family coming up to say good-bye as they were heading back to New Orleans and a flight later that evening for San Fancisco. The day started off good but like our trip to Cobalt, went bad quickly. I ate one of the large Burris peaches that morning and within an hour I had vomited it all up. Luckily I noticed it coming and had a bucket handy. One or two more shorts heaves and then I was fine, but the women in my life here at the beach weren't; they were all concerned. Convinced I had fever and an infection, Del called my doctor's office to phone in a Rx for an antibiotic to a nearby Walgreen's. Not a big deal, I thought, because it was the same medicine I would have begun taking in a few days anyway before my stent replacement procedure. Del went to Walgreen's and the pharmacist swore no one had called him from the doctor's office. She called the doctor's office on her cell phone and spoke to the office manager who said he had spoken to the pharmacist himself. When she tried to hand her cell phone to the pharmacist he refused to take it and said he could only accept a script over a land-line. By that time Randel had called the prescription in again. Del paid for the prescription and got an apology from the pharmacist who had received the call earlier (now remembering it) and in the crush of people requiring attention at the same time, dropped the ball.

I took the antibiotic pill and felt a big relief. It was a relief which washed over my wife and daughters who had done their duty. I was a little bit weak from the whole experience and my right leg was bothering me, so I took some Tylenol every four hours to get through the night. Del had to empty the leg bag for me and give me a pill every four hours.


I felt worse the next day. I was unable to get out of my Zero Gravity or stand up un-aided. My fever, if there was one, did break by the end of the day. Chris, Gabe, and Brook got to Orange Beach that evening, and Gabe and Chris came up to say hi. Carla spent some time with me later, and when she mentioned how Maureen said she enjoyed her time with me, I showed her how I updated my web pages on a daily basis. It was an eye opener for her but not one she was particularly interested in, like Maureen was. Meanwhile tropical storm Barry was churning towards New Orleans or we would have left for home already. Good news was that I was feeling better by that evening and passed a good night.


This was a great day for me as my legs were both feeling better and I could shave standing up again. The winds from Barry were whipping up the waves on the beach and I went to get my camera to take a photo from the balcony. But no camera was to be found in D33. Del and I searched everywhere. She had begun packing our bags the day before in case we decided to leave early and she had to unpack them but found no camera. I have this way of putting something in a good, safe place and forgetting where that place is. After hours of searching Del happen to notice something strange hanging on my Zero Gravity recliner and sure enough, there was my camera hanging down from its carabiner which was clipped on the side of my recliner. I had needed the tools attached to camera to fix the electronic thermometer the other day and with no one in the room, I had to find a good safe place where no one would spill water on it or step on it.

Ben and Garret came to visit me later in the day and we talked some adult talk. Both of them are going into the service. Ben will be entering Air Force Basic Training in San Antonio in a few weeks and Garret will likely enter either Army or Navy academy next fall. I talked about my ROTC experiences with them. Explained how I missed becoming cannon fodder as a Second Lieutenant in Vietnam by not taking the second two years of ROTC. In addition by baby Maureen arriving before I graduated, I got a deferment. Since my great-grandson Ben is entering the servie first, I explained to him about the dire consequences of killing someone, how it will change your life forever. Garret was listening closely, too.

Later Gabe and Brooke Penzata came by for a visit. Had a delightful chat. She's Gabe's cousin on his father's side and is a criminal psychology major at SLU. She hangs with Gabe a lota and I suppose since she is adopted she and Gabe could get married if so inclined.

Planning ahead for our checkout tomorrow we offered our ice cream, peaches, chocolates, sandwich meat and watermelon to the kids. Gabe and Molly came to take them downstairs for them to enjoy that night. It was a very enjoyable day. In checking the roads seemed to be clear for driving through to New Orleans and home tomorrow.


Home again! Very little traffic on the highway and we zipped right through New Orleans to our home on the West Bank in Timberlane. The garage door went up, we unpacked the major stuff and enjoyed being in our space again. There was no hurricane damage only one thirty-foot limb fell from our cypress tree in the middle of the west lawn and we'll have the landscaper chop it and remove it.



Del bought us an electronic thermometer from Walgreen's in Orange Beach when she and my daughters thought I had a fever. The new gadget appeared to work at first, but after the girls left, it would not. The display was stuck at 1 DegF and wouldn't budge. So I had to take it apart. Getting the battery case opened required a quarter. Del had one. I removed the cover which is usually enough to disconnect the battery, but not in this infuriating gadget. I needed another tool to remove the battery and FULLY disconnect it. I used my mini-Leatherman which was connected to my camera by a lanyard. I was seated on my Zero-Gravity chair to fix the thermometer, so I hung the camera stuff on chair using the carabiner. A good safe place for camera and also invisible to the rest of the room.

Finally I got the thermometer's display unstuck, but I had no instructions. I found tiny instructions on the side of the small device which said, Press Button Once, Wait 2 Seconds, then place against Temple. I tried over and over got only errors. Noticed that display reset itself during the two seconds, but I kept hitting the button a second time and messing up the operation. Apparently hitting the Button multiple times got it into failure mode with the display stuck. At last I discovered that the instructions meant by "Temple" the un-hairy part of the side of my head. Doing that it actually worked. By the time I got it to work, it showed, I no longer had a fever.


For decades I've bought Territory Ahead shirts, but never any trousers, up until now. I usually wear short pants during summer months, but with my catheter bag showing I need some light-weight summer long pants and tried some of theirs. They work out great, with an expansion waist which fits me fine, allowing me to unbutton the top button in the evening when my waist expands a bit. The constant buttoning and unbutton led to the button popping off and getting lost. But I found it and was able to secure the button with some strong twine. In the process of sewing the button back on, I found out there was a replacement button attached inside the waist area! All Territory Ahead shirts contain replacement buttons, and I didn't know that the pants also had one, up until now.


Last month we underwent a complete replacement of our Master Bedroom AC unit. A new compressor which our home warranty paid for and an upgrade to code of vents and drains in the attic, which it did not cover. When our Living Room AC unit stopped cooling efficiently, we trembled at the possibility of another big AC replacement bill. But, as someone once told me, 95% of everything you worry about never happens, and this time it was a frozen cooling fan on the outside unit which needed replacement and we were back up and cooing in 5 days with a minimum service charge. Our home has four Heating/AC units and two Water Heaters, which led us to buy the home warranty and keep it in place.


Like many other things predicted for Tropical Storm Barry, we apparently didn't lose our power at Timberlane for more than an hour or so, so far as I can tell. We were in Orange Beach, pre-evacuated, if you will, on our annual vacation there with all our kids and grandkids. We decided to stay the whole week because some of Maureen's kids were coming on the last two days. We drove home and I made a call on the way to our land-line to see if our power was on. It was! This was a trick we learned during Katrina's aftermath. Rain was scheduled for our afternoon drive home and we hoped the garage door opener would have power so we could unload the car in the garage. We checked the inside and garage fridges for signs of an extended power outage and saw none. We have an ice maker which makes small cubes and whenever we leave for vacation, we put it into Holiday Mode and load all the ice cubes into our ice chest and fill several large Ziplock bags into the garage fridge. Because of the possibility of leaking, as happened a previous vacation, we put a plastic bowl in the inside fridge to hold any leaking water during a long outage. None of the ice cubes in either fridge showed signs of having melted at all, indicating no power outages.


