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How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news. Isaiah 52:7
Good Mountain Press Presents:
Volume 2
A Reader's Journal — Journeys into Understanding

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ARJ Vol 2, Table of Contents by Chapters
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            Chapter 1: Evolution of Consciousness
            Chapter 2: Quantum Reality
            Chapter 3: Psychotherapy
            Chapter 4: Spiritual Science
                        Chapter 4a: Rudolf Steiner
            Chapter 5: Reading for Enjoyment
            Chapter 6: On Writing


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The spires of the St. Louis Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in this country, soars over the centuries old French Quarter and Jackson Square in my hometown, New Orleans. Like Rome, if one would understand New Orleans history, one must take a journey to New Orleans someday. But if one would like to understand New Orleans culture, one must set down roots and live there for the rest of their lives. That is one of my ongoing “Journeys into Understanding” as the subtitle of “A Reader's Journey” says, so I have designed this webpage to give you some visual hints of this journey of mine.

Why another webpage for “A Reader's Journal, Vol. 2”? one might ask. There is already a full chronological list of the reviews that I wrote after I published ARJ Vol. 1 in book form. The reason is to give new readers of ARJ2 a chance to read the reviews by Category. The categories are the Chapter Headings listed at the top of this page.

It is not always practical to acquire books of every author that one is interested in, so I offer these reviews to you, dear Reader, for your reading enjoyment and edification. Through reading these reviews you will be able to accompany me on my journey into understanding — only know this: that your journey will be different than mine because it will be your unique journey into understanding or at least a journey that you and I have taken together. As Orson Scott Card says in his book, Ender's Game in the Introduction:

[page xxv] The story of Ender's Game is not this book, though it has that title emblazoned on it. The story is one that you and I will construct together in your memory. If the story means anything to you at all, then when you remember it afterward, think of it, not as something I created, but rather as something that we made together.

Readers in countries around the world have acquired bound copies of ARJ 1. The reviews that followed the publication of ARJ 1 were posted immediately to the Internet and will remain available in chronological order [newest to oldest] there, with new reviews being added each month. In addition, reviews are being written and posted to A Reader's Treasury, which when completed will contain over 860 reviews of books that I have previously read some 15 to 30 years ago. These books stem from a time before I began writing reviews of books directly I completed them. And, of course, there are the approximately 400 reviews of ARJ 1 that are now posted for reading on-line.

To Keep Up-to-date on Latest ARJ2 and ART Reviews, Click Here. (Send pre-filled email.) Not sure you want to subscribe without reading it first? No problem — we've accommodated you by placing the archived Digests on-line. Click Here.

Volume 2
A Reader's Journal — Journeys into Understanding

Readers Comments

One of the joys being a writer is receiving praise from readers, especially praise that describes one's writing pointedly such as that which filled this email from Sandy Sellers from Ontario, Canada. For his perspicacious critique of my work, we made him an Honored Reader for February 2003. Here's an excerpt from that email in which he talks about my reviews.

Dear Bobby,
I've been visiting your website the last few days and reading your reviews. I am suitably cautioned by what you said in your review of The Closing of the American Mind by Allan Bloom: “a reading of original texts allows one to form a vital understanding of issues that a reading of shallow rehashes of such texts does not."

Your work, of course, could never be considered a “shallow rehash”: it is of a different genre entirely, and seemingly all your own. It has a freshness and honesty born of the entry of your person into the essays. Kind of a "integrating participatory syntopic" style if I had to attach labels.

It is a privilege and inspiration to witness and read these reviews-- outward and visible signs of what I daresay is an intimate spiritual practice. The reviews are simultaneously original creations and simulacrums of the original works. Borrowing upon your metaphor of books, [Books are Lighthouses Erected in the Sea of Time] I sometimes see the collected reviews as providing one mariner's chart of the lighthouses that have been left for us by the authors past and present.

While grazing through the website, I am struck by the extra care you have brought to the presentation of each review. I am thinking of the animation of the Burning Bush, the stained windows of the Gospel writers, the awesome chart on the Two Jesus's with the review of Steiner's St. Luke, and the like. Such things speak to me of a reverence you have for the work and the reader: it all adds a quality of warmth to this all-too-cold Internet.
– Sandy Sellers of Ontario, Canada (2003)

These words came from the author of Blowing Zen:

Bobby, someone forwarded your excellent book review of Blowing Zen. I can't say I've ever seen a more comprehensive and detailed report on any book. You know, when you have to send in an outline of the book to an agent or an editor it often seems more difficult than the actual writing of the book. I would have been well pleased with what you came up with. -- Ray Brooks, California (2003)

These next two emails came from the author of Lewis Creek Lost and Found and Bright Colors, Falsely Seen:

Dear Bobby,
Man, oh man, these reviews just keep getting better and better! Thanks for the Christian Mystery review. I loved hearing you give new meaning to "Good Mountain Review"; I'll think of that mountain of books--and mounting knowledge--from now on.
--- Kevin Dann of Woodstock, Vermont (2003)

A few days later when Kevin got his photo posted in the author's slot at top left of two of his books I've reviewed, I wrote to him with the Subject line: "See Kevin Smile." He wrote back:

Smiling I was when I went to your newly illustrated reviews--not from the photo, but your jaunty reviews. I reread them and found myself getting re-interested in these subjects which had become old news. . .
Thanks for the smiles!

Received this from a good reader in New Orleans:

Just finished reading your review of Steiner's The Christian Mystery. It was fabulous. I want to read the book myself now but think I really grasped a lot from your review. Thank you for this one and all your reviews.
--- Jean Watts of New Orleans, Louisiana (2003)

Here's a comment from a good Reader about my first ever movie review, Beavis and Butthead Do America:
I was wondering where you were going with this --- the Mr. Magoo perception is the first idea that allows B&B to make any acceptable sense. But, I must admit, I had no idea that the point you were going to make would be so short, so sweet, and so alien to the nature of the subject! Good point!
Carol Golden, Florida (1997)


If you read a review by Clicking on a Book in One of the Chapters below and wish to RETURN to the Chapter you were reading from, you MUST Click on the BACK Button of your Browser. [This is different from ARJ1, ART, and the Chronological ARJ2 pages on which when you click the book cover of the review you're reading when done with it, you go to the next review in line.]

Reviews will be sorted within a Chapter: first by Author's Last Name, then by Title.


