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Post Hypnotic Suggestions and Doyletics -- an Email between Doyle and Bobby
Edited to use in October 25, 2000

Please remember as you read this material that Doyles comments were writter after Bobby's so they break up at times the thread of Bobby's comments. My suggestion is to read ONLY the unitalicized comments by Bobby first, then return to read the italicized comments by Doyle.

Subject: Post Hypnotic Suggestions
Date: Sat, 24 May 1997 13:34:56 -1000
From: "Doyle P. Henderson" <panacea;
To: jeauxy

NOTE: Doyle's words are in Italics to distinquish them from Bobby's words:

Dear Bobby,

Your following message is marvelous... I get it all.. And, you have hit on a palatable way to present doyletics to mankind... I have concentrated on various aspects of understanding skepticism and altering beliefs which are embedded at truths... Your ideas below are at a level above, or below, that plane.

My comments, which have been inserted only AFTER reading and agreeing with your message in its entirety, are not rebuttals. Rather, they are the result of my re-reading of your ideas-- and freely expressing myself-- as I now feel I can do-- without offending you.

Dear Doyle,

You know about post hypnotic suggestions: how hypnotists give instructions under hypnosis to a subject that later when a certain command is given, or a certain sign, the subject is to perform some feat. As you know they will perform the PHS's feat over and over again when the sign or sound triggers it. They will have no memory of the original suggestion and when asked why they're doing the ridiculous, out-of-context feat, they will come up with some rational explanation.

DOYLE: I believe most PHS are dangerous, as Dr. Mesmer discovered, much to his dismay, when he offered post hypnotic suggestions to King Louis XIV's court pianist, a lovely blind girl, that she could see again.... Was her blindness was "hysterically induced" by herself? The famed doctor mesmerized her and she could miraculously see again, and soon thereafter she became paralyzed and couldnot play again.

What is it that breaks the hypnotic spell? What makes it possible for them to stop performing the ridiculous feat? Words from the hypnotist in the form of orders for them to stop? That's what every stage hypnotist would have you believe. But stop and think: what exactly breaks the trance?

DOYLE: Ah, yes.. I am interested... and I have always wondered why those few people whom I have "hypnotized" so easily and readily transferred that capability to themselves by the snap of their own fingers and a key phrase, abandon it, and never use it to alleviate pain, recall events in detail, and do other truly valuable "stunts."

No one of such people continue to use hypnosis after a rather short period of time... yet complain of pain and the sort, when I know they could easily block it from their conscious minds in moments.

I'll chat a bit while you think about that. Because this whole process I'm describing and what breaks the trance is crucially important for the theory of doyletics. Even given its similarity in sound to dianetics, I think it's important to keep its isomorphic relationship with genes/genetics and doyles/doyletics. Also becomes a shorter way for me to say "your theory" or "Doyle's theory".

Now what breaks the trance?

Conceptual memory. As soon as the person becomes fully aware that the PHS is a result of a hypnotic trance, however that happens, the affects of the PHS disappear. May take a little time, like if someone other than the hypnotist tells him, then the hypnotist fires off the trigger, they'll start to perform the feat and realize they're doing it and stop. Makes sense?

DOYLE: Yes, except, knowing this, a good "hypnotist," the child itself, often suggests that conceptualization will not permit the recollection of the visual and conceptual memories to be displayed. While a four year old girl may block most aspects of a sexually abusive event from ever (until P!) being recalled, possibly by using the perpetrator's PHS, or her own, PHS does NOT seem to affect physical states stored during such events!!!!! That's the whole point-- hypnotic effects do not affect the amygdalan storage of physical states! She remembers her air being cut off during forced oral copulation... the feeling she cannot breathe are re-created again and again by episodes of hyperventilation.... which are never conceptualized except by P! apps.

And, it takes only one event... one single lousy physical experience lasting a few minutes, or less, to make her into a hyperventilator all her life.

So why is Bobby Jeaux talking about all this stuff? Because people generally know about stage hypnotism. Most adults have experienced hypnotism, at least a stage hypnotist, so it's a universal experience. If you want a powerful metaphor to covey understanding to the masses, it works best to use universal experiences.

DOYLE: OK, teacher, how can we teach them doyletics without associating it with the oft discredited, misunderstood, and charlatanized mesmerism? .... Even changing the discredited phenomena's name to hypnosis, or NLP, has not given it stature, eh?

Now let's goo -- er -- go hypnotize a baby. Let's install some post-hypnotic suggestions that will be active for the rest of its life. Install some cuddly feeling stuff, some giggling, some joy, some contentment, etc. How do we proceed?

DOYLE: The hard-wired reflexes which help assure survival also "install" physical memories which are re-creatable.

In fact, they and that phenomena are essential to the child (and mankind's) survival. It is only those acts when done in association with "people, places, and things, including ideas and thoughts" (images and sounds included, of course) that assure any development and maturation.

Note that most full-term babies could have been born and survived a month earlier... even as many as three month premies, survive. Yet, very little mental and emotionally development occurs during the ninth month-- if the fetus is not delivered until full term.

