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Trace History of Olive's Ultra-speed Trace of Decision Reluctance

Using a simple memory tracing technique suggested by the nascent science of Doyletics, Olive (not her real name) was able to remove stopper doyles that created a combination of anxiety, sadness, fear, and confusion that resulted in her being unable to make a decision. In this story the principals use the same technique also useful for curing acrophobia, understanding autism, for removing heaviness in the chest, useful for removing fear of flying, seasickness, butterflies in the stomach, stage fright, and other doyles stored in the amygdala that acts as a red wagon to collect these physical body states.
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Olive's ultra-speed trace: "I don't know." A combination sadness, fear, and confusion. The doyles were tightness in throat, emptiness in stomach, heavy chest [pressure on chest], and tightness of forehead around the eyes. How it happened: after a session, I was driving her to her hairdresser's as it was on my way. Her mother was going to the same hairdresser's and pulled up at a light behind us. I suggested at the start of the long wait at the signal light that Olive jump out of my car and get into the car with her mom. She hesitated. I asked why she didn't do it, and she said, in a very childish voice, "I don't know."

There was a plaintive sound to her voice that touched me, and suddenly I realized that it was a doyle.
"Having a doyle?" I asked. "I don't know." Same plaintive tone.
"Are you five?" [I moved her immediately to the Memory Transition Age of five.] "I don't know." Same tone.
"Are you four?" Same answer, same tone.
"Are you three? "I don't know." Same tone.
"Are you two?" Same response.
"Are you one?" No words, just one big smile.

The trace was over. This took less than a minute total and was done while I was driving in traffic on Highway 23 towards her hairdresser. At the next light, her mom signaled her to get into car with her and she did so without hesitation. When someone is able to do something immediately after a speed trace that they were not able to do before that will trigger their convincer strategy that something real happened during the trace.

This is an example of an ultra-speed trace in which you go immediately to your five-years-old time mark while some doyle is present and hit in quick succession the time marks of: 4, 3, 2, 1, etc. I asked Olive this morning if she'd noticed anything different since doing the trace and she said, "I don't know." But she said it without the plaintive, confused tone and with a smile. I asked her to confirm the age at which the doyle went away and she said, "One" which matched my recording at the time in the rear overleaf of "My Well-Balanced Life on a Wooden Leg," Al Capp's autobiography that I had with me at the time. Here's a scan of my notes written while driving down Highway 23 right after the trace was over.

My notes of the Ultra Speed Trace

This experience shows what can be done once a person has done several speed traces and fully understands the concepts of doyletics. Olive understood that a doyle was present and was able to communicate that to me by re-triggering the doyle or simply noticing that it was still there and responding, "I don't know." One must learn to pay attention to the process rather than the content at times such as those. When one recognizes, whatever the words the one tracing uses, that a doyle is present in them, the ultra trace is ready to begin. My words "Are you five?" was an instruction to her to become five-years-old and test to see if the doyle is still there. She did it and responded with the same doyle as indicated both by her words and the tone of her voice. When I asked, "Are you one?" I got no verbal response at all, rather a great big smile such as one breaks out in when a large weight is lifted from one's shoulders. One is lighter, and the smile comes automatically. The trace was over. Sometime during her second year, between the ages of One and Two, Olive had already learned to say "I don't know." During the original event when the doyle was stored, she was apparently faced with some decision to make that was beyond her ability at the time. Her stomach was empty, her throat constricted, she felt a heaviness in her chest, and a tightness around her eyes and forehead. All the doyles got stored with the stimulus of being asked to make a quick decision. Later, 37 years later, at that stop light, when I asked her why she didn't make a decision, she re-experienced those same doyles and responded with the voice of an almost two-year-old, "I don't know."

I neglected to ask Olive the plausibility question, "What's a likely thing to have happened to you between one and two that would have stored these doyles?" So I will hazard a guess from what I know about Olive's history as a very young child. She had severe bronchitis requiring hospitalization at that age. A likely time for this original event would have been when she was hospitalized with bronchitis. Some nurse or other caregiver came to her to ask if she wanted some particular item and she couldn't think clearly due to the physical problems she had at the time, so she responded, "I don't know." and stored the doyles present in her body at the time.

Remember this MOST IMPORTANT function of the Plausibility Question or PQ:

No need to wait 2 or 3 weeks to find out if the doyle returns. You know immediately that a speed trace has worked because a speed trace transforms a doylic bodily memory into a COGNITIVE memory, and getting plausible explanation for the original event demonstrates immediately that you have done just that: COGNIZED a DOYLE!

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