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Study Guide to Insights of Rudolf Steiner


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Original Compilation by Bruce McCausland

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Introduction to Original Guide [by Bruce H. McCausland]

In addition to an alphabetical listing of keywords and phrases from some of the lectures and books of Rudolf Steiner in English, this Study Guide includes short quotations and descriptive comments to help you find the exact passage you're looking for.

It grew from a card file listing started for my own research some years ago. From time to time certain thoughts or observations by Steiner on a particular subject would surface and I had no idea where the exact wording could be found. "What else did he say about that subject? What context was that quote in? What did it relate to?" These and similar questions prompted my card file. This work is therefore not limited to the standard, basic concepts, but also includes thoughts that I wanted to memorialize in this format for my own use. The job of preparing it for publication and enlarging it was inspired by the ambitious bibliographic efforts of J.W. Haslett of Chicago, to whom I am very grateful.

A few words of caution are called for: This listing does not stress the fundamental themes of anthroposophy. A certain basic knowledge on the part of the reader is assumed, i.e. a familiarity with Rudolf Steiner's books Theosophy and An Outline of Occult Science or, minimally, either of his early, introductory lecture cycles, At the Gates of Spiritual Science or Theosophy of the Rosicrucian. It presupposes, at the least, a passing knowledge of Steiner's cosmogony, and of the dual aspect of evil as seen from the human perspective (Lucifer & Ahriman), together with the Path of Christ we must follow if we are to maintain a balance between them. Also required is a basic knowledge of the inner nature of the human being: physical-, etheric or life-, astral-, and ego-bodies; together with the three future states: Spirit Self, Life Spirit and Spirit Man (Manas, Buddhi & Atma.)

This Guide should not be construed as a compendium of Steiner's final word on any of the subjects listed. The observations he makes in his lectures are almost always part of a masterfully crafted architectonic structure. To remove a stone from such a structure for closer scrutiny may tell us a bit about the stonemason's skill, but precious little about the architect's vision. Also, with stones removed the structure--at least in the mind of the observer--may topple. Such reductionist analyses could be compared to a mad scientist dissecting the tongue of a cadaver in an effort to find out what words it uttered when it was part of a living human being. Rather than such limited approaches, which have little value in any truly meaningful investigation, the reader is encouraged to develop a holoscopic approach. Holoscopy, a new term, could be seen in this context as a contemplative study of the interrelatedness of various phenomena. Holoscopy is synonymous with Goethe's little-understood yet highly fruitful approach to scientific investigation, sometimes called "Goethean Science."

I am aware that some of the passages in this Guide, taken out of context as they are, may appear absurd, even ludicrous. Any such appearances should be ascribed to my lack of editorial skill, and not to any shortcomings on the part of Steiner. Although, too, it's good to keep in mind St Paul's observation, "Let no one deceive himself. If any one of you supposes that he is wise in this world's wisdom, as compared with the rest of you, to become really wise he must become a fool." (I Cor. 3:18, New Testament in the Language of the People, translated by Charles B. Williams) In other words, wisdom in the eyes of God may appear as foolishness in the eyes of men.

The selection criteria used in compiling this Guide are difficult to explain because some are rather subjective. In a few cases there are only one or two selections from an entire cycle. In others, e.g. Foundations of Esotericism, there are many from each of the short lectures. It is fascinating to watch Steiner's style and content develop from these early works to, say, his Karmic Relationships series given towards the end of his life. To study the evolution of the mind of this quintessential genius or, it is safe to say, the greatest genius in recorded history, is immensely rewarding in its own right. So, if they are seen as important, many such contrasts have been included. Importance, at least in this student's opinion of what is important, is the main criterion for each of the selected entries.

A few citations are from obscure publications long out of print. The reader may have some difficulty in procuring a copy. In such cases I have usually rendered a fuller account of the theme in question in order to minimize the dangers of contextual distortion.

Anthroposophy is much more than a body of knowledge, or even a body of wisdom. Back in the 1970s Alan Howard was fond of saying, "Anthroposophy is strong wine. It can go to the head." While that's an apt metaphor, I prefer to call it strong medicine. And unless taken in measured doses, worked upon with good will and enthusiasm, and thoroughly digested with intense inner effort, like many good medicines when misused it can have a devastating effect on the patient. These compiled thoughts are far more than a specific remedy for ignorance about the various topics covered. They are, rather, the generic remedy of choice for the multitude of ills society has contracted. In these matters the serious student is not only the patient, but also the physician. And we are well reminded of Luke's report, "Physician, heal thyself!" Hopefully this book will serve as a Materia Medica as well as a Repertory. This modest effort is not the medicine, but only a guide to its selection.

