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Dolphin -- Watercolor by Grandson Chris Bayhi [at 8 yrs old]Old Man Watching Dolphin: Acrylic by MGM BayhiDolphin -- Watercolor by Grandson Chris Bayhi [at 8 yrs old]


An Adventure in Inter-Species Communication


Bobby Matherne


Chapter 12: The Longer Resurrection

[©1997 by Bobby Matherne]

We Dolphin People, by virtue of our being able to study Human People's dreams, have come to understand the nature of time in a way that we might otherwise have never understood.

For this we are truly grateful. We have come to understand that it was one of our reasons for searching for the means to communicate with Human People for many thousands of years.

Human People understand time as a flowing point between the past and the future called the present. You are convinced that you can have memories of things that have happened in the past, but that you cannot have access to the future because it has not happened yet. Is that a correct statement of the Human People's understanding of time?

"Yes, it is," the ICN commentator replied.

What We Dolphin People came to realize was that memories consist of signals coming both from the past and the future -- that remembering the future was as natural as remembering the past. There are not two processes as you understand them, memory and imagination, but only one process, namely memory -- but it is memory that accesses both the past and the future.

Memory of the future works about as well as memory of the past: the nearer to the present time, the more accurate it tends to be. Like memories of the past, memories of the future are only selected memories, usually triggered by something currently happening.

The triggering event acts like a retrieval request for the memory. One major difference between past and future memories is that, with conscious access to memories of the past, it is possible to call a pre-selected memory upon command. Without conscious access to memories of the future, one can only recall memories of the future that are triggered by something currently happening. The more significant the future event to one's life, the more likely the future event will register on one's perceptions.

"Can you give us an example of how a memory of the future might work?" the ICN announcer asked.

Yes, suppose a Human female has been looking a long time for a piece of jewelry, like a ring. This ring is to be a symbol of her love for her husband, a wedding ring. One day she places a ring on her finger and it literally glows in her eyes and she feels a shiver pass up her spine. She is remembering the future -- a future in which she will be wearing that ring everyday for many, many years. The special look of the ring, only she could see because it was she that was going to be wearing the ring. Memories of the future may activate in any of one's senses: it may be a visual alteration, a feeling (like the shiver), a smell, or even a taste in one's mouth. It may be a unique combination of all of these.

"Thank you, I think I understand."

Let us continue. Since life is a continuum, at any point that one examines life, the issues currently active are the result of previously accessed memories of the future that have unconsciously activated interest in the present issues. By observing that "previously accessed memories of the future" exist in the past, as you currently know it, you can begin to see how inextricably bound together are the memories of the past and future, and to appreciate how difficult it has been to separate them, up until now.

In addition, we Dolphin People have discovered that neither the future nor the past are fixed things, but each exists as probabilities of existence. Both the past and the future are mutable in one's individual life and by extension to the entire culture, be it Dolphin or Human People culture.

One might ask how written history can change -- after all the words do not change. What does change is consciousness, which is constantly evolving. As a result of the evolution of consciousness, the meanings that you ascribe to written words change every century or so, even though the words have remained constant.

One simple example is the widely accepted belief among large groups of Human People for thousand of years that God created the world about seven thousand years before their time. That version of the earth's past was replaced over a century ago by a newer version that involves over three billion years of earth's past. The current version of your time, your era, will likewise be altered in the coming years.

The everyday realities you currently experience will be but a dim memory, only a probable past, of some future time.

It was several thousand years ago when the Great Dolphin called asTart first discovered this remarkable nature of time and reported it to the Dolphin People. AsTart had been studying the dreams of a particular Human who lived on the land near the end of the great Middle Earth sea.

The Great asTart began noticing that the decisions the Human made during the day seemed to be based on the dreams the Human had dreamed the night before. Some of the dreams contained images from the past that asTart was familiar with. The Human lived for thirty-three years and asTart reported in detail his remarkable feats during the last three years of his life.

The Human, called Ben Josef, by asTart, performed miracles on a daily basis during that time. Here is what asTart recorded: 'I monitored Ben's dreams during part of the night and would note his memories of the future, usually only one or two days in the future. Then, to verify the prediction, I would monitor the dreams of one of Ben's close friends, Jude, who would dream about Ben's activities every night. It was by comparing the two sets of memories, Ben's of the future and Jude's of the past, that I came to understand this beautiful symmetry of the Human People's memory -- their ability to remember both the past and the future.

At first I thought memories of the future were a special ability of the Human People not shared by the Dolphin People. After Ben's death I began to investigate closely my own dreams and found a similar process in us Dolphin People.'