~^~^~^ Evolution of Consciousness ^~^~^~

Author ( First Name Last Name) Full Title of Book Reviewed
Andrews, Andy The Noticer — Sometimes All a Person Needs is a Little Perspective
Arden, Harvey and Steve Wall Travels in a Stone Canoe
Auel, Jean The Shelters of Stone — Fifth Novel in Earth's Children Series
Barnes, Henry A Life for the Spirit — Rudolf Steiner in the Crosscurrents of Our Time
Barrow, John D. The Artful Universe
Bauby, Jean-Dominique The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Berthier, Francois Reading Zen in the Rocks — The Japanese Dry Landscape Garden
Bloom, Allan The Closing of the American Mind — How Higher Education has Failed Democracy
Bloom, Harold Omens of Millennium — The Gnosis of Angels, Dreams, and Resurrection
Bloomer, Carolyn M. Principles of Visual Perception
Broks, Paul Into the Silent Land — Travels in Neuropsychology
Bruner, Jerome On Knowing — Essays for the Left Hand
Bruner, Jerome The Process of Education
Cahill, Thomas The Gifts of the Jews — How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed the Way Everyone Thinks and Feels
Cahill, Thomas How the Irish Saved Civilization — The Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe
Calvino, Italo If on a winter's night — A Novel
Calvino, Italo Six Memos for the New Millennium
Castaneda, Carlos The Active Side of Infinity
Castaneda, Carlos The Power of Silence
Cheney, Margaret Tesla — Man Out of Time
Chesterton, Gilbert Keith The Man Who Was Thursday
Cleary, Thomas The Human Element — A Course in Resourceful Thinking
Colum, Padraic The Trojan War and the Adventures of Odysseus
Cruse, Don with Robert Zimmer Evolution and the New Gnosis - Anti-establishment Essays on Knowledge, Science, Religion and Casual Logic
Cruttenden, Walter Lost Star of Myth and Time
Damasio, Antonio R. Descartes's Error — Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain
Dann, Kevin A Short Story of American Destiny — 1909 - 2009
Dann, Kevin Expect Great Things: The Life and Search of Henry David Thoreau
Dann, Kevin Bright Colors, Falsely Seen — Synaesthesia & Search for Transc. Knowledge
Dann, Kevin Lewis Creek Lost and Found
Edelman, Gerald M. Bright Air, Brilliant Fire — On the Matter of Mind
Edelman, Gerald M. The Remembered Present
Edinger, H. G. Thucydides — Speeches of Pericles[Translated by, Introduction by, Notes by and Comments by]
Eiseley, Loren The Star Thrower — Introduction by W. H. Auden
Elbow, Peter Embracing Contraries — Explorations in Learning and Teaching
Eisentein, Charles The Yoga of Eating - Transcending Diets and Dogma to Nourish the Natural Self
Forbes, Edna Exit to Reality
Keller, Evelyn Fox A Feeling for the Organism — Life and Work of Barbara McClintock
Frankfurt, Harry G. On Bullshit
Frankfurt, Harry G. The Reasons of Love
Galambos, Andrew Joseph Sic Itur Ad Astra — This is the Way to the Stars, Volume 1
Griffiths, Paul E. What Emotions Really Are
Handler, Lowell Twitch and Shout - A Touretter's Tale
Hayek, Friedrich A. [edited by and intro] Capitalism and the Historians
Heath, Spencer Citadel, Market, and Altar
Hugill, Andrew 'Pataphysics — A Useless Guide
Hilts, Philip J. Memory's Ghost — the Nature of Memory and the Strange Tale of Mr. M.
Horgan, John The End of Science
Booth, Martin The Doctor and the Detective — A Biography of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Johnson, Mark The Body in the Mind — The Bodily Basis of Meaning, Imagination, & Reason
Khema, Ayya Being Nobody Going Nowhere
Kipp, Friederich Childhood and Human Evolution
Kohl, Herbert I Won't Learn from You — and other Thoughts on Creative Maladjustment
Langer, Ellen Counterclockwise — Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility
LeDoux, Joseph The Emotional Brain
Levin, Benjamin H. To Spit Against the Wind — A Novel about the turbulent Life and Times of Tom Paine
Lodge, David Thinks . . . (A Novel on Consciousness)
Lowman, Joseph Mastering the Techniques of Teaching
Margolis, Howard Paradigms and Barriers — How Habits of Mind Govern Scientific Beliefs
Marriott, Edward The Lost Tribe — A Harrowing Passage into New Guinea's Heart of Darkness
Matherne, Bobby Art is the Process of Destruction
Matherne, Bobby Doyletics — Basic Theory
Matherne, Bobby The Childhood of Humanity
Matherne, Bobby The SPIZZNET File — An Adventure in Inter-species Communication
Maeterlinck, Maurice The Life of the Bee
May, Rollo The Courage to Create
McConkey, James The Anatomy of Memory — An Anthology
McGonigal, Jane Reality Is Broken — Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World
McWhorter, John Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue — The Untold History of English
Montagu, Ashley Touching — The Human Significance of the Skin
Niffenegger, Audrey The Time Traveler's Wife — A Novel
Panek, Richard Seeing and Believing — How the Telescope Opened Our Eyes and Minds to the Heavens
Pollack, Robert The Missing Moment — How the Unconscious Shapes Modern Science
Paulos, John Allen I Think, Therefore I Laugh — An Alternative Approach to Philosophy
Paulsen, Michael and Kenneth Feldman Teaching & Learning in the College Classroom
Perrin, Warren Acadian Redemption — From Beausoleil Broussard to Queen's Proclamation
Petroski, Henry To Engineer Is Human — The Role of Failure in Successful Design (1992)
Petroski, Henry Success Through Failure — The Paradox of Design (2006)
Pribram, Karl (edited by) On The Biology of Learning
Rank, Otto The Trauma of Birth
Rescher, Nicholas Peirce's Philosophy of Science
Roberts, Jane The Magical Approach (A Seth Book)
Rosenfield, Israel The Strange, Familiar, and Forgotten — An Anatomy of Consciousness
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques Emile or On Education
Rusbridger, Alan Play It Again — An Amateur Against The Impossible
Sacks, Oliver Musicophilia — Tales of Music and the Brain
Sacks, Oliver The Island of the Colorblind
Sacks, Oliver Uncle Tungsten — Memories of a Chemical Boyhood
Saint, Steve & Ginny Walking His Trail — Signs of God Along the Way
Sarason, Seymour B. The Challenge of Art to Psychology
Sarte, Jean-Paul The Emotions — Outline of a Theory
Schank, Roger C. Tell Me A Story — A New Look at Real and Artificial Memory
Schlag, Pierre The Enchantment of Reason
Searle, John R. Freedom & Neurobiology — Reflections on Free Will, Language, and Political Power
Searle, John R. The Mystery of Consciousness
Sobel, Dana Galileo's Daughter — A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love
Steiner, Rudolf Steiner The Genius of Language — Observations for Teachers, GA# 299, 6 Lectures in Stuttgart, Dec, Jan 1919, 20
Taleb, Nassim Nicholas The Black Swan — The Impact of the Highly Improbable
Thompson, Morton The Cry and the Covenant
Thompson, William Irwin Coming Into Being
Thucydides — translated by H. G. Edinger The Speeches of Pericles — Milestones of Thought
Tilly, Charles WHY? — What happens when people give reasons . . . and why
Turner, Dan Twillinger's Voyage
John Updike Just Looking — Essays on Art
Kaisu Viikari M.D. Ph.D. The Struggle: Never to Be Forgotten
Kaisu Viikari M.D. Ph.D. Ocular Accommodation Strain — How Close Work Impairs Health
Zajonc, Arthur Catching the Light
Zeig, Jeffrey K. Experiencing Erickson — An Introduction to the Man and his Work