Can any thinking person, with unprejudiced, holoscopic vision, not see that strong medicine is required? We live in one of the most exciting and fascinating periods in human history. Strong manipulative forces are militating against our gaining mastery over ourselves. Television, computer games, bio-engineering and other 'quick fix' or instant gratification techniques are cleverly contrived to shorten our attention spans and give us the illusion that our salvation lies in the miracles of modern technology. All technology can really promise, however, is to make our lives easier, it can say nothing about making it any better. And, as far as it goes, there's nothing wrong with that! so long as we keep it in perspective and remember its limitations. How can anyone study the achievements of modern technology without feeling moved to praise them? What we're seeing really is the logical extrapolation of the invention of the lever, the wheel, and countless other ingenious devices developed over the past several millennia to make our lives easier and more productive. But there's the key. What do we mean by 'more productive'? If we mean more productive in developing greater technologies I think we could safely say that we've gone far enough in that direction. Indeed, many have said that we've gone too far. We have followed our heads without harkening to our hearts. The result is that civilization has become increasingly cold, calculating and heartless. For countless souls life has lost all meaning and purpose. It is for this reason that they have turned to psychotropic drugs, "virtual realities," random shootings and other escapist past-times. Furthermore, whole institutions have devolved and degenerated into their antitheses, the opposite of what they purport to be. A subtle yet pervasive Inversion Factor has permeated our times. It appears obvious that the direction of our seeking and the thrust of our endeavors must radically change.

What is this new direction? It's not really new at all, only new for our times. We must endeavor now to apprehend the spirit, that vast reality operating behind what we see with our physical senses. Therein lies our only salvation. Therein lies the "real reality." And we are indeed blessed that a great teacher has come forward to show us a safe and sure path to a deeper comprehension of that hidden reality, to the wisdom of the universe from which we have strayed so far.

Because of this Inversion Factor, growing numbers of people with intellectual integrity are no longer satisfied with what the 'authorities' have to say. They feel constrained out of an inner necessity to 'test the spirits, to see that they are of God.' Only then can an erstwhile shaky faith--dogmatism being in direct proportion to, and indicative of, such shakiness--become knowledge. (And make no mistake, dogmatism is just as virulent in the so-called 'scientific' community as in the most fundamentalist of sects.) Finally, erected on a solid epistemological and ontological foundation, such knowledge can house that rarest of present-day human virtues, a living and meaningful wisdom.

But such wisdom can never be a marketplace commodity. There are no instant-wisdom kits for sale in even the best stocked bookshops or amply-endowed universities.. This Study Guide is no exception. It should, therefore, not be construed as a substitute for the inner effort required for a true working knowledge of Steiner's spiritual science called Anthroposophy.

While this work is designed to be used by itself--i.e., I've tried to make it as 'readable' as possible--it's main function is as a study guide. Study is, after all, only the first step in the pursuit of modern initiation.

It is important to remember that Steiner sometimes modified and revised his observations as his powers, and his audience, matured, and as he found more modern terms for the highly technical and sometimes difficult to understand Sanskrit. Some references listed in this work are from his earlier lectures and may well have been refined later. For this reason the year that the cycle of lectures was given is listed below. Also the cities are listed where the lectures were presented. It is interesting to note how varied his approach was to different audiences in different parts of Europe.

The 50 lecture cycles covered by Adolf Arenson in his Leitfaden are not included in this work, except perhaps only briefly for important cross references. Unfortunately, Arenson's great work has not yet been translated into English but many serious students probably have their own copy anyway. A listing of the cycles covered by Arenson is included in the Appendix at the end of this work.

If this Study Guide helps the reader to a deeper appreciation of the vast scope and depth of Steiner's living anthroposophy I will feel amply rewarded for my efforts in compiling it.

Buffalo, New York

Michaelmas, 1993

Note to Early Readers

Many thanks for taking time to go over this work. Any comments, criticisms about, or contributions to, this Guide will be gratefully received. This is a major undertaking, virtually endless in its potential and scope. If you have a card file--or similar source--of quotations you'd like to see included in this Guide, please send them along and, time and money allowing, I'll consider their inclusion as I update and enlarge this work.

How to Use this Study Guide

First, look up the key word or phrase you're interested in. This is usually followed by a short quotation or description. After this is a number, usually followed by a slash, then another number. The first of these is the number of the lecture in that particular cycle. After the slash is the page number.

Example: 19/146, FE. The Lecture Cycle is Foundations of Esotericism, Lecture 19, page 146.
Note: If you click on the Abbreviation FE, it will take you to the Book/Lecture Cycle in the First List.

Different editions of the various cycles may have slightly different page numbers. This is why the number of the lecture is included. Booklets of only one lecture will not have the slash, and will only have the page number. Then comes the abbreviation of the name of the lecture or cycle.

Cycles to specialized audiences (Waldorf teachers, physicians, eurythmists, etc.) are not covered in this more generalized work except for a few quotations seen to have a more universal application. One of the most difficult jobs of editing a Guide such as this is having to decide what not to include.

Boldface words within a citation refer to additional listings.

