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Trace History of Valerie
Reaction to Rotten-egg Smell/Taste of Water

Using a simple memory tracing technique suggested by the nascent science of Doyletics, Valerie (not her real name) is able to remove doyles of stomach cramps that were triggered by the smell and taste of the water when she returned to her childhood home.
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This past Saturday, my friend Leroy and his wife Valerie moved back to the New Orleans area after a long absence and moved into a new house across the lake where traces of H2S [hydrogen sulfide] occurs naturally in the water, giving it the distinctive odor and taste of rotten eggs. Most people have no problem with it, but when Valerie said it made her sick when she drank the water the night before, I immediately spotted a doyle and suggested she trace it.

She'd never heard of doyletics before [I only created the name a year ago.], but she was game and in five minutes she had a very fast and effective doyle trace. To ensure that the doyle was present as she placed her mind back at previous ages by saying "I'm 46, and experiencing this doyle." I had her take a sip of the water. This is not necessary if it's an angry feeling that holding you already, for example, but it will help if you try to intensify whatever symptoms of muscle contractions and tensions you feel. For her it was minor stomach cramps, so the water helped keep them there as she traced. Between four and three [her time marks of 4-yrs-old and 3-yrs-old] the cramps went away and we were done.

I then asked her to take a big swallow of water to check once more. It was gone. I asked her for a plausible explanation of what might have happened to her between ages 3 and 4 and she said, "I might have gotten sick, the flu or something while on the coast where the water tastes like this." And her mother would naturally have given her water (with this distinctive taste) which then got stored as a trigger stimulus for this doyle. She noted that if she drank this water during the day, like she was doing during the trace, she only got cramps, but at night she got very sick with vomiting, etc. This is a classic example of doyles affect our well-being and also points out that the signal or stimulus of day/night can also be part of the stimulus. Perhaps at age 3 she began to get sick during the day and was very ill during the night.

One further insight was provided by this case history - it has to do with whether the trace done during the day-time on the doyle of stomach cramps removed the night-time full-blown illness with vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Let's suppose that during the original event at 3.5 years old, Valerie began to get sick with the flu during the day with stomach cramps and drank the water with the foul smell. (I remember in those days, it was very distinct and could turn one's stomach just from the smell of rotten eggs.) During the night, she came down with the full blown flu symptoms, vomiting and all, and her mother gave her some water to drink. Now forty-six years old, she drinks water during the day and gets stomach cramps. She drinks water at night and gets vomiting, diarrhea, and the rest of the symptoms.

Gateway Doyles: will the trace she did during the day, using stomach cramps as the doyle, remove the night-time full-blown illness when she drinks water? I think so, and here's my logic:

The day-time doyle may act as a lead-in or "gateway doyle" to the full-blown night-time illness symptoms and thus the removal of the stomach cramps will prevent the escalating of her symptoms from the stomach cramps into the vomiting, etc. Maybe she didn't drink any water at night back in 1956, and the cramps evoked during the day in 1999 when supplemented by the stimulus of the night- fall led her into the full-blown night-time symptoms. This would explain why it would be possible that tracing the day symptoms would also remove any night-time problems.

There is much yet to be learned about how these cascaded symptoms work, so I offer these observations as a hypothesis of what we later learn from future case studies of doyle traces.

If the night-time symptoms were to arise again, it would be a simple matter of doing another doyle trace to erase them. I will follow-up with her in a couple of days to find out what happened.

June 10, 2000 Follow-up Report: It's been over six months since Valerie did the fifteen minute trace and no return of the problem. Since that time I've given a lot of thought to "gateway doyles" and it seems that it is the presence of these links to more serious doyles that provide the ability for a trace in which the full-blown doyle is never evoked. If the full-blown doyle, the kicking-a-hole-in-the-wall or the vomiting-on-the-floor one, is always triggered by a gateway doyle which is triggered by the stimuli in the person's environment [such as the rotten-eggs smell/taste for Valerie], then the tracing of the gateway doyle would be enough to remove any future occurrences of the full-blown doyle.

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