My stent replacement procedure was nestled between our 41st Anniversary and my 79th Birthday. We had little time to celebrate the anniversary after arriving home from Orange Beach. I had a week's worth of newspapers to scan and remove the crosswords from, plus over 150 photos from the beach to process, which means identifying the people and places in each photo and adding the date the photo was taken. Once this is done, the process for adding photos to the DIGESTWORLD Issue is greatly simplified and sped up. One big benefit from the processing comes later when I need to find a photo of someone or something in a hurry. File explorer will scan over 60,000 photos in seconds and show me all photos with a name or place in them.

Del had asked my daughter Maureen to pick up a chocolate doberge cake from Gambino's in Metairie for my birthday. She came with the cake and we lit the candles and I blew them out.

She had requested that an image of the Moon be iced on the top of the cake to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Man setting foot on the Moon which had occurred on my 29th birthday. As a boy, I was always disappointed that July 20 on calendars had no famous birthday or event printed on it. Now, and for centuries, it will have Man Landed on Moon on that date. I watched the Moon landing live on TV with neighbors and we noshed on a green cheese ball with a small American flag planted on the top as a replica of the Moon. When we began eating the green cheese, we weren't sure if Moon was made of green cheese, but by the time we had finished the cheese, we were sure that it wasn't. We had seen Neil Armstrong step upon the white powdery surface of the Moon!


After all his help is getting our 2010 Maxima going after our Dececember cruise and keeping it going since then, we transferred the title to our son Stoney.

It was like Christmas morning for him and us: his face filled with bright, broad smiles and happiness. "I can finally pass cars on a two-lane highway," he said, testifying to the pick-up of his new Maxima.

Due to the beach vacation and stent operation this month, I was unable to complete the book that I had planned to review for this month's isssue. Hope you enjoy the two previously unpublished reviews and the photos from July which fill them.


We picked and made preserves of the LSU figs and enjoyed eating the Celeste figs right off the tree before we left for Orange Beach. Till we meet again in the waning Summer month of August when the lush green growth of the St. Augustine grass seems to slow down as the world turns itself towards Autumn once again, God Willing and the River level settles down again, whatever you do, wherever in the world you and yours reside, be it sultry Summer or frozen winter,

Remember our earnest wish for the second half of this year:



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Quotes Selected from quotes.htm this month:

  • Country music: three chords and the truth.
    Willie Nelson Country Music Composer and Singer
  • Laughter is the Sun that drives winter from the human face.
    — Victor Hugo (French poet, dramatist, and writer)
  • A liberal is a man who will give away everything he doesn’t own.
    — Frank Dane
  • Here is the Golden Rule of sound citizenship, the first and greatest lesson in the study of politics: You get the same order of criminality from any State to which you give power to exercise it; and whatever power you give the State to do things for you carries with it the equivalent power to do things to you.
    — Albert Jay Nock
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    Movies we watched this past month:

    Notes about our movies: Many of the movies we watch are foreign movies with subtitles. After years of watching movies in foreign languages, Arabic, French, Swedish, German, British English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and many other languages, sometimes two or three languages in the same movie, the subtitles have disappeared for us. If the movie is dubbed in English we go for the subtitles instead because we enjoy the live action and sounds of the real voices so much more than the dubbed. If you wonder where we get all these foreign movies from, the answer is simple: NetFlix. For a fixed price a month they mail us DVD movies from our on-line Queue, we watch them, pop them into a pre-paid mailer, and the postman effectively replaces all our gas-consuming and time-consuming trips to Blockbuster. To sign up for NetFlix, simply go to and start adding all your requests for movies into your personal queue. If you've seen some in these movie blurbs, simply copy the name, click open your queue, and paste the name in the Search box on NetFlix and Select Add. Buy some popcorn and you're ready to Go to the Movies, 21st Century Style. You get to see your movies as the Director created them — NOT-edited for TV, in full-screen width, your own choice of subtitles, no commercial interruptions, and all of the original dialogue. Microwave some popcorn and you're ready to Go to the Movies, 21st Century Style. With a plasma TV and Blu-Ray DVD's and a great sound system, you have theater experience without someone next to you talking on a cell phone during a movie plus a Pause button for rest room trips.
    P. S. Ask for Blu-Ray movies from NetFlix, and if it says DVD in your Queue, click and select Blu-Ray version.
    Hits (Watch as soon as you can. A Don't Miss Hit is one you might otherwise have missed along the way.):
    "Five Feet Apart" (2109) and never separated. A DON’T MISS HIT ! ! !
    "Run the Race" (2019)
    Two brothers raising themselves through high school athletics. One a star football QB and the other a track star.
    "The Last Czars" (2019)
    six episodes of docu-drama detail the fall of the Romanov Dynasty in Russia and Die-nasty they did.
    "Outlander: Disk 1, Season 4" (2018)
    faced with a 'very long wait' in NetFlix queue we decided to skip Disk 1 and watch the rest of Season 4. With this back story now filled in, we are watching Season 3 next. Story is always gripping and fresh each time we watch it. A DON'T MISS HIT ! ! ! ! !

    Misses (Avoid At All Costs): We attempted to watch these this month, but didn't make it all the way through on most of them. Awhile back when three AAAC horrors hit us in one night, I decided to add a sub-category to "Avoid at All Costs", namely, A DVD STOMPER. These are movies so bad, you don't want anyone else to get stuck watching them, so you want to stomp on the disks. That way, if everyone else who gets burnt by the movie does the same, soon no copies of the awful movie will be extant and the world will be better off.

    "Berlin I Love You" (2019) but the film about you I hated.

    Your call on these — your taste in movies may differ, but I liked them:

    "J. T. LeRoy" (2019) was he a boy, a girl, fictional character or real author? Inquiring minds want to know.
    "Instant Family" (2018)
    was instant boredom, but with a heart-warming ending.
    "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind" (2019)
    very slow movie about a boy who built a windmill water pump to keep his family from starving.

    == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==
    == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==

    Le Boudreaux Cajun Cottage, drawn by and Copyright 2011 by Paulette Purser, Used by Permission
    Thanks to T-Paul in Opelousas for this story.
    Father Blanchard was hearing confessions one day in Lafayette, and had just finished giving this woman absolution when he said, "Ah don't recognize yah accent, can you told me where Yah from?"

    She said, "I'm in town with the circus, Father. I'm a contortionist."

    "Mais, Ah nevah saw anyone did dat, me. Can Yah show me wat you do?"

    She got outside the confessional and the good Father opened the curtains to watch as she went through twists and turns, put her leg over her neck, bent into a pretzel shape, and even more.

    While she was showing her act to the priest, Boudreaux and Marie came in the church. Boudreaux said, "Yah see de penance dat priest gave her? Let's wait and go to confession when we get back to Abbeville."


    == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==
    6. POETRY by BOBBY Inspired by Poetic Diction:
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    This poem was hand-printed by Bobby on his printed review taped in back of Poetic Diction, (See pages 84, 85).

