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Install a Tummy Pacemaker or Do A Speed Trace
Essay by Bobby Matherne

Family Circus Cartoon(6/16/2004):
Mom: "Hungry?"
Boy: "I'm not, but my tummy is."

I watched with interest an interview with Scott Shikora on FOX NEWS in June, 2004. He was singing the praises of a "Tummy Pacemaker", as he called it, which is designed to help people feel less hungry so they can lose weight.

All that is needed to install it is some surgery which will plant wires in the stomach to turn off the hunger pangs which signal many people that they must eat. Asked about how serious the surgery is, Scott said, "Relatively minor." I relate that to an airplane crash would you willingly choose to be in a "relatively minor" airplane crash? The problem is how do you know it will be "relatively minor"? Do you want to stake your life on the word of a man who's selling a product?

Many people will probably opt for the operation witness the numbers who took Thalidomide, had silicon breast implants, and go from low cal to low fat to low carb diets, ad nauseam. The only diet that really works to maintain one's healthy weight is a "low food" diet. Of course, no corporation can make a profit on such a diet only the person who goes on the diet can profit.

Our body's metabolism slows down when we pass the age of thirty years old.

Ever noticed what happened to your skinny friends when they passed thirty?

When your metabolism slows down, your body requirement for food goes down.

See the problem?

Your body requires smaller quantities of food, but you continue to eat the same amount of food! Naturally, if you do that, you'll gain weight.

Ah, but you may be thinking, "If I eat less, I'll get hungry. I can't just eat less. My stomach will hurt! I'll get this big ache in my stomach if I don't eat a full meal!" Maybe you'd like to submit to Scott Shikora's "relatively minor" surgery and have electrodes installed in your stomach for the rest of your life? Would look great on the beach, huh? No? Well, there's another way to accomplish the same thing without having to carry around wires in your stomach and a pacemaker.

The easiest solution is for you to do a speed trace to remove the hunger pangs, the ache in your stomach if it's empty. If you trace and erase those hunger pangs, you will be able to eat half as much food, remain comfortable (no empty stomach feeling), and gradually attain the healthy weight for you. Once you trace and erase the hunger pangs, you will no longer be like the boy in the Family Circus Cartoon who said, "I'm not hungry, but my tummy is." You will no longer be eating to eliminate the presence of a doylic memory in your stomach because you will have converted the doylic memory into an everyday cognitive memory. Your hunger pangs will be a thing of the past -- which, rightly understood, is what they are.

I did this myself, or I wouldn't be advising you to try it. It's been about five or six years since I traced away my hunger pangs. I lost about twenty pounds and they have stayed off. I still love to eat, but find it easy to stop eating to eat smaller portions than I did before. It also saves me money when we eat out often I will eat only an appetizer as an entree, or soup and a salad, or have only an entree and omit the appetizers, soup, salad, and dessert. I don't feel hungry. I don't feel deprived. And my weight stays around 160, which is an ideal weight for someone 5' 10" of height.

If you've ever been backpacking, you know how tired you become carrying around a twenty-pound pack on your back, don't you? Yet, you're doing this everyday if you are twenty pounds overweight.

Start today. Nothing to buy. Nothing to sign up for. Nobody to call. And most importantly, no electrodes to be inserted into your stomach.

Let's look at what those electrodes do. They are attached to a device which sends electrical signals to your stomach to neutralize the electrical signals sent by your brain which tell you your stomach is empty and aching for some food. Where are those signals originating from in your brain? They come from the limbic system through the hypothalamus, bypassing your neocortex and creating the experience of an ache or pain or emptiness in your stomach. How did those aches and pangs first get in your limbic system? They were stored there before you were five years old! They are physical body states stored before you were five years old by definition, they are doyles. Rightly understood, these unwanted physical body state of hunger pangs are doylic memories, and they will continue to beset you until you convert them into cognitive memories, and the speed trace is designed to allow you to do that quickly and easily.

So, here's your options:

1. Have expensive surgery to have electrodes inserted in your stomach and carry around a pacemaker to eliminate the hunger aches and pangs.

2. Do a speed trace to eliminate the hunger aches and pangs.

If you wish to choose Option 2, The Speed Trace, here's what you do.

A. Learn to do the Speed Trace do a confirmed trace. Go the Training Page for instructions. ( )

B. Begin consciously eating half as much food as you normally do. Arrange this with your spouse so they will understand you're not feeling ill or anything. Ask for their support during your new eating patterns. If they help you or join you, it will be easier for both of you.

C. When you feel very, very hungry, find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed and do a speed trace.

Say: "I'm X (current age) years old, and I'm experiencing this doyle."

This is a true statement the "doyle" refers to the doylic memory of the ache and pangs in your stomach.

Move down the time marks, going down 5 years at a time if you're under 30 and 10 at a time if over 30.

At five, you say, "I'm 5 years old, and I'm experiencing this doyle."

[You must say it in the present tense this is all the signal your brain needs to place it at five years old. Since the doyle was stored before five, it is also a true statement. Some time during your five-year-old life, you experienced this hunger pang doyle.]

Next, say:

"I'm 4 years old, am I experiencing this doyle?"

If the hunger pang is still there, go on down to 3, 2, 1 year old, etc, as described in the Training Exercise.

When it goes away, you're done. Ask the Plausibility Question (PQ):

"What's a plausible thing that could have happened to me at this age (the last time mark you said) that could have stored this doyle in me?"

and pay exquisite attention to whatever pops up into your mind when you think or voice the PQ. Whatever you think about will be your clue as to what happened to store the stomach/hunger pang doyle in you.

And it will be gone forever.

No surgery.

No electrodes.

No batteries to replace.

And when you go the beach, no scars, wires, or pacemaker for the world to notice instead of your new, improved, slender body.

I would be delighted to hear from any of you who accomplish a hunger pang speed trace --- first, as soon as you complete it, and months later how it changed your life.

Bobby Matherne
Principal Researcher,
The Doyletics Foundation

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Remember this MOST IMPORTANT function of the Plausibility Question or PQ:

No need to wait 2 or 3 weeks to find out if the doyle returns. You know immediately that a speed trace has worked because a speed trace transforms a doylic bodily memory into a COGNITIVE memory, and getting plausible explanation for the original event demonstrates immediately that you have done just that: COGNIZED a DOYLE!

~^~ A Lighter, Healthier You is just a Trace Away! ^~^~

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