Abbreviations used in Text

rel. related , or relationship

betw. between

CTC Citations to come

??? Request for assistance

Alphabetical List of Books Included in this Guide

257 AC Awakening to Community; Dornach, Stuttgart, 1923

193 AD Ahrimanic Deception, The Zurich, 1919

339 AL Art of Lecturing Dornach, 1921

323 AS The So-called 'Astronomy' Course (The Relation of the Diverse Branches of Natural Science to Astronomy - MS) Stuttgart, 1921

158 BW Balance in the World and Man, The, Lucifer and Ahriman Dornach, 1914

306 CC Child's Changing Consciousness & Waldorf Ed., The Dornach, 1923

186 CT Challenge of the Times, The Dornach, 1918

354 EE Evolution of the Earth & Man, The, & Influence of the Stars, The Dornach, 1924

233 EF Easter Festival in relation to the Mysteries Dornach, 1924

93a FE Foundations of Esotericism Berlin, 1905

RSU/Xmas FM1 Festivals and their Meaning, Vol. 1, Christmas Various, 1905-1921

172 KW Karma of Vocation Dornach, 1916

191/193 LA Lucifer and Ahriman, The Influeces of Dornach & Berne, 1919

201 MH Man: Hieroglyph of the Universe Dornach, 1920

214 MT Mystery of the Trinity-Mission of the Spirit Dornach, Oxford & London, 1922

210 ON Old & New Methods of Initiation Dornach, Mannheim & Breslau, 1921

101 OS Occult Signs and Symbols Stutgart, 1907

104a RP Reading the Pictures of the Apocalypse Munich, 1907, & Christiania, 1909

155 SF The Spiritual Foundation of Morality; Anthroposophical Ethics 1912

243 TF True & False Paths in Spiritual Investigation Torquay, 1924

184 TS Three Streams in the Evolution of Mankind; The connection of the Luciferic- Ahrimanic Impulses with the Christ-Jahve Impulse Dornach, 1918

Numerical Listing

Including Publication Information for Specific Editions Used in Compiling this Study Guide

93a FE Foundations of Esotericism Berlin, 1905

(Rudolf Steiner Press, London, 1983)

101 OS Occult Signs and Symbols Stutgart, 1907

(Anthroposophic Press, Hudson, 1972)

104a RP Reading the Pictures of the Apocalypse Munich, 1907, & Christiania, 1909

(Anthroposophic Press, Hudson, no date)

123 (A15) Gospel of St. Matthew Berne, 1910

(Rudolf Steiner Press, London, 1965)

257 AC Awakening to Community; Dornach, Stuttgart, 1923

(Anthroposophic Press, Hudson, no date)

158 BW Balance in the World and Man, The, Lucifer and Ahriman Dornach, 1914

(Steiner Book Centre, N. Vancouver, 1977)

172 KW Karma of Vocation, The Dornach, 1916

(Anthroposophic Press, Hudson, 2nd Edit. 1988)

184 TS Three Streams in the Evolution of Mankind; The connection of the Luciferic- Ahrimanic Impulses with the Christ-Jahve Impulse Dornach, 1918

(Rudolf Steiner Press, London, 1965)

186 CT Challenge of the Times, The Dornach, 1918

(Anthroposophic Press, Hudson, 1941)

191 & 193 LA Lucifer and Ahriman, The Influences of Dornach & Berne, 1919

(Steiner Book Centre, N. Vancouver, 1976)

193 AD Ahrimanic Deception, The Zurich, 1919

(Anthroposophic Press, Hudson, 1985)

201 MH Man: Hieroglyph of the Universe Dornach, 1920

(Rudolf Steiner Press, London, 1972)

210 ON Old & New Methods of Initiation Dornach, Mannheim & Breslau, 1921

(Rudolf Steiner Press, London, 1991)

214 MT Mystery of Trinity, The; and The Mission of the Spirit Dornach, Oxford & London, 1922

(Anthroposophic Press, Hudson, 1991)

233 EF Easter Festival in relation to the Mysteries Dornach, 1924

(Rudolf Steiner Press, London, 1968)

243 TF True & False Paths in Spiritual Investigation Torquay, 1924

(Rudolf Steiner Press, London, 2nd edition, 1969)

155 SF Spiritual Foundation of Morality (formerly Anthroposophical Ethics) 1912

(Anthroposophic Press, Hudson, no date)

306 CC Child's Changing Consciousness & Waldorf Education Dornach, 1923

(Anthroposophic Press, Hudson, 1988)

323 AS 'Astronomy' Course (The Relation of the Diverse

Branches of Natural Science to Astronomy)

(Manuscript copy) Stutgart, 1921

339 AL Art of Lecturing, The Dornach, 1921

(Mercury Press, Spring Valley, 1984)

354 EE Evolution of the Earth and Man, The: and the Influence of the Stars (Anthroposophic Press, Hudson, 1987) Dornach, 1924