~^~^~^ Quantum Reality ^~^~^~

Author ( First Name Last Name) Full Title of Book Reviewed
  Edelglass, Stephen               The Physics of Human Experience   ;
  Edelglass, Stephen and Georg Maier, Hans Gebert, John Davy      The Marriage of Sense and Thought — Imaginative Participation in Science   
  Pylkkänen, Paavo          Mind, Matter, and the Implicate Order
  Rosenblum, Bruce and Fred Kuttner          Quantum Enigma — Physics Encounters Consciousness

~^~^~^ Psychotherapy ^~^~^~

Author ( First Name Last Name) Full Title of Book Reviewed
Abel, Alan How To Thrive on Rejection
Farrelly, Frank and Jeff Brandsma Provocative Therapy
Folensbee, Rowland W. The Neuroscience of Psychological Therapies
Freud, Sigmund Dora: An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria
Happé, Francesca Autism — An Introduction to Psychological Theory
Hayman, Ronald A Life of Jung - A Biography
Hesse, Hermann Demian — The Story of a Youth
Kast, Verena Joy, Inspiration, and Hope
Layard, John The Lady of the Hare — A Study of the Healing Power of Dreams
Lazarus, Richard S. and Bernice N. Passion & Reason — Making Sense of Our Emotions
Meier, C. A. The Unconscious in its Empirical Manifestations, Vol I of Psychology of C. G. Jung
Sacks, Oliver The Mind's Eye
Watzlawick, Paul The Situation Is Hopeless, But Not Serious
Williams, Donna Nobody Nowhere

~^~^~^ Spiritual Science ^~^~^~

Author ( First Name Last Name) Full Title of Book Reviewed
Aitken, Robert A Zen Wave — Basho's Haiku & Zen
Al-Ghazzali The Alchemy of Happiness
Bittleston, Adam The Lord's Prayer — Essay on Rudolf Steiner from "The Golden Blade" 1964
Brooks, Ray Blowing Zen — Finding An Authentic Life
Brooks, Ray The Shadow That Seeks the Sun — A Story About Yogis, Bhogis, and an Unexpected Encounter
Chadwick, David (edited by) To Shine One Corner of the World — Moments with Shunryu Suzuki as told by students
Cruse, Don with Robert Zimmer Evolution and the New Gnosis — Anti-establishment Essays on Knowledge, Science, Religion and Casual Logic
Cruse, Don GUEST ESSAY: Karl Popper and Owen Barfield and the Embattled Ideal of an Open Society
Douglas-Klotz, Neil The Hidden Gospel — Decoding the Spiritual Message of the Aramaic Jesus
Eiseley, Loren The Night Country
Finaldi, Gabriele et al The Image of Christ — An Exhibition at The National Gallery London 26 Feb — 7 May 2000
Hall, Manly P. The Most Holy Trinosophia of Comte de St.-Germain
Hopkins, Gerard Manley Hopkins — The Mystical Poet
Kaine, Kristina GUEST ESSAY: "Michaelmas" A Talk given to Briar Hill Primary School in Australia
Kaine, Kristina Guest Essay: Third Sign in the Gospel of St. John [5:1-18], Healing the Invalid — Go and Sin No More
Kaine, Kristina Guest Essay: Dancing with the I Am — Meditation on the Eighth Beatitude using St John's Gospel
Kaine, Kristina I Connecting — The Soul's Quest
Khan, Hazrat Inayat Vol I: The Sufi Message — The Way of Illumination; The Inner Life; The Soul, Whence and Whither?; Purpose of Life
Khan, Hazrat Inayat Vol II: The Mysticism of Sound: The Power of the Word and Cosmic Language (TO BE ADDED)
Khan, Hazrat Inayat Vol IV: Healing
Khan, Hazrat Inayat Vol VIII: Sufi Teachings
Markides, Kyriacos C. Fire in the Heart — Healers, Mystics, and Sages
Moore, Thomas Care of the Soul — A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life
Megre, Vladmir Anastasia — The Ringing Cedars Series Book 1
Megre, Vladmir The Ringing Cedars of Russia — The Ringing Cedars Series Book 2
Megre, Vladmir The Space of Love — The Ringing Cedars Series Book 3
Megre, Vladmir Co-creation — The Ringing Cedars Series Book 4
Megre, Vladmir Who Are We? — The Ringing Cedars Series Book 5
Megre, Vladmir The Book of Kin — The Ringing Cedars Series Book 6
Megre, Vladmir The Energy of Life — The Ringing Cedars Series Book 7
Megré, Vladmir The New Civilization — Book 8.1 of The Ringing Cedars Series
Needleman, Jacob. A Little Book on Love — A Wise and Inspiring Guide to Discovering the Gift of Love
Nesfield-Cookson, Bernard The Mystery of the Two Jesus Children & Descent of the Spirit of the Sun
Nichols, Kathleen Morning Glories — Poetry and Prose to Touch Your Heart
O'Donohue, John Anam Cara A Book of Celtic Wisdom
Ovason, David The Two Children — A Study of the Two Jesus Children in Literature and Art
Paul, Shale The Warrior Within — A Guide to Inner Power
Prokofieff, Sergei O. The Mystery of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist at the Turning Point of Time
Rabey, Steve In the House of Memory — Ancient Celtic Wisdom for Everyday Life
Sardello, Robert Love and Soul
de Saint-Euxpéry, Antoine The Little Prince
Schucman, Helen A Course in Miracles — Volume One: Text
Schucman, Helen A Course in Miracles — Volume Two: Workbook
Schuller, Robert Harold Move Ahead with Possibility Thinking — A Practical and Spiritual Challenge to Change Your Thinking and Your Life
Shah, Amina The Tale of the Four Dervishes of Amir Khusru as retold by Amina Shah
Sudo, Philip Toshio Zen Computer
Walton, Solana Letters Through the Veil — A True Story
Waterfield, Robin Prophet — The Life and Times of Kahlil Gibran
Walton, Solana Letters Through the Veil — A True Story

