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Freedom on the Halfshell

A Collection of Poems on Freedom

Copyright 2002 by Bobby Matherne

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Of Thee I Sing

My country is not the United States
My country has no Constitution
My country has no House of Representatives
My country has no Senate
My country has no Supreme Court
My country has no bureaucrats
My country has no police force nor army
My country has no Social Security
My country has no man-made laws
My country has no public property
My country has no public libraries
My country has no federal lands
My country has no Imminent Domain
My country has no coercion
My country has no non-profit organizations

My country existed before all these man-made conventions.
My country ranges
       from the Atlantic to the Pacific,
       from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico,
       from the Columbia River to the Rio Grande.
My country is Sam the shoemaker
       who puts new soles on my feet,
My country is Ms. Kim the dry cleaner lady
       who makes my clothes look new again,
My country is Noemi the maid
       who freshens up my home,
My country is Caroline the masseuse
      who kneads my muscles into shape,
My country is Abdul the auto dealer repair coordinator,
       who sells me new clothes,
My country is Peter the owner,
       whose people serve me at my favorite restaurant,
My country is Renelle who trims my hair,

My country is Manual
       who delivers the daily newspaper,
My country is Guntis my neighbor
       who lends a hand when I need help,
My country is Chris
       who mows and trims our lawn,

My country is my club members
       who provide companionship,

My country is my Good Readers
       whose comments on my writing are like nutrition to this writer,

My country is my adult children
       and the pride and joy they bring to me,
My country is my grandchildren and great-grandchildren
       who teach me to look at the world
       as a child once more.

My country is my wife and my friends
      who remind me of all the things
      I've still to learn.

My country is all these:


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Counselor? Visit the Counselor's Corner for Suggestions on Incorporating Doyletics in Your Work.
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