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Poems Written by Bobby Matherne
Published in various DIGESTWORLD Issues with associated Photos
First published in 1990 Hardback Book of Poetry

       In a small dark cave in the hills of Northern Iraq near the Turkish border the excavator Ralph Solecki found in 1960 the bones of a young man placed in the recess between two large boulders. Analysis of the remains from the cave of Shanidar determined that the burial occurred over 60,000 years ago.
       Soil samples collected near the bones were only analyzed several years later and produced a quite unexpected result. Ordinarily a small random assortment of pollen grains would be found in funereal soil samples, but the Shanidar soil analysis revealed thousands of pollen grains from wild flowers of the region. Flowers of rose mallow, hollyhocks, hyacinths, and other indigenous varieties of flowers had been systematically collected and transported to the cave of Shanidar as a funerary tribute.
       Astonished, the scientists were confronted with the earliest known evidence of a burial ritual. From the very dawn of mankind a message had come down to us, written in pollen grains from the flowers of Shanidar, of the birth of a new consciousness — the consciousness of death.
       How far have we progressed in the knowledge of ultimate destinations in the 600 centuries since that funeral celebration? As we stand before the door to the new millennium, do we dare to knock? Are we ready for the new flowers of Shanidar and the birth of consciousness that will surely accompany our passage into that new era?

These poems are from Bobby Matherne’s 1990 book of poetry, Flowers of Shanidar and have been published on the Internet in various DIGESTWORLD Issues. Here is a complete Index of Links to every poem. (Flowers drawn by Artist Maureen Grace Matherne)

1. Chapter: Rose Mallow
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        Flowers of Shanidar Waiting for the Flowers
       Tree of Life Many Trees
       Submarine Ferry A Lotus Grows
       Ariadne's Ball Synesthesia
       Noah's Place Great Sprinkler
       Mister Sperm Cosmic Fireworks
       Sprouts Virtual Reality
       Three Telephone Poles Crystal Mining
       I Am Your Fetus Dance of Energy

2. Chapter: Hollyhocks

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        Fully Alone The Iconoclast Tradition
       A Conspiracy of Roses Blank Spaces
       Caesura Teenagership
       Journey Of One Step A Disappointing Antidote
       Young Spirit The Differing Drummer of Summer
       Worth Doing Projections And Reflections
       Conquer The World EAT-O-TWIST
       RNA and DNA Fear Away
       Through The Door Dogma On A Leash
       Infection Time Line
       Health Food: NUTS! Memory Of A Memory
       Back to the Present Mowers and Growers
       Midnite Elves Beaming Motes
       My Own Mountain Mental Training Wheels
       Who Is John Galt? Soul Captain

3. Chapter: Shamrocks

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       Over The Milky Way Heartfelt
       Three Walls Kaleidoscope
       Open Hearth Veteran Lover
        Life's What's Tears
       Paper Feelings When Minds Divide
       Mutually Assured Love Dancing Eyes
       Shore Leave Every Day Is Christmas Day

4. Chapter: Hyacinths

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        Dogma An Open Mind
       Great and Deep Immortal Tracts
       Questions Trilogy
       Verbal Cartoons Thoughts
       The Truth About Truth Metamorphosis
       Adrift In A Stream Out Of New The Old
       Undercooked Poetry Amazing Puzzle
       Invisible Light Oreos
       100 Decimals of Pi Natural Martini
       Phototropic Twins Telling Things
       Little Bug Face to Face
       Listen Well Circles of Science
       Unfinished Poem Uncertainty Principal
       Personal Knowledge The Sixties
       Latest Information Much Depends On Much Depends
       Wheels Of The Chariot The Thinking Cook
       De Tour Sleeping Beauties
       Someday There'll Be This May Be A Poem, I'm Not Sure
       Dream of Reality Three In A Boat
       Wonderfull Answer

5. Chapter: Violets
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        Dream of God Tomorrow's Blossom
       Van Gogh's Eyes Wild Flowers Index
       How Long? Any Intuitions?
       Misty Reaches On Earth As In Heaven
       Hopetown The Kahuna's Prayer
       Heavenward God Knows
       Palimpsest of Spirit Roller Coaster
       Circles of Life Night Shakes
       Elven Shoes An Idea of God
       All At One Riverrun
       Mumbles From Below Precession of the Gods
       Split Infinity Already Answered

   Death is not like being trapped in a
           small dark room forever.

   It's like ... to sleep ...
   To sleep, perchance to dream,
               and in the dream

   To live
   To re-live
   To walk the road not taken
   To birth the child unborn
   To soar over the well-trod bogways
               of former lives.

   To think within the mind of God
           thoughts created in the thinking.

   To dance with the gyrating ganglia
                   of the nascent


Reading the first printing of "Flowers of Shanidar" in one sitting was a rare pleasure. I got to enjoy the poems as a detached observer might, rather than as the sweaty craftsman, fresh from his labor.

One question going through my mind was this: Would the chakra structure of the book would show through the poems?

Let me explain. The book is divided into five chapters: Rose Mallow (red), Hollyhocks (yellow), Shamrocks (green), Hyacinths (blue), and Violets (purple). These colors map on the colors of the chakras rising from the base of the spine (red), through the crown chakra (purple/violet). I collated the poems into chapters by earmarking each poem for its matching chakra as follows:

Rose Mallow (red/orange: root chakra) — Issues of survival, life, death, and sex.
Hollyhocks (yellow: solar plexus chakra) — Issues of control, politics,coercion, complementary relationships.
Shamrocks (green: heart chakra) — Issues of the heart, love, romance, caring.
Hyacinths (blue: throat chakra) — Issues of the throat, talking, philosophies, dogma, teachings.
Violets (violet: crown chakra) — Issues of spirituality, God, afterlife, religious experiences.
After reading the poems from beginning to end, my answer is, yes. Without explanation, there appearred to me to be a progression through the chakras that pulled me through to the end of the book and gave it a unity of theme amid a prolificacy and prolixity of content.

Thus I can earthily insist with a hearty voice that your spiritual nature will enjoy this collection of poems by a not-yet-famous-on-Mars poet. He promises and delivers "raw poems sans explanation". I stop here ere I stumble further into that error-fraught mine-field of explanation.