RSU/Xmas FM1 Festivals and their Meaning, Vol. 1, Christmas

(Rudolf Steiner Press, London, 2nd Edit. 1967) Various, 1904-1921

Spiritual Scientific terms in this Guide

Some confusion may arise because of various translators' and publishers' renderings of the previous and future incarnations of the earth. There is little consistency in Saturn, Sun and Moon (the previous physical incarnations or 'Conditions of Consciousness,' nor in Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan (the future incarnations). Except for Vulcan, they can easily be confounded with the existing planets of the same name. Since all quotations cited in this text were lifted verbatim, the reader can become unnecessarily bewildered. Where the context does not clarify this situation, I have inserted the word [old] or [future] in brackets. In fact, throughout this text, brackets are used to distinguish my comments from Steiner's.

In his early lectures to Theosophical audiences Rudolf Steiner used terms they were familiar with. What he later called Great Epochs which were sub-divided into Cultural Epochs, he earlier called Root Races and Sub Races respectively. For example, if in an early lecture he referred to the Fourth Sub-race of the Fourth Root Race he would later have called this the Fourth Post-Atlantean Cultural Epoch, (the Greco-Latin). See the Sevens Table for a simplified overview of this cosmogonic schema as Steiner saw it.

It is particularly interesting to note the qualities of the first Condition of Consciousness or planetary embodiment (Ancient Saturn), reflected in the first Great Epoch (Polarean), and further reflected in the first Cultural Epoch (Ancient Indian). Similarly, the second Condition of Consciousness (Ancient Sun) reflected in the second Great Epoch (Hyperborean), with its correspondence in the second Cultural Epoch (Ancient Persian). However it would take far too much space here to explore these correspondences any further, as it would to explore the reflections of the first in the seventh, the second in the sixth etc.

Since it is possible even for long-time students of anthroposophy to get confused in these matters, the Sevens Table has been included for quick reference.

Another frequent source of confusion is in Steiner's naming of the various choirs of the Spiritual Hierarchies. Perhaps the most famous cataloging of these exalted Beings was by Dionysius the Areopagite (q.v. in Guide ), whose The Celestial Hierarchies has become something of a classic. (Translated from the Greek by the Editors of The Shrine of Wisdom. Manual No. 15, The Shrine of Wisdom, London, 1935.) It is because of Steiner's intimate converse with these lofty Beings that he was able to ascribe names to them which are much more meaningful to the modern student than the traditional Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, etc. That he was able to do this, in great reverence for these Beings, without costing anything in the loss of such reverence, no, in fact, enhancing our reverence for them, is a great tribute to Dr. Steiner's genius and sensitivity. The Spiritual Scientific names, together with their traditional counterparts, are listed in the Spiritual Hierarchies Table

The Fifty Fundamental Cycles of Arenson's Leitfaden

[Not Included in this Guide, Except for a few Isolated Cross-References]

Arenson Bibliographic

No. ~ Survey # ~~ Title ~~~~~~~ City, Year

1 95 At the Gates of Spiritual Science Stuttgart, 1906

2 99 Theosophy of the Rosicrucian Munich, 1907

3 103 The Gospel of St. John Hamburg, 1908

4 105 Universe, Earth and Man Stuttgart, 1908

5 106 Egyptian Myths and Mysteries Leipzig, 1908

6 104 The Apocalypse of St. John Nuremberg, 1908

7 110 The Spiritual Hierarchies and their Reflection in the Physical World Düsseldorf, 1909

8 112 Gospel of John and its Relation to the Other Gospels Cassel, 1909

9 113 The East in the Light of the West Munich, 1909

10 114 The Gospel of St. Luke Basel, 1909

11 109 Rosicrucian Esotericism Budapest, 1909

12 120 Manifestations of Karma Hamburg, 1910

13 121 The Mission of (the Individual) Folk Souls Christiania (Oslo), 1910

14 122 Genesis (Secrets of the Bible Story of Creation) Munich, 1910

15 123 Gospel of St. Matthew Bern, 1910

16 126 Occult History Stuttgart, 1910/11

17 116 Christ Impulse and Development of Ego-consciousness Berlin, 1909/10

18 129 Wonders of the World, Ordeals of the Soul, Revelations of the Spirit Munich, 1911

19 131 From Jesus to Christ Carlsruhe, 1911

20 134 World of Senses and World of Spirit Hannover, 1911/12

21 136 Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature

Helsingfors(Helsinki), 1912

22 137 Man in the Light of Occultism, Theosophy and Philosophy Christiania (Oslo), 1912

23 138 Initiation, Eternity & the Passing Moment Munich, 1912

24 139 Gospel of St. Mark Basel, 1912

25 142 Bhagavad Gita and Epistles of Paul Cologne, 1912/13

26 144 Mysteries of the East & of Christianity Berlin, 1913

27 145 Effects of Occult Development on the Self and on the Sheaths of Man The Hague, 1913