           A Poem in Waiting

    Two by two and
    Side by side
    They gathered at the Semantic Ark.
    Each Object and its Reference
    Were loaded aboard
    Hand in Hand
    Showing its name.

    There was the 4-legged, long-nosed snout
    Holding onto to 'anteater'.

    "When you get abroad,
    you must hold onto each
    other for dear life.

    "If you get separated,
    there will be complete chaos."


    == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==
    7. REVIEWS and ARTICLES for August:
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    For our Good Readers, here are the reviews and articles featured this month. The first and second reviews this month will be ones which were never published in early DIGESTWORLD ISSUES, or only as short blurbs, so the full reviews and will be of interest to our DIGESTWORLD Readers. Other items will b the items will be new additions to the top of A Reader's Journal, Volume 2, Chronological List, new additions to A Reader's Treasury, or Essays previously unpublished.

    NOTE: some Blurbs may be condensations of long Reviews, possibly lacking footnotes and some quoted passages. For your convenience, if you wish to read the full review or to print it out, simply CLICK on the Book Cover or choose Printer Ready option on the top line of a review page when it opens.

    1.) ART: The Structure of Magic, Vol. I - A Book about Language and Therapy by Richard Bandler and John Grinder

    "WOW!" exclaims Virginia Satir in the opening sentence of her Foreword to this book and here expresses the real sense we had back in April of 1977 when a colleague and I began reading and working our way through the material of this book. Within a week or two, we heard of a seminar to be given by the authors, Bandler and Grinder, at the Touro Nursing School and we signed up immediately. Almost breathlessly we awaited the beginning of the seminar sitting on the front row. We both expected them to talk about the material covered in this book, and we were disappointed on that score while experiencing a WOW at what they were talking about. It was all new stuff: eye accessing cues, phobia cures using dissociation strategies, and lots of incredible stories of deep and pervasive change in people evoked by the strategies these two had developed out of their studies of the works of Virginia Satir, Gregory Bateson and Milton Erickson, among others. Bandler and Grinder had already begun laying the foundation for the field of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) which was to follow in a few years. This was the book which started it all. This book was the first blaze on a trail into understanding, to be succeeded by "Structure of Magic II", "Changing with Families", and "The Hypnotic Patterns of Milton H. Erickson, MD I and II." Looking back I see a trail of blazes leading up to 2005, a trail that might have never gotten started but for Richard Bandler and John Grinder whose signatures grace the red inside covers of this book. "WOW!"

    [page vii, viii Virginia Satir] ... two intriguing, smart, young men . . . seem to have come up with a description of the predictable elements that make change happen in a transaction between two people. Knowing what these elements are makes it possible to use them consciously and, thus, to have useful methods for inducing change. . . . What they learned relates particularly, in a sophisticated way, to mathematics, physics, neurology and linguistics.

    Use the last two fields Satir mentions, neurology and linguistics, and orchestrate with them conscious applications of inducing change and you have the seed of the new field of neurolinguistic programming (NLP).

    Gregory Bateson in his Introduction suggest something very similar. He and his colleagues had attempted something similar about twenty years earlier using cultural contrasts and psychosis as a starting point instead of neurology and linguistics.

    [page x, xi Gregory Bateson] Grinder and Bandler have confronted the problems which we confronted then and this series is the result. They have tools which we did not have — or did not see how to use. They have succeeded in making linguistics into a base for theory and simultaneously into a tool for therapy. This gives them a double control over the psychiatric phenomena, and they have done something which, as I see it today, we were foolish to miss.
           We already knew that most of the premises of individual psychology were useless, and we knew that we ought to classify modes of communicating.But it never occurred to us to ask about the effects of the modes upon interpersonal relations. In this first volume, Grinder and Bandler have succeeded in making explicit the syntax of how people avoid change and, therefore, how to assist them in changing. Here they focus on verbal communication. In the second volume, top a genera model of communication and change involving the other modes of communication which human beings use to represent and communicate their experience, What happens when messages in digital mode are flung at an analog thinker? Or when visual presentations are offered to an auditory client?
           We did not see that these various ways of coding - visual, auditory, etc. - are so far apart, so mutually different even in neurophysiological representation, that no material in one mode can ever be of the same logical type as any material in any other mode.

    After describing how "much that so difficult to say in 1955 is strikingly easier to say in 1975" he adds, "May it be heard!" Given the rapid spread of NLP and its practitioners over the past 30 years, I think it is safe to say that it has been heard.

    Gregory Bateson was once asked how we would know if computers had become as smart as human beings, and he replied, "We would ask the computer a question and it would answer by saying, 'That reminds me of a story.' " Perhaps it was Bateson who remind Bandler and Grinder of the story they chose for their Preface "The Prince and the Magician" from "The Magus" by John Fowles. In it a prince did not believe in princesses, islands, and God, and set out to find them, only to find out these things did exist, but he couldn't see them because he was under his father's spell. He returns to confront his father:

    [page xiv, xv John Fowles] When he saw his father, he looked him in the eye.
           "Father, is it true that you are not a real king, but only a magician?"
           The king smiled and rolled back his sleeves.
           "Yes, my son, I'm only a magician."
           "Then the man on the other shore was God."
           "The man on the other shore was a magician."
           "I must know the truth, the truth beyond magic."
           "There is no truth beyond magic," said the king.
           The prince was full of sadness. He said, "I will kill myself."
           The king by magic caused death to appear. Death stood in the door and beckoned to the prince. The prince shuddered. He remembered the beautiful but unreal islands and the unreal but beautiful princesses.
           "Very well," he said, "I can bear it."
           "You see, my son," said the king, "you, too, now begin to be a magician."

    You cannot be around Bandler and Grinder long before the king's words, "There is no truth beyond magic." is displayed for you. Also the truth of the enchantment by your own parents is revealed by the text in this book. Here's how the enchantment was revealed to me in the course of my studying of these books and the field of NLP which followed quickly upon their heels.

    1) I was taught how to do techniques which seemed to be something magical.

    2) I began immediately to apply them to the situations around me.

    3) I soon learned to see that I was surrounded by experts who were using those techniques all around me, using them specifically on me, and they had been doing that to me since I was a child!

    Bandler warned me of that condition as he did all of the students in his seminars. "You are finished learning these techniques; now go out into the world which is filled with experts!" I came to understand that the experts he was talking about were the ordinary people I encountered in the course of a typical day who were using these techniques in their lives, out of their awareness, and often for lugubrious ends. And when those lugubrious ends came about, they complained bitterly about them! First these techniques were pointed out to me, then I learned to use them, and only then was I able to perceive others using them(1). "There is no truth beyond magic."

    "What's in the Book" is a concise summary in the prefatory "Warning to the Reader" section. Here's my stripped down version of that useful summary:

    Chapter 1. Reveals a prime source of our enchantment: the maps and models through which we operate on the world. Chapter 2. How we use language systems to create these maps and models of the world.

    Chapter 3. How language systems are typically used as tools for therapy.

    Chapter 4. Procedure for learning and incorporating these tools in one's therapy work.

