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Rhythms of Vision
The Changing Patterns of Belief

Lawrence Blair
Evolution of Consciousness
Published by Warner Books in 1975

A Book Review by Bobby Matherne ©2000


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This book contains several pages about by Rudolf Steiner whose name he consistently misspells as "Rudolph Steiner" - apparently oblivious of the fact that "Rudolph" is only used as a last name in Germany and Austria, never as a first name, which "Rudolf" is. Then he refers to the anti-guru of Krishnamurti, who born in 1920, gave up the guru role the Theosophists put him into at age 21. That would 1941. Then Blair says, "several years later, Steiner left the Theosophical Society" - if that were true, he would have left it some 16 years after he died! Here's the passage where the date confusion takes place:

[page 260] The Theosophical Society fell back in confusion, pondering, and regrouping. [After Krishnamurti quit being a guru at age 21.] It was some years later that another remarkable man, an Austrian Jew named Rudolph (sic) Steiner rose from the ranks of Theosophy to challenge its world-view. Reacting against its 'God-oriented' other-worldliness, Steiner sought to see things from a more practical, man-oriented perspective, and he led the breakaway movement of Anthroposophy, a kind of mystical Humanism which sought to find God within man himself, rather than seeking man within God.

Steiner accepted, and sought to integrate into his spiritual system, every step which science had taken. He was a visionary pioneer in seeing science as corroboration of the existence of spirit, rather than negating it; and his Anthroposophical Movement continues today as a powerful current, with specialised branches in the practical development of the 'subtle' faculties, as well as 'inner' healing and education for both adults and children. As a 'structured' admixture of spiritualism, oriental and pseudo-scientific myth, Anthroposophy - like Theosophy, the 'Work' and other movements - now falls in his heading of Philosophical/Systematic groups.

The first appearance of Steiner's name had an endnote attached to it. Here it is:

[page 312] Rudolph (sic) Steiner's prolific output examines the esoteric basis of almost every area of human endeavor. Whether philosophy, education, colour therapy, or architecture, are (sic) all entered in depth, and you would be well to choose one of his volumes with your subject of interest in the title. Nearly all his works are published by the Anthroposophic Press in New York. For a cogent biography of Steiner see A. P. Shepherd, Scientist of the Invisible (New York: Verry, 1969).

Also note the sentence beginning "Whether philosophy . . ." doesn't make any grammatical sense.


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