However the baby born after eight months term is fully ready to respond reflexively to stimuli... physical, visual, and audible, etc. It can feel pains and does... and it needs NOT "wait" another month to do so. It is the lack of sensory stimulation which delays such development until birth and after.

Then, the storage and physical retrieval (re-creation) of these reflexive acts as physical states which may be felt again, permits their association with other sensed stimuli also stored during subsequent events.

Ah, but recollection of visual or aural memories then results in the re-creation of the associated physical states.... and we have complex organized, yet involuntary manifestations, screaming, speech, crawling, walking, etc.. placed in these primitive memories.... available for recall and re-creation in accordance with assessed meaning of sights, sounds, etc., and thoughts.

The point is that no one need "install" many of these states and memories while that may be possible. Events cause them to happen. The kid gets hungry, wet, satiated by food, and is pleasurefully warm or comfortable.... There is not doubt, that good parenting is essential to emotional "health," but germ free animals have been grown to maturity without maternal stimulation... as have fear free dogs which suffered no usual pains. Yeah, the more cuddly ones the baby experiences, the better ability it will have to offset the inevitable painful ones.. resulting in a more balanced emotionality.

OK, so good parenting should install fewer phobias and more PHS's regarding early conceptualization?

That's what you and I are proposing regarding deaf kids to keep them from being "vocally dumb" and to incorporate into all Japanese families, the uttering of the sound RRRRRR, etc. But, there is more, eh?

Well, I'm sure you've guessed what game is afoot, my dear Watson, doyles are post-hypnotic suggestions installed into babies and children until the Memory Transition Age. They are installed by parents, relatives, baby sitters, daycares, nannies, friends, and whoever is allowed to spend time with the child during that malleable period.

DOYLE: And, naturally, was my point above.... if you like, why not say that PHS is the natural phenomena which creates both good and bad doyles!

I like the idea that we are hard-wired to re-create physical states we experience... But, go on...

Every [A, V, O, G] sense experience [4] you present to the child will either be stored along with its present [K] experience [new doyle], or will trigger some previously stored doyle. The amygdala, with its quick and dirty pattern storage, is constantly storing and retrieving before the MTA, and only retrieving after the MTA. The [4] is the post hypnotic suggestion, and the doyle is the feat that is perfomed when the [4] trigger is activated by something in the person's outside world. The sequence is [4] -> [K], where [K] refers to the complete internal physical body state that is created internally: includes all the range of kinesthetic (proprioceptive) responses: , balance, inner ear, heart rate, blood pressure, pain, comfort, tension, relaxation, hyperventilation, etc. I just now looked up proprioception: it specially refers to sensory input from the inside of an organism. Thus all feelings are proprioceptive responses. [Some proprioceptive responses, like blood pressure, etc, may be conscious and some not, depending on the person.]

DOYLE: Yeah... only you seem to think that the NLP idea of installing doyles using PHS is a reality. The idea of installing is NLP stuff because they didn't understand that the brain stores and re-creates (physically re-creating) physical body states from memories only until the MTA. That's why I have always (since you) had trouble with this installing idea. When you accept the phenomena of doyle storage and retrieval, it is like the Freudian subconsicous, to me.... superfluous...

But, by all means, go on! I am fascinated! :))

Remember the story of the guy who kept wandering around the vicinity of the Golden Gate Bridge late at night. Went to a therapist who uncovered an episode in his doctor's office many years before in which the doctor told him, "You MUST take this medicine EVERY DAY or you may as well JUMP OFF THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE." Given the guy had an incurable, but not terminable condition, it was good advice for him to take his medicine or he'd die. BUT later, a cure was found, and soon he didn't have to take any medicine. It was when he stopped taking the medicine every day that the problem began. The PHS became active. What did the therapist do: took the guy back before the episode occurred in the doctor's office, pointed out to the guy what his doctor had said [guy retrieved it under hypnosis], and whammo! the PHS became inactive. It had been placed into conceptual memory. The whole of talking therapies is based on getting PHS moved into conceptual memory. Once you become meta to something, you no longer HAVE to do it, it becomes an option, and you can actually laugh at the thought you used to have to do that.

DOYLE: Yeah... excellent example above... and most informative to me.

So my latest poem, written last night after this inspiration, begins:

<<Doyles are post-hypnotic suggestions

given us by that Master Hypnotist
of our youth, our Soul Captain,
Who leads us willingly
or drags us unwillingly
To our destiny. >>

DOYLE: I love it... Of course, notwithstanding the effect on the meter, I would insert the word: "like" in the first line, between the words: "are" and " post-hypnotic." I say this so you will note my response. I remind you again that I did a lot of hypnosis, for many years longer than you might surmise. Clovis always "hypnotized" his subjects, tried to do that with me, too... and who knows?

