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Colored Blackboard Drawings 1919-1924 Hand-drawn
Rudolf Steiner

Edited by Walter Kugler
Published by Rudolf Steiner Press in 2003
A Book Review by Bobby Matherne ©2007

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Note: In Steiner's book, Anthroposophy and Inner Life, this footnote appears:
[page 33] The drawings in this volume are reconstructions of those freely drawn by Rudolf Steiner in colored chalks on the blackboard. Some were made progressively but as depicted here they are from the completed sketches. Reproduction in color is impracticable.
This book makes a grand step forward by making practical the first reproduction in full color of the original colored chalk drawings of Rudolf Steiner as he lectured before his audiences. He apparently drew these on large sheets of black paper attached to the blackboard which allowed them to saved for later color reproduction.

When reading and reviewing Steiner Books I check in this book for colored drawings from lectures he gave during the time frame of 1919 to 1924. This allows me to replace the often obscure pen-and-ink drawings in the book I'm working on with these originals. This book of colored drawings done in Rudolf Steiner's own hand is invaluable for Steiner scholars.

Below are pages with drawings redrawn in pen for various books:

Life of the Human Soul, GA#21        (Published by Rudolf Steiner Press in 2016)

Page 63 chalk drawings used on pages 36 and 38:
Page 64 chalk drawings used on pages 55 and 63:
Page 65 chalk drawings used on pages 90 and 91:

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