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What do you think of communication?Huh? Sorry, I wasn't listening. . . .

Freedom on the Halfshell

A Collection of Poems on Freedom

Copyright 2002 by Bobby Matherne
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Click Me to Read the Next Poem of Freedom on the Halfshell

Curtains for the Wall

From Budapest to Bucharest
Democracy's in from the West
Communism's on its knees
Heedless of its dictators' pleas
Economies of running free
Dog the heels of history.

In the Eighties' East Germany
It took half a years salary
To buy a color VCR
And a BMW car
Required the riches of a czar.

The Wall fell down
And broke its crown
And all the King's horses
and all the King's men
Couldn't put it together again.
It wasn't hammers and chisels
Or rockets or guided missiles
That transformed the Wall into dust
And turned the Iron Curtain to rust
But seeds of democracy nourished
By flowing tears of the vanquished.

And when the Wall at last disappears
We'll remember over the years -
As the Wall recedes, brick by brick -
Communication did the trick.

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Click Me to Read another Pearl from Freedom on the Halfshell.

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