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Flowers of Shanidar
Second Edition


Bobby Matherne

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The Dawn of Consciousness Over 60,000 Years Ago
In a small dark cave in the hills of Northern Iraq near the Turkish border the excavator Ralph Solecki found in 1960 the bones of a young man placed in the recess between two large boulders. Analysis of the remains from the cave of Shanidar determined that the burial occurred over 60,000 years ago.

Soil samples collected near the bones were only analyzed several years later and produced a quite unexpected result. Ordinarily a small random assortment of pollen grains would be found in funereal soil samples, but the Shanidar soil analysis revealed thousands of pollen grains from wild flowers of the region. Flowers of rose mallow, hollyhocks, hyacinths, and other indigenous varieties of flowers had been systematically collected and transported to the cave of Shanidar as a funerary tribute.

Astonished, the scientists were confronted with the earliest known evidence of a burial ritual. From the very dawn of mankind a message had come down to us, written in pollen grains from the flowers of Shanidar, of the birth of a new consciousness - the consciousness of death.

How far have we progressed in the knowledge of ultimate destinations in the 600 centuries since that funeral celebration? As we stand before the door to the new millennium, do we dare to knock? Are we ready for the new flowers of Shanidar and the birth of consciousness that will surely accompany our passage into that new era?

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Words of praise from a buyer of Flowers of Shanidar : "I have spent most of my free time so far reading The Spizznet File and Flowers of Shanidar. Both have totally blown me away! I read ‘spizznet' twice in one day --- found it most enthralling. You have an unusual way of writing that I find very refreshing. Thanks for letting me read it! !" Fran Verhoef, Australia

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