During our training with Dr. Mornay we shared with him asTart's stories about Ben Joseph and he read to us stories from the book you call the New Testament which contains the same stories. We came to understand that the 'Ben Joseph' of asTart's time was the same person the Human People refer to as Jesus the Christ.

"Would you share with us some of these stories?" the ICN announcer asked.

Suddenly the image of a dark-skinned man from the Middle East appeared on the screen. He was standing in front of a cave and shouting, "Lazarus! Come out!" All over the world people stood in a breathless hush as they watched Lazarus shed his shroud and walk naked to Jesus.

The image changed suddenly to a fishing boat in a storm-tossed sea with Jesus on the deck. One of his friends awakened him, they talked, he gestured, and suddenly the stormy sea calmed as if on his command.

Ooh's and Aah's were heard around the world as if in a heavenly chorus. Muslims, Hindus, and Christians alike stopped their everyday chores to watch these eerie newsreels of the life of Christ.

People made runs on the video tape stocks of local stores and every able-bodied VCR was laying down video tracks of the broadcast. Taxis had stopped in the middle of the street and passengers and drivers alike had hurried to the nearest sidewalk TV to watch and listen. If one were to pan back and up from the scene of New York City or London or Rome one would see silent streets with abandoned vehicles everywhere.

Scattered throughout the panoramic view would be clusters of people surrounding TV sets like ants around drops of jelly on the floor. As the broadcast went into the night, from this airy perspective one could see the ubiquitous glow of TV lights reflected off the face of rapt viewers of all ages. Those too young to understand the event watched intensely, intrigued by the strange images and words that held their parents captive.

Everyone's favorite story from the New Testament was portrayed during the broadcast. The adulteress at whom no one would cast the first stone, the wedding at Cana, the Samaritan woman at the well, the Sermon on the Mount, the distribution of the bread and fishes, the Last Supper, the betrayal, Pilate's washing his hands, the carrying of the cross, the crucifixion.

As he hung on the cross, the images of Jesus' early life flooded the screen, his teaching in the temple as a young boy, his working as a carpenter with his father, his memories of his beloved mother, and now people all over the world watched these newsreels of Jesus's life as created by the spizualizations of a group of dolphins from the recorded memories of the Great Dolphin asTart. Suddenly the Dolphin People began to address the Human People directly.

As Jesus looked down from his cross, the Great Dolphin asTart reported: "For the very first time my friend Ben communicated directly to me and not through a dream. He said, 'asTart, Beloved friend of my dreams, I am a Son of God, here to fulfill my destiny. As you are the son of your father in the flesh, so are you also the Son of God in the spirit and you are here to fulfill your destiny. I return briefly to the Light and will return to show you that Spirit transcends the physical body.

'Your destiny, asTart, is to record these images you have received so that some 2,000 years hence, those that have not seen may yet believe, believe in the living Spirit of the Light that inheres in all of humanity.

'By virtue of your recordings, I will return to humankind and you will be the vehicle of my return.'

As soon as Ben finished talking, an immense white light filled my mind for what seemed like an eternity and then suddenly went out.

Darkness everywhere. By instinct I rose to the surface of the Middle Earth Sea and found the afternoon sky a battleground of black clouds and searing white bolts of lightning. I knew my friend Ben was gone. For several days I wandered the sea, barely eating, pondering the meaning of all I had seen. I monitored the dreams of Ben's friends, but their dreams were all of exile, persecution, and death, which only deepened my depression.

One day as I wandered about the sea aimlessly, I heard, 'asTart.' Ben's glowing face appeared to me. He addressed me as though he had never died, 'You were with me when I died on the cross and you are with me now in my resurrection. Remember well all you have seen, for you will be the agent of my longer resurrection.

'But first humankind must undergo an age of darkness for two millennia. When the fishes begin to die in the rivers and seas it will be the signal for the beginning of a new age of enlightenment and Humankind will be ready to live my message again.

'At that time descendants will relay the stories you record for the future generations of humankind. Goodbye, my friend.'

With these words, Ben faded from my view, and I never saw him again, but I began at once to record the images and events of his life. It was a labor of love for me because each memory I recorded brought his image to life for me so that for the remainder of my days Ben was always with me." This is the end of the asTart stories. Are there any questions?

There was a long silence and finally the ICN broadcaster said, "With this direct information from Jesus Christ, the Dolphin People must all be Christians. Is that correct?"

You must understand that just as the Dolphin People encountered the founder of the Christian religion, we also encountered the leaders of the other religions of the world. Our experiences have brought us to understand that the messages of each of the great religions. As a result the Dolphin People are a deeply spiritual people but have no religion as you know it. We are tired now, having kept the promise the Great asTart made to Ben Josef. We sense that you will want us to relay many other stories to you and that will be for another time.

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