28 146 Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita Helsingfors (Helsinki), 1913

29 147 Secrets of the Threshold Munich, 1913

30 124 Background to the Gospel of Mark Berlin, 1910/11

31 149 Christ & Spiritual World - Holy Grail Leipzig, 1913/14

32 153 Inner Nature of Man - Life Between Death and Rebirth Vienna, 1914

33 151 Human and Cosmic Thought Berlin, 1914

34 155 Christ and the Human Soul Norrköping, 1914

35 132 Inner Realities of Evolution Berlin, 1911

36 133 Earthly & Cosmic Man Berlin, 1911/12

37 141 Life Between Death and Rebirth Berlin, 1912/13

38 (Has not appeared in German)

39 157 Destinies of Individuals & Nations Berlin, 1914/15

40 157 Forming of Destiny & Life after Death Berlin, 1915

41 166 Necessity & Freedom in Human History Berlin, 1916

42 167 Things of Present & Past...(MS) Berlin, 1916

43 169 Cosmic Being & Egohood (MS) Berlin, 1916

44 175 Building Stones to an Understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha Berlin, 1917

45 175 " " " " " "

46 176 Aspects of Human Evolution Berlin, 1917

47 176 Karma of Materialism Berlin, 1917

48 181a Earthly Death & Cosmic Life Berlin, 1918

49 181b Anthroposophical Life Gifts (MS) Berlin, 1918

50 181c A Sound Outlook for Today...(MS) Berlin, 1918

A 107 Being of Man & His Future Evolution Berlin, 1908/09

A\OP 128 An Occult Physiology Prague, 1911

Quick Reference Listing

AC Awakening to Community

AD Ahrimanic Deception, The

AL Art of Lecturing

AS The so-called Astronomy Course

BW Balance in the World and Man, The; Lucifer and Ahriman

CC Child's Changing Consciousness & Waldorf Education, The

CT Challenge of the Times, The

EE Evolution of Earth & Man, The, & Influence of the Stars, The

EF Easter Festival in relation to the Mysteries

FE Foundations of Esotericism

FM1 Festivals and their Meaning, Vol 1, Christmas

KW Karma of Vocation

LA Lucifer and Ahriman, the Influences of

MH Man: Hieroglyph of the Universe

MT Mystery of the Trinity-Mission of the Spirit

ON Old and New Methods of Initiation

OS Occult Signs and Symbols

RP Reading the Pictures of the Apocalypse

SF Spiritual Foundations of Morality

TF True and False Paths in Spiritual Investigation

TS Three Streams in the Evolution of Mankind; Luciferic/Ahrimanic-Christ/Jahve Impulse


Keyword/Phrase List



Abel (or Seth): as initiate. ~~~Pt. 1, 4/61, RP.

Abraham: Founder of the Fifth Sub-Race [Epoch]. The task of Abraham "was to carry into the human realm all that had been held in veneration in the outside world; to create initiates who laid great value on what was human, in order to found the cult of the personality." ~~~31/259, FE.

Activity, Wisdom (or Word), & Will: Steiner's early conception of threefold man. ~~~2/7 ff. FE.

Adonis Festival: ~~~1/19 ff. EF.

advertising: "Here is a shoe store, a hardware store, a butcher shop. then a tavern, etc. All this is alien to the inner soul processes; it is related only to the outer man. Thus, it generates those soul forces that tend towards materialism. These influences work much more strongly than do the dogmas of materialism. Add to these our horrible art of advertising. Old and young wander through a sea of such abominable products that wake the most evil forces of the soul. So likewise do our modern comic [books]. ~~~2/17,OS.

Agni: fire beings, from whom man drew down warmth. "The Promethean-Saga is based on this fact."~~~28/228, FE.

Ahaseuerus: Legend of 'wandering Jew,' because he had pushed the redeemer away from himself. ~~~Pt. 1,4/51,RP.

Ahriman: in Hebrew, Mephiz-Tophel, Mephistopheles. ~~~Pt. 2, 4/87,RP.

Ahriman: "One of the developments in which A.'s impulse is clearly evident is the spread of the belief that the mechanistic, mathematical conceptions inaugurated by Galileo, Copernicus and others, explain what is happening in the cosmos. That is why anthroposophical spiritual science lays such stress upon the fact that spirit and soul must be discerned in the cosmos...."~~~1/11,LA.

Ahriman: "Another tendency in modern life of benefit to Ahriman in preparing his incarnation is all that is so clearly in evidence in nationalism. ~~~1/13, LA.

Ahriman: "But the truth of the matter is that Lucifer and Ahriman must be regarded as two scales of a balance and it is we who must hold the beam in equipoise.