~^~^~^ Rudolf Steiner Related Spiritual Science Reviews ^~^~^~

Author ( First Name Last Name) Full Title of Book Reviewed
Harwood, A. C. The Recovery of Man in Childhood — A Study Rudolf Steiner's Education Work
Ramsbotham, Richard Who Wrote Bacon? — William Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, and James I — A Mystery for the Twenty-first Century
Rittelmeyer, Friedrich Rudolf Steiner Enters My Life
Shepherd, A. P. A Scientist of the Invisible
Smith, Edward Reaugh David's Question "What is Man?" Vol 2 of Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophy & HS
Smith, Edward Reaugh The Burning Bush — Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophy and Christianity
Smith, Edward Reaugh The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved — unveiling the author of John's Gospel
Smith, Edward Reaugh The Incredible Births of Jesus
Smith, Edward Reaugh The Soul's Long Journey — How the Bible Reveals Reincarnation
Belyi, Voloschin & Turgenieff Reminiscences of Rudolf Steiner
Steiner, Rudolf A Way of Self-Knowlege, GA#16
Steiner, Rudolf Agriculture Course, GA#327
Steiner, Rudolf Angels — Selected Lectures
Steiner, Rudolf An Esoteric Cosmology: Evolution, Christ & Modern Spirituality, GA#94, 18 Lectures in Paris in May, June 1906
Steiner, Rudolf An Occult Physiology, 8 Lectures in Prague, March 20-28, 1911
Steiner, Rudolf An Outline of Occult Science — Chapters 1, 2, 3 Nature of Humankind
Steiner, Rudolf An Outline of Occult Science — Chapters 4 — Evolution of the Cosmos and Humankind
Steiner, Rudolf (Work in Progress) An Outline of Occult Science — Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8 — Initiation, Future of Evolution, Misc.
Steiner, Rudolf Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts — Anthroposophy as a Path of Knowledge
Steiner, Rudolf Anthroposophy — A Fragment
Steiner, Rudolf Anthroposophy and Inner Life, Anthroposophy and Inner Life 9 Lectures, Dornach, Jan-Feb, 1924, GA#234
Steiner, Rudolf Approaches to Anthropsophy, GA#35 , Human Life from the Perspective of Spiritual Science
Steiner, Rudolf Approaching the Mystery of Golgotha, GA#152 Ten Lectures in 1913, 1914
Steiner, Rudolf Architecture As a Synthesis of the Arts, GA#286, 8 Lectures in Berlin & Dornach, 1913, 14 Plus 6 Fragments and Articles
Steiner, Rudolf Art as Seen in the Light of Mystery Wisdom, GA#275, 8 Lectures in Dornach, Dec-January, 1914/15
Steiner, Rudolf At Home in the Universe — Exploring our Suprasensory Nature-5 HagueTalks
Steiner, Rudolf Atlantis — The Fate of a Lost Land and Its Secret Knowledge
Steiner, Rudolf Awake! For the Sake of the Future, GA#220 — 12 Lectures in Dornach, Jan. 5 — Feb. 28, 1923
Steiner, Rudolf Background to the Gospel of St. Mark — 13 Lectures in Germany in 1910-1911
Steiner, Rudolf Balance in Teaching, GA#302a, 7 Lectures in Stuttgart in 1920, 23
Steiner, Rudolf Becoming the Archangel Michael's Companions, GA#217, 13 lectures in Stuttgart Oct. 3-15, 1922
Steiner, Rudolf Bees — 8 Lectures in Dornach in 1923
Steiner, Rudolf Broken Vessels — The Spiritual Structure of Human Frailty, GA#318
Steiner, Rudolf Building Stones for an understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha
Steiner, Rudolf Chance Providence and Necessity — 8 Lectures in Dornach in 1915
Steiner, Rudolf Christ and the Spiritual World and the Search for the Holy Grail, GA#149
Steiner, Rudolf Christianity as Mystical Fact
Steiner, Rudolf Colour, GA#291 — 12 lectures in Dornach 1914 to 1924
Steiner, Rudolf Cosmic and Human Metamorphoses — 7 lectures in Berlin 1917
Steiner, Rudolf Cosmic Memory — The Prehistory of Earth and Man
Steiner, Rudolf Cosmic New Year, GA#195 — 5 lectures in Stuttgart Dec 21, 1919 to Jan 1, 1920
Steiner, Rudolf Cosmosophy, Volume 1, Cosmic Influences on the Human Being
Steiner, Rudolf Cosmosophy, Volume 2, Cosmic Influences on the Human Being
Steiner, Rudolf Deeper Secrets of Human History in the light of the Gospel of St. Matthew
Steiner, Rudolf Discussions with Teachers, GA#295 , 15 Discussions at Stuttgart Waldorf School, 1919
Steiner, Rudolf Disease, Karma, and Healing, GA#107, Spiritual-Scientific Inquiries into the Nature of the Human Being
Steiner, Rudolf Earthly Knowledge and Heavenly Wisdom — 9 Lectures in Dornach in February, 1923, GA#221
Steiner, Rudolf The East in the Light of the West, The Children of Lucifer and the Brothers of Christ, GA#113
Steiner, Rudolf Education and Modern Spiritual Life — Twelve Lectures in England, 1923
Steiner, Rudolf Education as a Force for Social Good — GA#'s 296, 192, 330, 331
Steiner, Rudolf Education for Adolescents, GA#302
Steiner, Rudolf Extending Practical Medicine — Co-author: Ita Wegman
Steiner, Rudolf Faith, Love, Hope: The Third Revelation to Mankind — 2 Lectures in Nuremburg, Dec. 2&3 1911
Steiner, Rudolf Founding a Science of the Spirit — 14 Lectures in Stuttgart, Aug-Sept, 1906, GA#95
Steiner, Rudolf Four Mystery Dramas
Steiner, Rudolf Freud, Jung, & Spiritual Psychology, GA#s 178, 143, 205
Steiner, Rudolf From Jesus To Christ — 10 Lectures in Karlsruhe, October 1911
Steiner, Rudolf From Crystals to Crocodiles
Answers to Questions, 10 Sessions in Dornach, August to September, 1922
Steiner, Rudolf From Comets to Cocaine (Q&A on Health & Illness)
Answers to Questions, October 1922 to February, 1923
Steiner, Rudolf From Limestone to Lucifer — Answers to Questions — 10 discussions February to May, 1923
Steiner, Rudolf From Mediums to Mammoths — Answers to Questions, 16 Sessions in Dornach, May to September, 1923
Steiner, Rudolf From Elephants to Einstein — Answers to Questions — 10 discussions January to February, 1924
Steiner, Rudolf From Beetroot to Buddhism
Answers to Questions, March to June, 1924