    Chapter 5. Transcripts with commentary using these tools.

    Chapter 6. Integrating these tools with established techniques.

    "I don't have any maps or models of the world," you may be thinking. Good! That's where most people begin. No one wants to admit to having been enchanted, especially those who are. Ever ask someone who just executed a post-hypnotic suggestion to take off their left shoe, "Why did you do that?" They say things like, "My foot was itching." or something other contrived alibi.

    Our enchantment is a post-hypnotic suggestion we introjected at some point in our life that we have no recall ever happening. All of our maps and models of the world are likewise hidden from our view, or at least they were until Alfred Korzybski founded his science of General Semantics. It was through Bandler and Grinder that I first learned of Korzybski's work and undertook to read his masterpiece, Science and Sanity. Several years earlier I had been given a short mini-course by my manager at the Foxboro Co., Per Holst, who told me that in the Norwegian Boy Scout Handbook in the section on map reading, there was a caveat: "When the terrain differs from the map, believe the terrain." It was an excellent application of Korzybski's terse dictum, "The map is not the territory." What Bandler and Grinder showed me in addition that we operate on the world out of our maps and models which are at odds with the world. My maps skew our view of the world and the arrow from our bow can end up in someone's rear instead of the bulls-eye target we carefully aimed for.

    [page 13] Our experience has been that, when people come to us in therapy, they typically come with pain, feeling themselves paralyzed, experiencing no choices or freedom of action in their live. What we have found is not that the world is too limited or that there are no choices, but that these people block themselves from seeing those options and possibilities that are open to them since they are not available in their models of the world.

    The three general ways people have of skewing their view of the world and then mistaking that view as the world are: "Generalization, Deletion, and Distortion." In short, generalization is seeing something that isn't there, deletion is ignoring something that is there, and distortion covers all the other ways of skewing one's model of reality.

    [page 16] A person's generalizations or expectations filter out and distort his experience to make it consistent with those expectations. As he has no experiences which challenge his generalizations, his expectations are confirmed and the cycle continues. In this way people maintain their impoverished models of the world.

    It is also a way that people maintain their enriched models of the world: by creating expectations of what they want happening in their world and remaining sharply aware of those events which can lead those expectations into fulfillment. This is the flip side of the impoverished model of people who seek therapy - it is the strategy utilized by those who never show up in therapy groups or individual sessions with a psychotherapist.

    In Chapter 3, we find major categories of linguistic structures which people use to create maps and models of their world: Well-Formedness, Constituent Structure, and Logical Semantic Relations. Under the last category, the processes will be recognizable immediately: "Completeness, Ambiguity, Synonymy, Referential Index, Nominalization, and Presupposition"(2).

    It is incumbent upon the therapist to learn to recognize these situations when they occur. That reminds me of a story: a young girl in therapy opens her statement to Milton Erickson, "My mother got pregnant out of wedlock, and here I am."

    [page 41] Therapists are now faced with three broad options. They may accept the impoverished mode, they may ask for the missing piece, or they may guess at it. The first option, accepting the impoverished model, presents the difficulty of making the process of therapy slow and tedious, as it places total responsibility for recovering the model's missing pieces on the client, who is there for assistance in the process in the first place.

    Rather than ask the client to supply what was missing, the therapists that Bandler and Grinder modeled (Erickson, Satir, etal) might challenge the client's deep structure which will force the client to "mobilize his resources to reconnect his linguistic model with the world of experience." Everyone can do this, but those in restricted circumstances are, like the prince of the story, "enchanted" by some early caregiver. Similarly with generalizations. "All generalizations are true," the client might say. "What specific generalization are you thinking about which is true," might be the therapist's reply. Or the client might say, "They're against me." and draw the question, "Who specifically do you think is against you?"

    The general method for challenging generalizations and deletions is to ask the client "to enact the specific situation from which he generalized and to describe his experience fully as he re-lives it - thus presenting the portion of his experience to which he had failed previously to give a linguistic representation." (Page 49) Ed Hackerson did something rather similar with me in the context of a TA/Gestalt group about 1977. I had just described a dream. I took each part of the dream, became it, and talked as that part would talk. Nothing clicked. Then he told me to get up and skate around the room as the guy in the center of my dream who was slowly skating up the bridge. After about ten feet of gliding across the wooden floor in my stocking feet, I realized how good it felt to be free of responsibility - how good I felt to be free of responsibility. It was the first time in my life when I didn't have someone else depending on me, waiting at home for me to bring home a paycheck, etc. I could, for the first time in my life enjoy the freedom from responsibility to others and become responsible for myself, just like the guy skating up the bridge.

    [page 53] It's important that this new portion of his be solidly connected with his experience. To insure this, clients must actually exercise, practice, become familiar with, and experience their new choices. Most therapies have developed specific techniques for accomplishing this: e. g., psychodrama, homework, tasks, etc. The purpose of these techniques is to integrate the new aspect of his model into the client's experience.

    The "Structure of Magic" is more than a toolbook for therapists - it is a guidebook for "enriching one's life and one's potential as a human being." Study how people with impoverished ranges of actions live their lives. Study how to help them expand the range of their lives. And, if you are perceptive, and a little lucky, you may find yourself noticing how your own range of actions is limited in some fashion, and when you discover that, you'll also discover that a new range of actions has immediately opened up for you. It was only your lack of knowing that you had one option that kept you stuck. When you added a second option, you found yourself in a dilemma - which one to choose? It's only when you have three or more options, choices, or actions in a given situation that you can be surely say to be free to choose and act. When you reach the point in your life where these three or more options present themselves as if by magic, you will realize the truth of the king's words, "there is no truth beyond magic."

    ---------------------------- Reference Links for Bandler and Grinder ---------------

    Reference Links to Material on Bandler and Grinder
    written by Bobby Matherne

    ---------------------------- Footnotes -----------------------------------------

    Footnote 1. Note that this is the sequence of steps related by Chapters 3, 4 and 5.

    Return to text directly before Footnote 1.


    Footnote 2. Presupposition Glossary

    This volume has a list of presuppositions which people commonly use. I warn you that, as you learn about these presuppositions, you will hear people using these on you all the time. It's not that they suddenly learned how to do that, they've been doing it to you all your life, up until now.

    Note: The arrow (->) points to the presupposition implied by the first statement.

    1.Simple Presuppositions.

    These are syntactic environments in which the existence of some entity is required for the sentence to make sense (to be either true or false).

    (a) Proper Names.
           (Georgie Smith left the party early.) -> (There exists someone named Georgie Smith.)

    (b) Pronouns.
           Her, him, they
           (I saw him leave.) -> (There exists some male [i. e., him])

    (c) Definite Descriptions.
           (I liked the woman with the silver earrings.) -> (There exists a woman with silver earrings.)

    (d) Generic Noun Phrases.
           Noun arguments standing for a whole class.
           (If wombats have no trees to climb in, they are sad.) -> (There are wombats.)

    (e) Some Quantifiers. All, each, every, some, many, few, none
           (If some of the dragons show up, I'm leaving.) -> (There are dragons.)