"And how can we train ourselves to do this?--By permeating what takes Ahrimanic form within us with a strongly Luciferic element.... There is nothing more Ahrimanic than this knowledge of the material world, for it is sheer illusion. Nevertheless if the Fata Morgana that arises out of chemistry, out of physics, out of astronomy and the like can fill us with fiery enthusiasm and interest, then through our interest--which is itself Luciferic--we can wrest from Ahriman what is his own.

"That, however, is just what human beings have no desire to do; they find it irksome. And many people who flee from external, materialistic knowledge are misconceiving their task and preparing the best possible incarnation for Ahriman in earth-existence. Again, what wells up in man's inmost being to-day is very strongly Luciferic. How can we train ourselves rightly in this direction?--By diving into it with our Ahrimanic nature, that is to say, by trying to avoid all illusions about our own inner life and impulses and observing ourselves just as we observe the outer world. Modern man must realise how urgent it is to educate himself in this way....

"A man [complains about] how indignant he is with countless human beings. He describes minutely how this or that in a, in b, in c, and so on, angers him. He has not an inkling that he is simply talking about his own characteristics. This peculiarity in human beings was never so widespread as it is to-day. And those who believe they are free of it, are the greatest culprits."~~~2/28-9,LA.

Ahriman: "Through certain stupendous arts he [Ahriman] would bring to man all the clairvoyant knowledge which until then can be acquired only by dint of intense labour and effort. Men could live on as materialists...and there would be no need for any spiritual efforts.... When Ahriman incarnates in the West at the appointed time, he would establish a great occult school for the practice of magic arts of the greatest grandeur, and what otherwise can be acquired only be strenuous effort would be poured over mankind.

"Let it never be imagined that Ahriman will appear as a kind of hoaxer, playing mischievous tricks on human beings. No, indeed! Lovers of ease who refuse to have anything to do with spiritual science, would fall prey to his magic, for by means of these stupendous magic arts he would be able to make great numbers of human beings into seers--but in such a way that the clairvoyance of each individual would be strictly differentiated. What one person would see, a second and a third would not see. Confusion would prevail and in spite of being made receptive to clairvoyant wisdom, men would inevitably fall into strife on account of the sheer diversity of their visions.... all culture on the earth would fall prey to Ahriman....No more evil advice could be given than to say: 'Stay just as you are! Ahriman will make all of you clairvoyant if you so desire. And you will desire it because Ahriman's power will be very great.'--But the result would be the establishment of Ahriman's kingdom on earth and the over-throw of everything achieved hitherto by human culture; all the disastrous tendencies unconsciously cherished by mankind to-day would take effect.

"Our concern is that the wisdom of the future--a clairvoyant wisdom--shall be rescued from the clutches of Ahriman.... The issue is whether this wisdom is in the hands of Ahriman or of Christ. It cannot come into the hands of Christ unless men fight for it. And they can only fight for it by telling themselves that by their own efforts they must assimilate the content of spiritual science before the time of Ahriman's appearance on earth."~~~4/57 ff. LA.

Ahriman: "We know very well that we have no occasion either to hate Ahriman or to fear Lucifer, since their powers are inimical only when they are working outside the realm where they belong."~~~3/32, BW.

Ahriman: "When we are awake, Ahriman has the upper hand over Lucifer, and when we are asleep Lucifer has the upper hand over Ahriman."~~~3/41, BW.

Ahriman: Thinking is a result of Ahriman exerting his influence in our etheric body [willing a result of Lucifer's influence]. ~~~3/34, BW.

Ahriman: is responsible for similarity, uniformity.~~~1/28, TS.

Ahrimanic: "All that is connected with man's lust for ruling over his fellows, all that is in opposition to healthy social impulses, is of an Ahrimanic nature.... The man possessed by Ahriman would like to have as many men as possible in his power and then to make use of human frailty in order to rule over men."~~~1/20, TS.

see also chauvinism, fundamentalism, tedium, languages.

Ahrimanic/Luciferic cycle: While the outer influence of one is stronger, the other is weaker. In Atlantean times Ahriman's influence predominated. During Lemurian times and during our present fifth major epoch Lucifer's influence is stronger. Illustration of these two cycles.~~~2/31-2, TS.

Alexander: A. was born during the burning of the Temple of Ephesus.~~~4/71, EF.

alcohol: see wine.

Amen: when the I has worked down into the physical body (in Christian esotericism). ~~~Pt. 1, 4/53,RP.

anatomy & physiology: not real knowledge, does not look into the real interior of man. ~~~7/110-11,MH.

ancestor worship: Shows the progress from a.w. (of Archai, or Time Spirits), to Polytheism (Archangels), Monotheism (Angels), and finally to Divine Man (Christ). If Christ had not intervened we would be worshiping humans, as was started with the Ceasars.~~~10/191 ff. KV.

animal: "in the a. the being of the astral is made manifest."~~~2/33.MT.

animal group souls: described. also, seeing them as a spiritual exercise.~~~2/50 ff.TF.

animal group souls: "In the astral world one finds beings like one's self, but in astral sheaths rather than physical. One can speak with them as to one's peers. These are the a. g. s.~~~4/52, OS.

animals: Snake, symbol for the earth; fish is the symbol for spiritual being as it has developed itself out of the Sun; butterfly, as an air being, goes through four forms: egg, larva, pupa, and butterfly. "This is the hieroglyph...for the airy condition of the human being on the Sun." The bee, taken as a whole group, stands somewhat higher than man. It is a fire being.~~~2/27 ff. OS.