Steiner, Rudolf From Sunspots to Strawberries — Answers to Questions, June to September, 1924
Steiner, Rudolf From Symptom to Reality in Modern History, GA#185 — ~ 9 Lectures given in Dornach from Oct. 18, 1918 to Nov. 3, 1918
Steiner, Rudolf Fruits of Anthroposophy
Steiner, Rudolf Genesis — Secrets of Creation, 11 Lectures, Munich, Aug 16-20, 1920, GA#122
Steiner, Rudolf Goethe's Theory of Knowledge — A Book, GA#2
Steiner, Rudolf Guidance in Esoteric Training — Talks & writings 1903-1913, GA#245
Steiner, Rudolf Guardian Angels — Connecting with our Spiritual Guides and Helpers
Steiner, Rudolf Harmony of the Creative Word, GA#230 — The Human Being and the Elemental, Animal, Plant and Animal Kingdoms, 12 Lectures in Dornach, Oct. 19-Nov. 11, 1923
Steiner, Rudolf How Can Mankind Find the Christ Again? — 8 Lectures in Dornach in 1918-9
Steiner, Rudolf How the Spiritual World Projects into Physical Existence, GA#150 — ~ The Influence of the Dead ~ 10 Lectures in Europe, Jan to Dec, 1913
Steiner, Rudolf Human and Cosmic Thought
Steiner, Rudolf Human Values in Education, GA#310 , 10 Lectures in Arnmeim, Holland on July 17-24, 1924
Steiner, Rudolf Illness and Therapy, GA#313, Spiritual-Scientific Aspects of Healing
Steiner, Rudolf Initiation Science and the Development of the Human Mind, GA#228
Steiner, Rudolf Inner Reading and Inner Hearing — Achieving Being in the World of Ideas, GA#156, 12 Lectures, Dornach in Dec. 1914
Steiner, Rudolf Introducing Anthroposophical Medicine, GA#312, Lectures 1&2, Dornach on March 21, 22, 1920
Steiner, Rudolf Introducing Anthroposophical Medicine, GA#312, Lectures 3 to 7, Dornach on March 23 to 27, 1920
Steiner, Rudolf Jeshu ben Pandira, Who Prepared the Way For Understanding of Christ Impulse
Steiner, Rudolf Karmic Relationships — Esoteric Studies, Volume 1
Steiner, Rudolf Karmic Relationships — Esoteric Studies, Volume 2
Steiner, Rudolf Karmic Relationships — Esoteric Studies, Volume 3
Steiner, Rudolf Karmic Relationships — Esoteric Studies, Volume 4
Steiner, Rudolf Karmic Relationships — Esoteric Studies, Volume 5 (parts of GA230, see KR7)
Steiner, Rudolf Karmic Relationships — Esoteric Studies, Volume 6, also includes GA235, 236
Steiner, Rudolf Karmic Relationships — Esoteric Studies, Volume 7 (parts of GA239, see KR5)
Steiner, Rudolf Karmic Relationships — Esoteric Studies, Volume 8
Steiner, Rudolf Learning to See into the Spiritual World
Steiner, Rudolf Life Between Death & Rebirth
Steiner, Rudolf Life of the Human Soul and its Relation to World Evolution, GA#212
Steiner, Rudolf Macrocosm and Microcosm
Steiner, Rudolf Man and the World of Stars
Steiner, Rudolf Man as a Being of Sense and Perception, GA# 206
Steiner, Rudolf Man in the Light of Occultism, Theosophy, and Philosophy
Steiner, Rudolf Man in the Past, Present and Future andThe Sun-Initiation and Moon Science of the Druid Priest
Steiner, Rudolf Manifestations of Karma, GA#305, 11 Lectures in Hamburg, May, 1910
Steiner, Rudolf Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy
Steiner, Rudolf Michaelmas and the Soul-Forces of Man — 4 Lectures in Vienna in 1923
Steiner, Rudolf Mystery Knowledge and Mystery Centres, GA#232 — 14 Lectures in Dornac, Switzerland, Nov 23 to Dec 23, 1923
Steiner, Rudolf Mystery of the Universe, GA#201 — The Human Being, Image of Creation
Steiner, Rudolf Mysticism at the Dawn of the Modern Age
Steiner, Rudolf Necessity and Freedom — 5 Lectures in Berlin in 1916
Steiner, Rudolf Nutrition and Stimulants
Steiner, Rudolf Occult History — Historical Personalities & Events in the Light of Spiritual Science, GA#126, 6 Lectures, Stuttgart, 1910-1911
Steiner, Rudolf Old and New Methods of Initiation, GA#210, 14 Lectures Dornach, etal, in Jan, Feb, March, 1922
Steiner, Rudolf Physiology and Healing, GA#314 Treatment, Therapy and Hygiene
Steiner, Rudolf Reincarnation and Karma
Steiner, Rudolf Riddles of the Soul — A Book from 1917, GA 21
Steiner, Rudolf Rudolf Steiner in the Waldorf School, GA#298
Steiner, Rudolf The Roots of Education, GA#309 — 5 Lectures, April 13 — 17, 1924 in Bern, Switzerland
Lindenberg, Christoph Rudolf Steiner — A Biography
Steiner, Rudolf Secret Brotherhoods and the Mystery of the Human Double — Lectures in Switzerland, November, 1917
Steiner, Rudolf Secrets of the Threshold — 8 Lectures in Munich, August, 1913
Steiner, Rudolf Self-Consciousness — The Spiritual Human Being 1921 Lectures in Oslo
Steiner, Rudolf Social Issues Meditative Thinking & the Threefold Social Order, GA# 334
Steiner, Rudolf Soul Economy Body, Soul, and Spirit in Waldorf Education — 16 Lectures in Dornach, Dec, Jan 1921, 22
Steiner, Rudolf Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature
Steiner, Rudolf Spiritual Science as a Foundation for Social Forms, 18 Lectures Aug-Sept, 1920
Steiner, Rudolf The Ahrimanic Deception — Lecture in Zurich, ct. 27, 1919
Steiner, Rudolf The Apocalypse of St. John — 12 Lectures in Nuremberg, in June, 1908
Steiner, Rudolf The Archangel Michael (also contains GA# 68, 194, etal)
Steiner, Rudolf The Book of Revelation — lectures to 57 priests in Sept, 1924
Steiner, Rudolf The Boundaries of Natural Science — [foreword by Saul Bellow]
Steiner, Rudolf The Bridge Between Universal Spirituality and the Physical Constitution of Man, GA#202
Steiner, Rudolf The Child's Changing Consciousness as the Basis of Pedagogical Practice, GA#306
Steiner, Rudolf The Challenge of the Times, GA#186
Steiner, Rudolf The Connection Between the Living and the Dead, GA#168
Steiner, Rudolf The Christian Mystery
Steiner, Rudolf The Dead Are With Us, GA#182
Steiner, Rudolf The Destinies of Individuals and of Nations
Steiner, Rudolf The Easter Festival — Evolution of the Mysteries, GA#233a, 4 Lectures, Dornach 1924