    2. Complex Presuppositions.
          Cases in which more than the simple existence of an element is presupposed.

    (a) Relative Clauses.
          Complex noun arguments, with a noun followed by a phrase beginning with who, which, or that. (Several of the women who had spoken to you left the shop.) -> (Several women had spoken t you.)

    (b) Subordinate Clauses of Time.
           Clauses identified by the cue words before, after, during, as, since, prior, when, while (If the judge was home when I stopped by her house, she didn't answer her door.) -> (I stopped by the judge's house.)

    (c) Cleft Sentence.
           Sentences beginning with It {was/is] noun argument, (It was the extra pressure which shattered the window.) -> (Something shattered the window.)

    (d) Psuedo-Cleft Sentences.
           Identified by the form, What [Sentence] is [sentence] (What Sharon hopes to do is to become well liked.) -> (Sharon hopes to do something.)

    (e) Stressed Sentences.
           Voice stress (If Margaret has talked to THE POLICE, we're finished.) -> (Margaret has talked to someone.)

    (f) Complex Adjectives.
           New, old, former, present, previous (If Fredo wears his new ring, I'll be blown away.) -> (Fredo had/has an old ring.)

    (g) Ordinal Numerals.
           First, second, third, fourth, another (If you can find a third clue in this letter, I'll make you a mosquito pie.) -> (There are two clues already found.)

    (h) Comparatives.
           -er, more, less (If you know better riders than Sue does, tell me who they are.) -> (Sue knows [at least] one rider.)
           (If you know better riders than Sue is, tell me who they are.) -> (Sue is a rider.)

    (i) Comparative As.
           As x as . . . (If her daughter is as funny as her husband is, we'll all enjoy ourselves.) -> (Her husband is funny.)

    (j) Repetitive Cue Words.
           Too, also, either, again, back (If she tells me that again, I'll kiss her.) -> (Shehas told me that before.)

    (k) Repetitive Verbs and Adverbs.
           Verbs and adverbs beginning with re, e.g., repeatedly, return, restore, retell, replace, renew
           (If he returns before I leave, I want to talk to him.) -> (He has been here before.)

           Only, even, except, just (Only Amy saw the bank robbers.) -> (Amy saw the bank robbers.)

    (m) Change-of-Place Verbs.
           Come, go, leave, arrive, depart, enter (If Sam has left home, he is lost.) -> ( Sam has been at home.)

    (n) Change-of-Time Verbs and Adverbs.
           Begin, end, stop, start, continue, proceed, already, yet, still, anymore (My bet is that Harry will continue to smile.) -> (Harry has been smiling.)

    (0) Change-of-State Verbs.
           Change, transform, turn into, become (If Mae turns into a hippie, I'll be surprised.) -> (Mae is not now a hippie.)

    (p) Factive Verbs and Adjectives.
           Odd, aware, know, realize, regret (It is odd that she called Maxine at midnight.) -> (She called Maxine at midnight.)

    (q) Commentary Adjectives and Adverbs.
           Lucky, fortunately, far out, out of sight, groovy, bitchin, . . . innocently, happily, necessarily (It's far out that you understand your dog's feelings.) -> (You understand your dog's feelings.)

    (r) Counterfactual Conditional Clauses.
           Verbs having subjunctive tense. (If you had listened to me and your father, you wouldn't be in the wonderful position you're in now.) -> (You didn't listen to me and your father.)

    (s) Contrary-to-Expectation
           Should. (If you should [happen to] decide you want to talk to me, I'll be hanging out in the city dump.) -> (I don't expect you want to talk to me.)

    (t) Selectional Restrictions.
           (If my professor gets pregnant, I'll be disappointed.) -> (My professor is a woman.)

    (u) Questions.
           (Who ate the tapes?) -> (Someone ate the tapes.)
          (I want to know who ate the tapes.) -> (Someone ate the tapes.)

    (v) Negative Questions.
          (Didn't you want to talk to me?) -> (I thought that you wanted to talk to me.)

    (w) Rhetorical Questions.
           (Who cares whether you show up or not?) -> (Nobody cares whether you show up or not.)

    (x) Spurious Not.
           (I wonder if you're not being a little unfair.)

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    ---------------------------- Reference Links for Bandler and Grinder ---------------

    Reference Links to Material on Bandler and Grinder
    written by Bobby Matherne

    Read/Print at:

    2.) ARJ2: Background to the Gospel of St. Mark, GA# 124 by Rudolf Steiner

    Some twenty years ago I read several books about our native Americans, The Book of the Hopi, Black Elk Speaks, Rolling Thunder, and Seven Arrows. In one of these books I encountered the story of a shaman as a young boy. At the age of nine years old he got sick and went into a feverish coma for several weeks. When he awoke he acted strangely and didn't talk to anyone. He spent his time wandering around the village alone. One day an old man came up to him and said, "I know what happened to you." The boy stopped and listened to the old man. "You had a dream, a big dream, and you must share this dream or you will surely die." The young boy told the old man his big dream, which involved colored horses riding in from the directions of the four winds, a different color of horse from each wind. The old man listened intently to the boy's dream and said, "You must tell this dream to all the members of the tribe so that they will re-enact this dream with you." The boy did so. He got the tribe members to assemble the four different colored horses and created his big dream out in the world. This young boy grew up to be a very powerful medicine man for his tribe.

    Like the four different colored horses racing from different directions, the four Gospels of John, Luke, Matthew, and Mark approach the Mystery of Golgotha from four different directions.

    [page 13] The reason for studying the four Gospels separately is that we can then approach the Christ-problem from four different standpoints. We find that the four Gospels do, in fact, present four different aspects, and we are reminded that this stupendous problem must not be approached from one side only but at least from the four directions of the spiritual heavens indicated by the names of the four Evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. If this is done we shall come increasingly to understand the problems and the great truths which are needed for the life of the human soul; and on the other hand, we shall never say that the one form of truth we may have grasped is the whole truth.

    The members of the young boy's tribe did not have clairvoyant consciousness as did the boy when he experienced his big dream, but when he communicated it to his people, they were able to experience, even without clairvoyance, the truth in his words, the power of his dream.. As these people were to the boy's revelations, we are to the four Evangelist's revelations of the spiritual world to us:

    [page 15] . . . even without clairvoyance, everyone will be able to test them by reference to the normal feeling for truth present in every soul, and by applying to them his own unprejudiced reasoning faculties.

    The young boy was able to translate his big dream into a story that his fellow tribe members could comprehend. This process of translating spiritual insights into ordinary language so that others may read and understand it is critically important if one is to carry these insights into one's next lifetime. Understanding is not enough; communication to others in ordinary language is essential. Steiner could not be clearer nor more emphatic on that point:

    [page 16] There is a radical test which can be applied to what I have just said. Among many other valuable spiritual truths and communications you will certainly attach very great importance to those concerning what a man can take with him through the gate of death of the spiritual truths he has assimilated on the physical plane between birth and death. Or to put it differently: How much remains to a man who, by cultivating the spiritual life, has mastered the substance of communications relating to the spiritual world? The answer is: Exactly as much remains to him as he has fundamentally grasped and understood and has been able to translate into the language of ordinary human consciousness.