Anthroposophical Society: "Things must be seen as they really are. Actually the people of today should be yearning to see things as they are. Therefore, it is a duty to describe these things wherever possible, and they can be described today within the A. S. I hope that this society, at least, may some day wake up."~~~1/27,MT.

Anthroposophical world view: "Those who take the anthroposophical view of the world seriously, and the movement associated with it, will see in what it has to say to mankind no child's play but great and earnest, soul-shaking truths."~~~4/68,FM1.

Anthroposophy, preparation for: "The world presents a picture of disruption and increasing chaos. Yet we know that amidst this chaos, this welter of dark, obscuring passions that threaten to destroy everything, the intuitives are aware of the presence of spiritual powers who are actively striving to awaken in man a new spirituality. And preparation for Anthroposophy consists fundamentally in listening to this voice of the spirit that can still be heard amid the clamour of our materialistic age."~~~6/121,TF.

Anthroposophy: could have a new name every day. ~~~2/23,CC.

ants: Their soul is in the ant heaps. This is why the behavior of the ants is so precisely regulated. ~~~3/21, 29, FE.

apes: represent the last lower instincts to fall or be pushed into physical matter before the soul of the human being was itself hardened in matter. ~~~Pt. 2, 8/114,RP.

Apocalypse: as book of initiation and a prophetic book.

~~~Pt. 1, 4/47, 48,RP.

Apocalypse: "Must souls of the present day be condemned to incarnate in a morally degenerate humanity, in an evil race? [as indicated in the Apocalypse] We must answer with a decisive 'no.'". ~~~Pt. 1, 4/49,RP.

archangelic time periods: [from Steiner's notebook, as footnote]

1879-1510 Gabriel Moon

1510-1190 Samael Mars

1190-850 Raphael Mercury

850-500 Zachariel Jupiter

500-150 Anael Venus

150-200 BC Oriphiel Saturn~~~7/139, TF.

Ark, Noah's: proportions of N's. A.~~~1/14 ff. OS.

arteriosclerosis: from too much protein.~~~6/102, EE.

arteriosclerosis: as polar opposite of hey fever, "a kind of safety valve against arteriosclerosis." Materialism contributes towards a.~~~7/113 ff.EE.

arms: more awake than legs. part of man's rhythmic system. ~~~9/125-6, MH.

Artist, Greek: used no models, rather he painted or sculpted from spiritual impulses.~~~1/29, TF.

ash: (tree), In Germanic mythology the threefold human nature is portrayed by the world-ash. ~~~Pt. 1, 4/53,RP.

astral, in plants: Where the belladonna, the black deadly nightshade grows, "if you transpose yourself into the state of consciousness of which I have spoken, you will meet with totally different beings, horrible, demoniac beings who also belong to this world. Colchicum autumnale [Autumn Crocus] and belladonna therefore are mediums which permit beings of the next world to enter into them and which in their other aspect really belong to the world of the dead."~~~8/158 ff,TF.

astral body: CTC

astral light: ether densifies to astral light. "In this Astral Light radiates the third Globe (condition of form), the Astral-Earth; it radiates in the purest Astral Light, and this Astral Light is in fact entirely composed of the same substance in which later man's auric egg shines out." great deeds of initiates not found in astral light, but in the ether. ~~~10/68, ff. FE.

astral space: errors that one encounters when one enters a.s. ~~~20/153 ff. FE.

astronomy, Egyptian solar: ~~~13/175 ff. MH.

astronomy: Two different astronomies: stellar/Lunar and Solar. Also: Saros period. ~~~14/190 ff.MH.

Asuras: As., as retrograde beings from Old Moon, feed on lower astral substance. "Through our baser thoughts we provide nourishment for these asuric beings. ~~~19/143-4, FE.

Atlantean Mysteries: like schools or churches. Later Steiner called them 'Oracles.' ~~~Pt. 2, 2/73,RP.

Atlantean physiognomy: "If you look today at someone with hydrocephalus, he does not have a backward sloping forehead, but a high, prominent one, so the Atlantean head was much more like the hydrocephalic head." These were watery. Later, in early post-Atlantean times, the Neanderthal type appeared with slanted forehead. This was a transitional stage. Then later the forehead became more prominent again.~~~4/57 ff.EE.

Atlantean physique & Powers: Physique was much thinner than we see today. Could deflect cannonballs (if they existed then) by power of soul. ~~~Pt. 2, 6/104RP.

attacks, answering [when lecturing]: "Just in such things it is a question of the unwavering decision to be only, only, only truthful and when the attack is not such that we are challenged to a discussion, then there are present, as a rule all the conditions for understanding."~~~1/18, AL.

Augustine: A's quote on Christianity, or true religion, existing before the Mystery of Golgotha. ~~~Pt. 1, 1/25, 26 f,RP.

Augustine: Augustinian doctrine of predestination had to make its appearance to counter the ideas of reincarnation. ~~~8/55, FE.

Augustine: see also evolution/involution.

Aum: expresses the Trinity, the breath. 'The breath is related to the word as the Holy Spirit is to Christ, as the Atma is to the Ich.'. ~~~2/14, 15, FE.

aura: green, sympathy & compassion. red, "brownish red, brick red, blood red. Especially with droshky-drivers one can see such a red, indicative of the lower passions." ~~~10/64, FE.

auric egg: "With every human being all the fluctuations of the astral body are enclosed in an egg-shaped sheath." Blavatsky calls it the 'auric egg.' "In the lower parts however little children also have dark clouds, indicating lower impulses. This is the inherited Karma...inherited down to the seventh generation." ~~~10/64-5, ff. FE.

authority, faith in: "This is a bitter truth today. [choosing the least qualified to lead] Yet, it would be recognized if the present age were not entirely under the influence of the most far-reaching faith in authority, stupor of opportunism, and dominated by what is called public opinion.... People would see what is of real importance here if it were not for the immense influence of present public opinion that flows from such muddy sources. We must, therefore, understand that our age has to be educated to a stronger grasp of life through learning to see that we are immersed in one-sidedness, in the selection of the worst. This must come to pass in spite of so-called public opinion and its hero worship of the least qualified people."~~~5/89-90, KV.

Averroës: How he was influenced by the Academy of Jundí Sábúr. ~~~5/91 ff. TS.

Avitchi: leading to inhabitation of Eighth Sphere (q.v.) [hell]. ~~~14/106, FE.

axiom of polarity: "Every quality has two opposite poles." ~~~

