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FAQ Aux Page: Ten Frequently Asked Questions about Doyletics and Their Answers

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Here's How Doyletics Users Begin.

Originally posted to The World-Wide Doyletics List, which is devoted to dialogue among doyletics users and researchers.


A member of the World-Wide Doyletics List wrote that he would like me to address all ten of these questions. I will give short answers to them in the hope that my answers and the questions will trigger others of you to share your specific experiences along the lines of the questions.

1. How do I get started?

Go to the Training Exercise at:
Follow the instructions. Ask for help from the List if you have questions.

2. What things can be traced?

Any doyle you want to be rid of forever. When doubt, Trace it out! is my motto.

Are there some things that shouldn't be traced? That is your decision. If you're not sure whether to keep a given doyle or not, don't trace it. Wait till you're sure. Ask for help from the List if you have questions.

3. How do I place my mind at a certain age?

You simply say using the present tense, "I am X years old." where X is the age you will to place your mind at. [This is so simple that many try to improve it and fail at doing the trace as a result.]

4. Is this really age regression with a new name?

Answers: Yes and No

Yes. But it includes a simple approach that doesn't require some "guide" or authority figure who might have their own agenda and lead you astray.

No. It's a simple memory technique for converting doylic memories to cognitive memories that involves no age regression at all.

5. Can children do a speed trace?

Yes. They do them all the time. So do adults. Only they've done it unconsciously (out of their awareness), up until now. Since the advent of doyletics, they'll do it in full awareness from now on. Can you help children to do a speed trace for things like tantrums, anger, and other maladaptive compulsive behaviors. Yes, you bet. My suggestions can be found at:

6. Can elderly people do speed traces when they can't remember what happened yesterday?

BJ, a member of this List, works with Alzheimer's patients and told me that they may lose their memories, but they still love ice cream and other things from their childhood. That evinces the robust existence of doyles in Alz patients. If they have doyles with NO memories, then it's strong evidence that other less handicapped elderly people also have doyles and thus can do doyle traces. Remember: ONLY the doyle needs to be present, not the cognitive memories to do the trace.

7. How can I do a speed trace when I can't remember ANYTHING that happened to me before five?

If the doyle is present that is all you need to recover what happened to you before five. It was the ONLY thing you remember -- the doylic memory. In a speed trace the doylic memory gets converted into the cognitive memory -- that means: After the trace you may recover the full or partial memory which you never had access to before.

8. How do I confirm that the speed trace was successful?

Two answers: Easy and Hard.

Easy: when the trigger for the doyle next occurs, the doyle will not occur. Instead you may remember, "Oh, I traced that doyle." That shows you that you have converted the doylic memory into a cognitive memory. Or you may say, "Oh, I remember when that first happened to me." --- whereas you never remembered before the speed trace.

Hard: some things you trace will disappear and it will never occur to you to notice that they're gone. Or it may take a long time. Like when your wife removes some treasured object from a whatnot shelf without telling you. How long before you notice it's gone? Ans: different lengths of time for different people. Hard to say.

How long does it take YOU to notice that when X happens, Y no longer happens? Subtle. Different for different individuals. Takes great concentration to notice and few bother to spend the effort. Besides, it ain't necessary to do except for weird folks like me who are doyletics researchers.

9. I did a speed trace and nothing happened afterward -- how come?

Probably you encountered the Hard: example from above. Give it time. Try the trace again the next time the doyle comes up. Guess what? If it doesn't ever come up, that's the best sign you did a successful speed trace even though right after the trace your thought was "I did a speed trace and nothing happened afterward -- how come?"

10. How do I keep from re-experiencing birth trauma when I do a speed trace?

Easy -- skip over the birth process completely. Go from "I am one day old" to "I am minus one day old" which means the day before you were born. If minus numbers bother you, try this: "I am now at the day before I was born" etc. Some folks revel in explaining all the interesting effects that happen when they help someone relive birth trauma -- like kicking in walls, retching on the floor, and writhing in pain. I say: Skip over those "interesting" effects. The trace will be just as effective without the histrionics.

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