    Lest anyone reading these words rush to judgment and boast, "I have done this," be aware that egoism is anathema to existence in the spiritual world. Rather it is truth that is important.

    [page 23] A man should demand truth of himself instead of claiming to be without egoism. At least if we acknowledge our egoism we have a chance to get rid of it!

    We had best admit to having a trace of ego because truth matters. I have been guilty of a trace of egoism in all matters, up until now. The preceding is a true statement now, and will likely continue to be a true statement each time I say it. Just as Moses said, "Let my people go," we might say "Let my ego go." That's the truth, so far as I know.

    What Steiner says of truth is especially worth repeating in this year of 1998 when the president of the United States of America stands impeached by congress for not telling the truth under oath:

    [page 24] Truth justifies itself by its fruitfulness and by the blessings it brings to mankind. Untruths and lies are always barren. They have only one result which I cannot go into in any further detail now; I can only say that they react most violently against those who actually spread them abroad.

    Matherne's Rule #6 is "All Meanings Are True (AMAT)" — it expresses in a few words an insight I had over twenty years ago of the many-sides from which truth may be approached. AMAT means you can always agree with someone by saying, "Yes, what you say is true." You know it's true from that person's perspective — which is only one approach to the truth — and all approaches, all ways of holding meanings, are true. Here's how Steiner approaches this truth:

    [page 24-25] We are always conscious of the fact that truth must be approached from many sides and that we must wait patiently until its different aspects merge into a single picture We shall adhere faithfully to this attitude of humility in knowledge. Let us not say that man can never experience truth.

    He assuredly can! But he cannot know the whole truth at once; he can know only one side. This makes for humility in knowledge and true humility is a feeling that must be cultivated in our Groups and carried into the general culture of the day, for the whole character of our age needs such an attitude.

    How did one person communicate a truth to another person before writing was invented? Steiner says it was by a "direct streaming of knowledge from soul to soul."

    A couple of weeks ago as I was reading aloud to Del something I'd just written, she interrupted me at the end of a sentence. In the middle of reading that sentence, I was suddenly taken by an idea of an alternate way to approach explaining something, but I did not vary the tempo or tone of my reading. Del had been receiving the communication streaming from me with no problems until the point when suddenly what was streaming from me no longer matched the words coming from my mouth. It occurred to me at that time that the importance of written words is the thought paths that they carry us and others along. This was not the way of understanding written words in earlier times. [See my poem "On the Wings of Words" here.]

    [page 46] It would have unthinkable in those days for listeners to take down in writing what was being said; anything recorded in this way would have been considered quite worthless. Value was attached only to what a man preserved in his soul and might later reproduce for others. It would have been regarded as desecration to write anything down. The view rightly held at that time was that what is transcribed is not, and cannot be the same as the oral communication.

    One further note: in old Hebrew the vowels were omitted in the written script precisely so that only someone, who fully understood the process being communicated, could be able to read the words aloud and convey meaning to another. They simply added in the vowel sounds appropriate to the meaning of the words as they read it aloud. This process permitted very little latitude in the interpretation of the texts as they were read aloud. The possibility of fanciful interpretations such as by those of modern scholars was unheard of in those days.

    [page 64] Arbitrary interpolations were quite impossible. This was partly because in the ancient Hebrew language the vowels were not marked in the script, and by varying them, world-secrets could be revealed in the sounds themselves. In those days men had a true feeling for all this.

    One may rightly ask how does one ever learn anything worthwhile from written words absent a live reader who understands the essence of what is being read. Matherne's Rule #23 says: "When learning a new subject, it's best to know all about it before you start." This rule may not make sense to you, unless you allow the possibility of the you-of-the-future, who will understand the material, to stream its understanding to the you-of-the-now, who is beginning to study the material. Here's how Steiner explains it:

    [page 56] There are two streams of time: the etheric stream, flowing into the future, and the astral stream, moving from the future back into the past. It is unlikely that anyone in the world today will discover anything of this character without a spiritual impulse, but there can be no real grasp of the life of soul until we recognise that something is perpetually coming towards us from the future.

    One cannot look only to the past for cause and effect explanations. To look only to the past is to create "a science of the soul without soul" — modern psychology. In the growth of a plant, a time comes when nothing from its past of a physical and etheric body can help it to complete its destiny. Its etheric body can create leaves, mutate leaves into flowers, pistils, stamens, and even seeds, but without an infusion from without by astral energy, the plant will never create a fertile seed that can sprout a future plant. Plants have a distant future when they will have created an astral body for themselves (See ARJ: Spiritual Hierarchies and the Physical World, Table of Evolution), so that astral energy will be a part of their distant future, and it is that very astral energy from the future that must reach the plant in the region of its flowers to create that miracle of new life, a fertile seed. In the plant we can envision the etheric stream of life moving into the future as the plant grows and the astral stream of life moving from the future towards the past into the plant's reproductive system to create new life.

    If we move to investigate the two streams of time in the human being at this point in history, we would find Physical-man, Soul-man, and Consciousness-soul flowing into the future and Spirit-Man, Life-Spirit, and Spirit-Self flowing from the future backward in time into the current time, the present life of human beings to infuse them with the energies of their life to be. [See the Gospel of St. Matthew by Rudolf Steiner, page 192, which contains a diagram in which the human being is drawn as a flower drawing these higher energies to itself.]

    With this prologue, we are now ready to begin our approach to the Gospel of St. Mark, in particular Verses 1:2 and 1:3:

    Mark 1:2: As it was written in the prophets, Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee.

    Mark 1:3: The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.

    Steiner explains that wilderness was not meant in an external sense, but rather in an internal sense of desolation or solitude. The word straight was also not meant in a moral manner as we might say, "Lead a straight life." but rather it combined the meanings of straight and open to indicate that the path of the Lord to the human soul must be direct, open, and clear. Lastly, the word Lord had a deeper meaning in its original usage which was that of Lord of one's Soul. As Steiner talks of the people of the time:

    [page 70] They felt the 'I' rising upwards from the depths of towards the surface of the soul as the appearance of a Lord and Master, the Director and Ruler of the soul-forces. . . . In olden times man could not say, 'I think.' He said: 'It thinks' — or 'it feels, it wills in me.'

    With this background one is able to sound out the true meaning of these two verses as one reads aloud the following translation by Rudolf Steiner:

    [page 71] Mark well! I send my angel before the 'I' in you; he will prepare the way. Hear the cry in the solitude of the soul — the cry for the Lord of the soul. Prepare the way of the Lord of the soul; labour to make the path open for him.

    Steiner gives a more comprehensive spiritual interpretation of this verse in the following passage:

    [page 192] The passage should be rendered more or less as follows. — Prepare yourselves, you human souls, to move along those paths that will awaken the Kyrios, the powerful 'I' within you; listen to the cry in the solitude of the soul. Make ready the path (or way) of the 'I', the Lord of the soul. Open the way for his forces so that he may no longer be the slave but the Ruler of thinking, feeling, and willing. Lo, the power that is the 'I' sends his Angel before you, the Angel who is to give you the possibility of understanding the cry in the solitude of the astral soul. Prepare the paths of the 'I', open the way for the forces of the 'I'.