Steiner, Rudolf The Education of the Child — Early Lectures on Education [1906-1911]
Steiner, Rudolf The Education of the Child in the Light of Anthroposophy — An Essay in 1909 (Including in the Above Book in this list as its first Lecture.)
Steiner, Rudolf The Effects of Esoteric Development
Steiner, Rudolf The Esoteric Aspect of the Social Question, GA#193, The Individual and Society
Steiner, Rudolf The Essentials of Education, GA#308 , Lectures in Stuttgart, April, 1919
Steiner, Rudolf The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness, GA#177 — 14 Lectures in Dornach in 1917
Steiner, Rudolf The First Class of the Michael School
Steiner, Rudolf The Fifth Gospel — From the Akashic Record
Steiner, Rudolf The Foundations of Human Experience — 14 Lectures in Dornach, Aug. to Sept. 1919 GA# 293
Steiner, Rudolf The Four Sacrifices of Christ — Lecture in Basel, June 1, 1914, GA# 152
Steiner, Rudolf The Gospel of St. John [Hamburg]
Steiner, Rudolf The Gospel of St. John in Relation to the other Gospels
Steiner, Rudolf The Gospel of St. Luke
Steiner, Rudolf The Gospel of St. Mark — 10 Lectures in Basel, Switzerland in Sept, 1912
Steiner, Rudolf The Gospel of St. Matthew
Steiner, Rudolf The Healing Process — Spirit, Nature, and Our Bodies, GA#319
Steiner, Rudolf The Influences of Lucifer and Ahriman — (also GA# 193)
Steiner, Rudolf The Influences of Spiritual Beings on Man, GA#102
Steiner, Rudolf The Karma of Untruthfulness, Volume 1, 12 Lectures in Dornach, 1 in Basel, DEC 1916
Steiner, Rudolf The Karma of Untruthfulness, Volume 2, 12 Lectures in Dornach, JAN 1917
Steiner, Rudolf The Karma of Vocation
Steiner, Rudolf The Kingdom of Childhood — Introductory Talks on Waldorf Education
Steiner, Rudolf The Light Course — Ten Lectures in Stuttgart, 1919, 1920
Steiner, Rudolf The Lord's Prayer, GA#96, 97 — An Esoteric Study
Steiner, Rudolf The Mysteries of the East and of Christianity, GA#144
Steiner, Rudolf The Mission of the Spirit
Steiner, Rudolf The Mystery of the Trinity
Steiner, Rudolf The Origins of Natural Science — 9 Lectures in Dornach in 1922-3
Steiner, Rudolf The Philosophy of Freedom, A Study Guide by Tom Last and Bobby Matherne
Steiner, Rudolf The Portal of Initiation, Mystery Drama 1 of 4
Steiner, Rudolf The Soul's Probation, Mystery Drama 2 of 4
Steiner, Rudolf The Guardian of the Threshold, Mystery Drama 3 of 4
Steiner, Rudolf The Presence of the Dead on the Spiritual Path, GA#154 — 7 Lectures in Basel, Berlin, Paris etal, in April, May 1914
Steiner, Rudolf The Principle of Spiritual Economy — 11 Lectures in Germany, etc, in 1909
Steiner, Rudolf The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric, GA#118 etal, A Collection of Lectures about the Second Coming of Christ
Steiner, Rudolf The Redemption of Thinking — Aquinas [Introby A. P. Shepherd etal]
Steiner, Rudolf The Renewal of Education, GA#301
Steiner, Rudolf The Renewal of the Social Organism, Articles written in 1919 and 1920
Steiner, Rudolf The Riddle of Humanity — The Spiritual Background of Human History, Fifteen Lectures in Dornach in 1916
Steiner, Rudolf The Riddle of Man — A Book from 1916 [GA 20]
Steiner, Rudolf The Riddles of Philosophy, Introduction by Fritz C. A. Koelln, GA#18
Steiner, Rudolf The Sense Organs and Destiny — Four Lectures
Steiner, Rudolf The Soul's Awakening, Mystery Drama 4 of 4
Steiner, Rudolf The Spirit of the Waldorf School, GA#297, Lectures in Stuttgart, 1919
Steiner, Rudolf The Spiritual Ground of Education, GA#305
Steiner, Rudolf The Spiritual Guidance of the Individual and Humanity
Steiner, Rudolf The Spiritual Hierarchies and the Physical World — (also GA#132)
Steiner, Rudolf The Sun Mystery & the Mystery of Death and Resurrection, GA#211
Steiner, Rudolf The Tension Between East and West, GA#83
Steiner, Rudolf The Theosophy of the Rosicrucian
Steiner, Rudolf The Threshold of the Spiritual World, A 1912 Book [GA 17]
Steiner, Rudolf The Work of the Angels in Man's Astral Body
Steiner, Rudolf Theosophy, A Book, GA# 9 — An Introduction to the Supersensible Knowledge of the World and the Destination of Man
Steiner, Rudolf Three Lectures on Fairy Tales, Practical Thinking, and Categories From GA#108: 3 of 18 Lectures, in Berlin and Carlsruhe in 1908
Steiner, Rudolf Three Lectures on the Mystery Dramas — In Basel, Sept 1910 and Berlin, Oct 1910, GA#125; and Berlin, Dec 1911, GA# 127
Steiner, Rudolf Toward Imagination — Culture and the Individual — 7 Lectures in Berlin, July, 1916
Steiner, Rudolf Towards Social Renewal — A Book on Rethinking the Basis of Society
Steiner, Rudolf Transforming the Soul, Volume 1, GA#58, — 9 Lectures in Berlin, Oct-Dec 1909
Steiner, Rudolf Transforming the Soul, Volume 2, GA#59, — 9 Lectures in Berlin, Jan-Dec 1910
Steiner, Rudolf True and False Paths in Spiritual Investigation — 11 Lectures in Devon in 1924
Steiner, Rudolf Truth and Knowledge
Steiner, Rudolf Turning Points in Spiritual History — Zarathustra, Hermes, Moses, Elijah, Christ, GA#60, 61
Steiner, Rudolf Universe, Earth, and Man — In their relationship to Egyptian myths, modern
Steiner, Rudolf World History and the Mysteries
9 lectures, Dornach, Dec 1923-Jan,1924, GA#233
Steiner, Rudolf Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy 1 GA#304
9 Lectures, Various Cities 1921-22
Steiner, Rudolf Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy 2 GA#304a&218
12 Lectures, Various Cities 1922-24
Steiner, Rudolf What Has Geology to Say About the Origin of the World? GA#60
One Lecture in Berlin, February 9, 1911
Steiner, Rudolf What Is Anthroposophy? GA#225
3 Lectures, July 20-22, Dornach, GA#225
Steiner, Rudolf What is Necessary in These Urgent Times, GA#196
18 Lectures in Dornach, Jan 9-Feb 22, 1920

