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Urban Shaman Sergei Kahili King
A Handbook for Personal and Planetary Transformation
Published by Fireside Books, Simon&Schuster in 1990
Book Review by Bobby Matherne ©2002


In this book, King uncorks a potpourri of Hawaiian techniques for use by undercover shamans in western cities. The Hawaiian names of the techniques are a bit hard to memorize, but the techniques are simple and straightforward and easy to perform. They involve energy flow and intention with the occasional assist by some physical object such as a 5" rod metal, a crystal, or a shaped piece of wood. One learns how to heal using one's hands by placing them in two primary positions on another's body. King is careful to point out in the use of physical objects that the intention is more important than the object selected. His use of kekui seeds is a personal preference because the confidence he feel when using them strengthens his intention.

With each exercise he gives examples of how he has used them in his training classes. Some of the experiments are farfetched to the linear, analytic, scientific mind, but they resonate with the concepts of modern quantum physicists, such as Wheeler and Boehm, and the writings of Jane Roberts. King's group effort to move the path of hurricanes matches the concepts detailed in "The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events," a book by Jane Roberts. King explains crystals, pyramids, orgone boxes, magic wands, laying on of hands, and many other arcane areas of humans interacting with their environment for which scientists have yet to agree on explanations.

This is a how-to book that would be best kept at hand to use in everyday situations. The individual exercises could be split out on index cards and put into a recipe file for surviving in the modern world by use of time-tested techniques of Hawaiian shamans.

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