    — Such is the meaning of these significant words of the prophet Isaiah; they point to the greatest of all events in the evolution of humanity. You will now understand the sense in which he speaks about the future John the Baptist, indicating how man's soul in its solitude longs for the coming of its Lord and Ruler, the 'I'. Such is the real meaning of this passage and in this sense it is to be understood.

    Science with its materialistic measuring instruments can only investigate the etheric streaming from the past into the future, whether it be of plants, animals, or humans. As such science can see and make a record of the part of the world that is dying. It can not see or record the part of the world that is coming into being by virtue of the astral streaming from the future into the past, up until now, up until spiritual science.

    [page 58] Ordinary science knows of the Copernican system only that part which is in process of dying. The part that will live on and bear fruit — and that is not the part that has been influential for four centuries — must now be mastered by men through their own efforts. Copernicanism as presented to-day is not strictly true. Spiritual investigation alone can reveal its real truth. The same holds true for Astronomy, and for everything else that is regarded as knowledge to-day. Science can of course be of practical use and as technology completely justified. But in so far as it pretends to contribute to human knowledge in its real form, it is a dead product. It is useful for the immediate handiwork of men and for that no spiritual content is necessary. But as far as it purports to have anything vital to say about the mysteries of the Universe it belongs to the culture that is dying. If knowledge of the mysteries of the Universe is to be enriched, the orthodox science of to-day must be imbued with life through the findings of Spiritual Science.

    "The Way Out is The Way In." is an epigram that expresses the two paths to initiation taken by Buddha and Zarathustra. Buddha's way was the mystical way: "the descent through a man's own nature and being to the point where the bounds beyond which lies the spiritual world are broken through." (page 80) This is the descent into the microcosm, the way in, also called the Southern way.

    The other way was that of Zarathustra, the Northern way, the way out, in which the human being is "permeated by a spiritual Being who drives them out of themselves, enabling them to rise into the Macrocosm." (page 94) What characterizes such a being can be found in the life of Zarathustra and other great spiritual leaders of history: immediately at birth the baby smiles, the child is abandoned in the wilderness, and instead of dying, is succored by wild beasts. In St. Mark's Gospel 1:13, "And he was there in the wilderness for forty days, tempted of Satan; and was with the wild beasts; and the angels administered unto him."

    [page 93] The Gospels of St. Matthew and St. Luke describe the path taken by the Christ when descending into the sheaths He received from Jesus of Nazareth. St. Mark's Gospel describes the kind of temptation which the Christ was obliged to undergo when He confronted the environment — as happens with all great founders of religion who had been inspired from above by a spiritual Being. Christ Jesus experienced both types of temptation, whereas earlier leaders of humanity had experienced only one. Christ united in Himself the two ways of entering the spiritual world. — That is the all-important point. What had formerly taken place in two separate streams into which smaller streams then flowed, was now united in one.

    In Lecture Six Steiner reveals a basic principle that may be stated succinctly thus: the higher the spirit, the lower the level of humanity it works on.

    [page 99] The Angeloi, Archangeloi and Archai influence man through what concerns the soul and spirit only — language, current modes of thought, ideas, and so on, but they do not work through the forces of nature; their operations do not directly affect the etheric body or the physical body, which are the lower members of man's organism.

    On the other hand, spiritual Beings from the rank of the Exousiai upwards work not only upon man but also in the forces of outer nature; they are the 'Directors' as it were of air and light, of the different ways in which foodstuffs are produced in the kingdoms of nature.

    Steiner explains how one ought to interpret the passage in St. Mark 1:22, "for he taught them as one that had authority, not as one of the scribes." In the original Greek text, the phrase "as one that had authority" reads "as one of the Exousiai". [Note: in the Table of Evolution the Exousiai are called Powers. See ARJ: Spiritual Hierarchies and the Physical World, Table of Evolution ]

    [page 101-102] Hence these words in St. Mark's Gospel are an indication that in men living in those days an inkling was beginning to dawn that something entirely new was speaking to them; that through this man who came among them something revealed itself which was like a power of nature herself, like one of the supersensible Powers behind the phenomena of nature. Men began gradually to divine what it was that had entered into Jesus of Nazareth and was symbolized in the Baptism by John. The people in the synagogue were very near the truth when they said: When he speaks it is as though the Exousiai were speaking, not merely the Archai, the Time-Spirits, or the Folk-Spirits.

    One of the most troubling questions of our day is "How can bad things happen to good people?" Much of the content of news programs and sensationalistic broadcast journalism is devoted to this topic and people shudder at the poor innocent victims of this fire or that plane crash. This question is a puzzlement only if one attempts to answer it from within the bounds of a single human lifetime.

    [page 106] If, for instance, anyone gets his windows broken he is apt to take this as an offence directed at himself, and he is annoyed by it because he feels himself to be an isolated being. But were he to believe in karma he would feel related to the whole Macrocosm and would know that in point of fact it is we ourselves who have broken the windows.

    If we ourselves break our own windows, then there are no innocent victims. As Walt Kelley had Pogo say, "We has met the enemy, and he is us." Every action we take, every plan of action we propose has an effect on our lives and well-being. The importance of planning, of holding ideals that cause our reach to exceed our grasp, is stressed in these passages from Steiner below:

    [page 116] But there is one great difference between the reflected pictures of actions springing from instincts, desires and passions, and the reflected pictures of actions which are the outcome of idealism. The first contain something which endures as a destructive element in a man's whole life; they are images held in the astral body which react upon the whole human constitution and gradually undermine it; they are closely connected with the way in which a man in his life on the physical plane slowly undermines his forces until he dies. On the other hand, reflected pictures or images springing from thoughts that are loftier than our actions have life-giving properties. They are particularly stimulating for the etheric body and continually bring new life-giving forces into our whole constitution.

    [page 116 - 117] In short, there are individuals who in their later years become melancholic, sullen, unable to adjust themselves inwardly and are in many respects unbalanced. If we were to look for the cause of bearing and conduct of this kind we should find that such individuals had little opportunity in earlier life to experience how idealistic thought can be loftier than action.

    Couple these quotations with Steiner's view that the "mark of an idealist is that his thoughts are loftier than his deeds" one can see that students of anthroposophy by the very nature of their study are continually bringing life-forces into their whole constitution and by those salubrious forces are less likely to spend their waning days in a decrepit condition. Rightly seen, ideals may be the true vitamins of our lives. As I was writing these comments, the following quotation by Oliver Wendell Holmes appeared on an electronic newsletter I received:

    I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving: To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, — but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.

    The presupposition is that we have a port of call in mind, an ideal that we hold before us as we sail, so that we are constantly adjusting our direction with our goal in mind, so that we move towards our goal instead of drifting aimlessly with the tide. I do not know whether this quote came from Oliver Wendell Holmes the jurist or his father the writer, but both of them lived well into their eighties.

    In Lecture Eight on pages 140 and 141 Steiner tells us that our fifth post-Atlantean epoch is inspired by the Gospel of St. Mark, while the fourth epoch was inspired by the Gospel of St. Matthew. For the future epochs he says the sixth epoch will be inspired by the Gospel of St. Luke and the seventh by the Gospel of St. John.