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~^~^~^ Reading for Enjoyment ^~^~^~

Author ( First Name Last Name) Full Title of Book Reviewed
Auel, Jean M. The Land of Painted Caves — Sixth Novel in Earth's Children Series
Auster, Paul The Book of Illusions — A Novel
Bailey, John The Lost German Slave Girl — The Extraordinary True Story of Sally Miller and Her Fight for Freedom in Old New Orleans
Bradley, John Ed It Never Rains in Tiger Stadium
Brady, Patricia A Being So Gentle — The Frontier Love Story of Rachel & Andrew Jackson
Banana Yoshimoto NP — A Novel
Bellow, Saul Humboldt's Gift — A Novel
Budhos, Marina The Professor of Light — A Novel
Bullit, Richard The Sufi Fiddle — A Novel
Caponegro, Mary The Star Café and other stories
Capp, Al My Well Balanced Life on a Wooden Leg — Memoir of Al Capp
Carr, Bob Raising Our Children on Bourbon — A French Quarter Love Affair
Carrière, Jean-Claude Please, Mr. Einstein — A Novel
Chopin, Kate The Awakening — An 1899 Novel
Conrad, Joseph The Rover — A Novel
Cook, Elizabeth Achilles — A Novel
Cussler , Clive Flood Tide: A Novel — Volume 4 of Dirk Pitt Adventures
Coupland, Douglas Girlfriend in a Coma — A Novel
Dana, Richard Henry, Jr. Two Years Before the Mast — A Novel
Dann, Kevin Expect Great Things — The Life and Search of Henry David Thoreau
Dann, Kevin The Road to Walden — 12 Life Lessons from a Sojourn to Thoreau's Cabin
Davidson, Robyn Desert Places — A Woman's Odyssey with the Wanderers of the Indian Desert
deGravelles, Charles N. Billy Cannon — A Long, Long Run
Deresiewicz, William A Jane Austen Education — How Six Novels Taught Me about Love, Friendship, and the Things That Really Matter
Davis, Wade Shadows in the Sun — Travels to Landscapes of Spirit and Desire
Dibdin , Michael And Then You Die — An Aurelio Zen Mystery
di Lampedusa , Guiseppe GUEST REVIEW by William D. Reeves: The Leopard — A Homage
Dillard, Annie An American Childhood
Dillard, Annie For the Time Being
Dillard, Annie Holy the Firm
Dillard, Annie Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
Dillard, Annie Teaching a Stone to Talk
Dillard, Annie The Living — A Novel
Dillard, Annie The Maytrees — A Novel
Doerr, Anthony All the Light We Cannot See — A Novel
Doyle, Arthur Conan The Hound of the Baskervilles — A Novel
Dufresne, John Louisiana Power & Light — A Novel
Essex, Karen Stealing Athena — A Novel
Feynman, Richard The Meaning of It All — Thoughts of a Citizen-Scientist [3 1963 Lectures]
Fforde, Jasper The Eyre Affair — Thursday Next Novel No. 1
Fforde, Jasper Lost in a Good Book — Thursday Next Novel No. 2
Fforde, Jasper The Well of Lost Plots — Thursday Next Novel No. 3
Fforde, Jasper Something Rotten — Thursday Next Novel No. 4
Fforde, Jasper First Among Sequels — Thursday Next Novel No. 5
Fforde, Jasper One of Our Thursdays is Missing — Thursday Next Novel No. 6
Fforde, Jasper The Woman Who Died A Lot — A Thursday Next Novel, No. 7
Fforde, Jasper The Last Dragonslayer — Volume 1 of Chronicles of Kazam
Fforde, Jasper The Song of the Quarkbeast — Volume 2 of Chronicles of Kazam
Fforde, Jasper The Eye of Zoltar — Volume 3 of Chronicles of Kazam<
Flammang, James M. etal Cars of the Fabulous '50s — A Decade of High Style and Good Times
Forster, E. M. A Room With a View — A Novel
Golding, William The Double Tongue
Goodrich, Dan Mercury Champagne — A Novel
Geudj, Denis The Parrot's Theorem — A Novel
Harman, William James Come What May — A Novel
Harman, William James An Affair in Berlin — A Novella
Harman, William James Conscience Under Fire — A Novel
Hart, Moss ACT ONE — An Autobiography
Helprin, Mark Winter's Tale — A Novel
Hemingway, Ernest Under Kilimanjaro
James, Henry The Spoils of Poynton — A Novel
James, Henry The Turn of the Screw — A Story
Johnson, Bud The Perfect Season — LSU's Magic Year — 1958
Jones, Diana Wynne Dark Lord of Derkholm — A Novel
Keller, Anna Belle Terre Acadie — The Story of One Family of the Acadian Diaspora
Kundera, Milan Ignorance
Kurson, Robert Rocket Men: The Daring Odyssey of Apollo 8 and the Astronauts Who Made the First Journey to the Moon
Larsson, Stieg The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest — A Novel
Lawson, Robert The Fabulous Flight of Peter and Gus
Leighton, Ralph Tuva or Bust! The Last Journey of Richard Feynman
Lish, Gordon Arcade or How to Write a Novel
Loikas, Vesa Photographs 1986 — 2010
Lish, Gordon Epigraph — A Novel
MacDonald, Hector The Mind Game — A Novel
Malamud, Bernard God's Grace — A Novel
Martel, Yann Life of Pi — A Novel
Matherne, Beverly Lamothe-Cadillac, His Early Life in France Linked Prose Poems in French and English
Matherne, Bobby The Mr. Magoo Duo of the Nineties
Mayle, Peter French lessons — Adventures with knife, fork, and corkscrew
Merrill, Ellen C. Germans of Louisiana
Morrell, Roberta D’Oyly Carte — The Inside Story
Morris, Heather The Tattooist of Auschwitz — A Novel
Mosse, Kate The Winter Ghosts — A Novel
Mowat, Farley Aftermath — Travels in a Post-War World>
Mowat, Farley Lost in the Barrens — A Novel
Mueller, Lisel Alive Together — New and Selected Poems
Mulisch, Harry The Discovery of Heaven — A Novel
Munthe, Axel The Story of San Michele
Murdoch, Iris Something Special — A Story
Newhart, Bob I Shouldn't Really Be Doing This!
Nesbø, Jo The Leopard — A Novel, 2 of 4
Nesbø, Jo The Phantom — A Novel, 3 of 4
Nesbø, Jo The Police — A Novel, 4 of 4
Nesbø, Jo The Snowman — A Novel, 1 of 4
Nesbø, Jo The Thirst — A Novel, 1 of 5
Newman, Paul and A. E. Hotchner Shameless Exploitation In Pursuit of the Common Good
Newman, Stanley with Mark Lasswell Cruciverbalism — Crossword Fanatics Guide to Life in the Grid
O'Leary, Paul Intoxicated by Life — A Memoir of a Dysfunctional Irish-American Family
Paterniti, Michael Driving Mr. Albert, — A Trip Across America with Einstein's Brain
Pilkey, Dav The Adventures of Captain Underpants
Pushkin, Alexander Eugene Onegin, — A Novel in Verse
Raine, Barry Where the River Bends, — A Novel
Remarque, Erich Maria Zeit zu Leben und Zeit zu Sterben, — A Novel (In English, Time to Live, Time to Die)
Rilke, Rainer Maria Sonnets To Orpheus
Roth, Philip The Humbling — A Novel
Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter Book, Audio Tape, Movie
Sacks, Oliver A Leg to Stand On — A Neurography
Sacks, Oliver On the Move — A Life
Sacks, Oliver Gratitude
Saint-Exupéry, Antoine Night Flight — A Novel
Saint-Exupéry, Antoine Southern Mail — A Nove
Saint-Exupéry, Antoine Wind, Sand, and Stars — A Novel
Sanders, Stephen etal Echoes From Other Worlds — An Anthology of Fiction in Two Parts
Sanders, Stephen etal Raising Black Flags — Original Poetry By and About Pirates
Schiff, Stacy Antoine Saint-Exupéry — A Biography
Sendker, Jan-Philipp The Art of Hearing Heartbeats
Slama, Norbert The Memoir of Norbert Slama
Szuter, Eric Unconditional Surrender — Message to Abdullah, A Novel
Thoreau, Henry David A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers
Thoreau, Henry David The Journal of Thoreau — Volume 1 from 1837 to 1847
Thoreau, Henry David The Journal of Thoreau — Volume 2 1850 to September 1851
Thoreau, Henry David The Journal of Thoreau — Volume 3 September 1851 to April 1852
Thoreau, Henry David The Journal of Thoreau — Volume 4 May 1852 to February 1853
Thoreau, Henry David The Journal of Thoreau — Volume 5 March 1853 to November 1853
Thoreau, Henry David The Journal of Thoreau — Volume 6 December 1853 to August 1854
Thoreau, Henry David The Journal of Thoreau — Volume 7 September 1854 to October 1855
Thoreau, Henry David The Journal of Thoreau — Volume 8 November 1855 to August 1856
Thoreau, Henry David The Journal of Thoreau — Volume 9 August 1856 to August 1857
Thoreau, Henry David The Journal of Thoreau — Volume 10 August 1857 to June 1858
Thoreau, Henry David The Journal of Thoreau — Volume 11 July 1858 to February 1859
Thoreau, Henry David The Journal of Thoreau — Volume 12 March 1859 to November 1859
Thoreau, Henry David The Journal of Thoreau — Volume 13 December 1859 to July 1860
Thoreau, Henry David The Journal of Thoreau — Volume 14 August 1860 to November 1861
Turner, Dan Friendly Invasion — A Novel
Twain, Mark Joan of Arc — Personal Recollections by Sieur Louis de Conte
Wagner, Robert J. Pieces of My Heart — A Life    (Written with Scott Eyman)
Waller, Robert James A Thousand Country Roads — An Epilogue to 'The Bridges of Madison County'
Waugh, Evelyn Scoop — A Novel
Waugh, Evelyn The Loved One — A Novel
Weir, Andy The Martian — A Novel
Wright, Camron The Rent Collector — A Novel