I am the one who insisted that no matter what he did, he did not have to say that or do the theatrical bit... and proved that to him repeatedly by my working with people.... I used the pink elephant bit, telling people not to go into any trance and to remember everything that happened, forever. :)) If you want to see my style, check out the P! diskette, enter PANACEA! M at the prompt and that will open the Main Menu immediately, bypassing all intro materials. Click on RELAXATION... and enjoy the whole induction... and every time you trace.... you will be able to relax... Where I am at is that everything that happens gets stored... and it has its effect by being re-created either physically (if store before MTA) or conceptually within the brain if it is retrieved one way or 'truther during the routine, hard-wired process of "assessment of the meaning" of what's going on (sensed or thought about) which brings to mind and/or body related or matching memories.

To me, the big revelation was that the brain uses the body to carry it around to avoid pain and destruction while seeking food, shelter, and pleasure.... all while using fundamental reflexes (hard wiring) and, especially, primitive and conceptual memories to do that. It is "built that way." And, if it weren't, it would likely fail to survive as a species. That's why I have had a problem with religion and the Soul Captain.

It often seems logical to me that we are robotic, however complex, like a computerized machine, and what seems to us to be consciousness and self, are only displays going on in the "decision making arena" and which "we" are permitted to observe... NOT to control or express our WILL over.... The brain has all this information, yet, it brings forth these data and presents it not to us, as we arrogantly think is happening, but, for its own purposes of deciding what it has done previously and might be "logical and reasonable" to do in this situation. Yet, aware that it had no other data from earlier days, it must feel again what it felt earlier, and in specific relationship with other feelings, acts, and physical behaviors. It all works pretty good.

The self, privileged to observe all this, fails to get what is happening, up until now, and arrogantly thinks it has will power and that it has some probably non-existant soul, spirit, power, etc., to make all it observes happen...

It is all a point of view... the self fails to see the brain/body as one... and creates the mind and the soul to explain itself... and what it does not understand about its function.

An objective view alters its relative importance in the scheme of things.... just as man's view of the Earth in the Solar System altered its eminence. Humbled as I have been most of my life, I find little to grieve over and much to celebrate about when I realize that people do what they "must do" when confronted by any and every situation.... in consideration of what happened to them throughout their lives.

I often say, "There is nothing else for you to do when you realize what happened to you is now involuntarily influencing your logic and reason."

Of course, the whole idea of involuntary action points up my explanation that even so-called volitional acts are involuntary... and the idea of programming is superfluous as it goes on all the time.... not with people "installing" phobias or PHT's, but by every sensed stimuli or thought. It is our natural way of life, up until now. It needs a little gestation yet, but you get the idea. If our Soul has plans for us in this lifetime [based on the results of previous lifetimes], then certainly part of those plans are executed during our childhood by the experiences our Soul Captain [sounds better to personify it] leads us into that create the doyles before our MTA. With that major shaping complete, the overall job becomes a little simpler for Him because we will then choose "willingly" to do certain things and avoid others based on how we feel about them.

Does it not work that way, now?

If we unleash this knowledge of doyletics on the world, then soon everyone will be removing unwanted doyles stored carefully there by their Soul Captains when they were young. The reason why it takes a whole generation for change to come about is all the investment of all those Soul Captain's in their charges lives. They don't want deep pervasive changes that could wipe out the very programming They so carefully placed in them to take them through this lifetime. [Am I sounding a little like the Duchess here?]

DOYLE: You're right, but, please don't use the metaphor of unleasing doyletics upon the world... :))

So we plant a seed for those alive today that will grow in the next generation, and the one after that until one day, doyletics will be taught in grammar schools, and Soul Captains will have to take that new knowledge into account for their future charges.


DOYLE: I understand that the young people are "where it's at." Also, please think about how to do what we can in better understanding skepticism as an emotional factor influencing people who have experienced what modern man has lived through...

Centuries ago, I do not think people were so skeptical... more inclined to believe anything... But, now, "we know it all." We've seen it all, maybe, too much... and we've been coerced and fooled... all too often. So, in our insecurity and ignorance of the details of how things really work (or is it the vast number of them?), we resist change and new ideas which conflict with emotional states of comfort.

Steve, responsible for the Water Deparment's computing and programming, is encountering severe resistance to WIN95, in-plant e-mail, and all the major changes computing means to the work force. Epitomizing the resistance is the remark: "But, this is Big Bear, not LA!"

I told him that people resist changes, due to feelings of insecurity, etc. Those people moved here to avoid changes they could not accommodate in the high-tech flatlands.... they came to the forest primeval.. the heavens, waters, and an escape from the advances they abhorred. I suggested he tell them, "Yes, but it is 1997 here, too, and we offer you the opportunity to learn, and survive with little other effect on your lives here where you want to stay. Remember, life is most exciting when it holds the promise of change."

Perhaps we can continue cogitating on your ideas above, and find ways to reveal the secrets of humankind's memory storage and retrieval system so that people will be willing, anxious, eager, and enthusiastic about applying the concepts to the raising of their children, and then, perhaps, to themselves.... somewhat like giving them a PHS... we tell them, using nature's own phenomena...

What great beginnings you offer people...

Thank you from me...

%Bobby Matherne
New Orleans, Louisiana
| Doyle P. Henderson, Principal Researcher & Author |

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