    In closing let's read what Steiner says specifically about the Gospel of St. Mark:

    [page 78] Try to grasp what is meant by saying that earthly events are shadows of macrocosmic events and you will then have taken the first steps towards a gradual understanding of St. Mark's Gospel — one of the greatest sacred records in the world.

    Read/Print at:

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    1. Padre Filius Talks to Man with No Face this Month:

    Padre Filius, the cartoon character created by your intrepid editor and would-be cartoonist, will appear from time to time in this Section of DIGESTWORLD to share with us some amusing or enlightening aspect of the world he observes during his peregrinations.

    This month the good Padre Meets Man with No Face in Restaurant and Talks to him:

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    • EMAIL from Allan in Worcester, MA:
      Great job as always. Love those pictures of cleome in DW#197 — we grow them up in Maine. Of course, they are just starting up here. Those in the pictures are beautiful.

      Be well,

    • EMAIL from Anne Kotch in New England:
      Dear Bobby and Del,

      Enjoyed your DW#197 Issue. You are looking good.

      Your pictures of figs showed you making something. What? Can you send the recipe incase I can find figs in the market here? Miss the fig tree I had in my yard in New Orleans. It was always a battle with the birds but I could manage to gather a few figs every season.

      Take care. You are in my prayers.


      ~~~~~~~~~ Reply from Bobby~~~~~~~~~~~~
      My recipe for fig preserves is here.

    • EMAIL from Patty and Armand in New Orleans:
      We are so glad to hear from you (and Del)!!!!! Glad to receive your Digest which we will relish! How are yall doing?

      We are so honored that y'all attended Armand's concert at the Twilight Thursday. A first time for him there, after all that time of promoting him to Paul Soniat. Armand did really well with his jazzy band of pro-working-jazz-players! And the venue was filled, and the applause was wild! Thank you for helping to make that booking happen. And seeing your smiling faces that night at the Botanical Gardens was the icing on the cake!

      You are in our thoughts and prayers! Be well, 100% well Bobby!

      Our love always,
      Patty and Armand both

    • EMAIL from Renu in Bellaire, TX:
      Hello Bobby and Del!

      Just wanted to say thank you for the 4 o'clock seeds we picked from your garden. They have finally started blooming - almost a year after we harvested them. I am so excited - they are a gorgeous fuchsia color! I have been eagerly awaiting these flowers and Yvette suggested I send you a picture of this first beauty. Thanks again!

      Hope you are both doing well.
      Take care,

    • EMAIL from Edward Reaugh Smith in Lubbock:

      Bobby, thinking of you on this your birthday.

      And I hope you are doing well physically. Welcome any update on that.

      Work on the 3rd Edition of The Burning Bush is coming along. It is keeping me very well occupied, but happy to finally be into it.

      We were concerned for you New Orleans folks recently as the heavy rains moved slowly through your area. I presume they didn't cause you and Del too much personal grief.

      All the best — Ed

    • ~~~~~~~~~ Reply from Bobby~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Dear Ed, Thanks for your best wishes and concerns! I am holding up fine during my recovery. Mostly I miss being able to walk around freely without getting tired easily. We were in Orange Beach during Barry and our gang of 15 Matherne offspring enjoyed the high waves and sunny beach. No problems from Barry at home. Looking forward to seeing your new edition of The Burning Bush.

    3. Poem from Freedom on the Half Shell: "Chimera Verite"


    Give me your poor, huddled masses, your deplorables yearning to breathe free and I will give them taxes, regulations, restrictions, and every manner of unfairness ever created by persons saddled with the illusion that they can decide what is best for someone else's welfare. The individual, like the business professional, knows what's best in a given situation and, given the freedom, will take that action. The forces of coercion are prying open the shell that contains the living muscle and spirit of our oyster — the American people — will we resist those forces and keep our muscles and spirit alive, free to open at will, or will we give up like the oyster and settle for "freedom on the half shell?" Here is another poem from Freedom on the Half Shell :

                  Chimera Verite

    Should is the Socialist's Shibboleth,
    The password to the utopian path:
    A just distribution should be arranged
    For general opportunity and wealth.

    Our fragile few private property rights
    This Socialist Chimera would trample,
    Riding roughshod over our Bill of Rights
    Until all that remains is one great big BILL
    To create in our Western Hemisphere
    The principles the Eastern Bear once held dear.

    We'll queue for bread and wine and salami
    With no time nor money for baloney.
    Locked into legalized equality,
    We'll grin and bear with forced fraternity
    And dream dreams of how we used to be
    When private property meant liberty.

    NOTE 1: Chimera is a thing that is hoped or wished for but in fact is illusory or impossible to achieve. (Google definition)
    NOTE 2: Shibboleth refers to a word or phrase used by adherents of a party, usually regarded by others as empty of real meaning. (from quote of Joseph Epstein)
    NOTE 3: Joanne Woodward is said to have posted above her bed, "I will not should on myself today."

    4. Buy a Better Car

    The death of Lee Iaccoca this month brought to mind my only attempted contact with him after I bought a car from his companty.

    In the 1980s and 90s Lee Iaccoco took over Chrysler Corporation and became the first CEO to appear on TV doing ads. He famously said, "If you can find a better car than Chrysler, buy it." Wanting an American car company to do well and wooed by his promise, my wife bought a brand-new, off-the-showroom floor, Chrysler Fifth Avenue, for her traveling sales job in the medical insurance field. It was a solid car with a V-8 engine and a comfty ride.

    Within months of her owning it, its drive shaft broke and my new Chrysler needed to go to the shop. Luckily it was under warranty.

    A few months later the entire hood began to lose its paint and needed to be re-painted. No warranty covered that. The guy who repainted it found that the car had an accident and its hood had been repainted before they sold it to her as brand new!

    We complained to the local dealer where we bought the car and they refused to do anything about it. So I wrote to the CEO of Chrysler, Lee Iacocco and asked him to stand behind his car and I never received a reply. We never bought another Chryler product again to this day in 2019. We drove a rental for awhile, fell in love with the Nissan Maxima, and we have bought only Maximas ever since.

    We did find a better car and a MUCH BETTER CAR COMPANY, Lee, and we are glad we did.

    5. Contribute to New LSU Library

    One of my first jobs as a freshman at LSU in 1958 was re-shelving books in the Troy Middleton Library. I learned my way around the shelves while earning enough money each hour to pay for a hot meal for supper. I spent a lot of time in the Sociology books section which had a place to read and study. I had a lot of books to read for that course and appreciated not having to take a load of books out to do so. There were several rooms with comfortable couches where I could check out LPs of classical music to listen to as I read and studied there in cool comfort. Beat my dormitory with two roomates and no AC! The study carrels were always available if the music rooms weren't and a lot of my studying took place in one of those. Quiet places to study and read were hard to find anywhere else on campus, but the LSU Library always was available to me.

    I hope many of you LSU graduates and parents of future LSU graduates will join me in supporting the GOFUND campaign to raise money to build a new library on campus. Click on this Link if you wish to contribute: CLICK HERE!


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