~^~^~^ Writing ^~^~^~

Author ( First Name Last Name) Full Title of Book Reviewed
Atwood, Margaret Negotiating with the Dead — A Writer on Writing
Barfield, Owen History in English Words
Barfield, Owen Poetic Diction
Barzun, Jacques Simple & Direct
Collingwood, R. G. An Autobiography
Delbanco, Andrew Required Reading: Why Our American Classics Matter Now
Dillard, Annie Encounters with Chinese Writers
Dillard, Annie Living by Fiction
Dillard, Annie The Writing Life
Emerson, Ralph Waldo Emerson's Selected Journals — Volume 1, 1820-1842
Emerson, Ralph Waldo Emerson's Selected Journals — Volume 2, 1841 - 1877
Empson, William Seven Types of Ambiguity — A Study of Its Effect in English Verse
Gass, William On Being Blue — A Philosophical Inquiry
Goldberg, Natalie Wild Mind — Living the Writer's Life
Goldberg, Natalie Long Quiet Highway — Waking Up in America
Goldberg, Natalie The Great Spring — Writing, Zen, and This Zigzag Life
Goldberg, Natalie Thunder and Lightning — Cracking Open the Writer's Craft
Goldhill, Simon Freud's Couch, Scott's Buttocks, Bronte's Grave — Adventures in Travel
hooks, bell Wounds of Passion — A Writing Life
Goffstein, M. B. My Editor
Jerome, John The Writer's Trade — A Year in the Life of a Writer
Landon, Brooks Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer's Craft
Le Guin, Ursula K. Steering the Craft — Exercises and Discussions on Story Writing for the Lone Navigator or the Mutinous Crew
Lesser, Wendy Nothing Remains the Same — Rereading and Remembering
Lodge, David The Art of Fiction — Illustrated from Classic and Modern Texts
Lodge, David The Practice of Writing
Mairs, Nancy Voice Lessons — On Becoming a (Woman) Writer
Maso, Carole Break Every Rule — Essays on Language, Longing, & Moments of Desire
McCarthy, Mary How I Grew
McCarthy, Mary The Company She Keeps
McCarthy, Mary Ideas and the Novel
Spacks, Patricia Meyer On Rereading
Stein, Gertrude The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas
Walsh, Bill The Elephants of Style — A Trunkload of Tips on the Big Issues and Gray Areas of Contemporary American English
Zinsser, William, Annie Dillard etal Inventing the Truth — The Art and Craft of Memoir by Annie Dillard et al

These books are all about going on. All the way. To our common destination. To which none of us wants to go ignorant and alone. Hence, into the dark, we write.
Nancy Mairs in Voice Lessons

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