~~~6/40, FE.

axis, of Earth: vis-à-vis the ecliptic. ~~~13/172, MH.




Bacon, Roger: How the gnostic wisdom of Jundí Sábúr flowed into him.~~~4/90,TS.

bacteria: caused by fear, hate and alarm. ~~~29/234, FE.

Barnabas, Epistle of: (included in the early Greek Bible) Steiner's reference to the Epistle's indication of the fact of Christ holding the Beast (Sorat) in balance.~~~4/79-ff, TS.

Beast: with two horns. ~~~Pt. 1, 1/23, RP.

beauty: b. can only be developed out of pain.~~~Pt. 1, 1/90,MT.

bed: oriented east-west for easier cures. ~~~5/69,MH.

beehive, consciousness of: is immensely lofty. The wisdom of this consciousness will be attained in the Venus existence. ~~~ ~~~4/24, 25, FE.

"Beginning, in the": in the Bible this refers to the Archai, or Primal Beginnings. ~~~13/89, FE.

belladonna: see astral, in plants.

Besant, Annie: Certain individuals within the Theosophical Society tried to keep her on track.~~~7/139,KV.

Bhodi tree: as cerebellum. ~~~12/82, FE.

bird: and man comparison.~~~1/13,EE.

black magicians: and hypnosis. ~~~2/12, FE.

black magicians: we can meet them in the astral space, their training, etc. ~~~20/149-50, FE.

black magicians: B. ms. employ Moon forces that still exist on Earth. They contact elementary beings. "The black magician...who works with the Moon forces, who has captured them in his retorts and crucibles is caught in a vortex of those elementary beings."~~~


Blavatsky: praise of her writings. ~~~Pt. 1, 3/38-9, RP.

Blavatsky: How she appeared "at the very time when the struggle was most bitter between the so-called esotericists and the so-called progressive occultists. That is, the reactionaries called themselves the esotericists."~~~7/134 ff.KV.

blood: as a living thing. forms the heart. ~~~3/46,MH.

blood circulation: in one life becomes nerve system in next. ~~~


blood circulation: b.c. dependent on Deva beings. ~~~12/83, FE.

blue sky: "What you sense in the coldness of the blue sky, unmitigated by earthly sultriness--this is an all-embracing ahrimanic influence. The ahrimanic influence causes space to be petrified, congealed into blueness. Take note of this expression! It is unusual, but if you gradually come to sense what it means to say that space is petrified, congealed into blueness, you will have discovered the ahrimanic tendency in external nature."~~~6/63,ON.

Bodhisattva: described. ~~~6/42, FE.

bodies: "In the physical body form and force are the essentials, in the etheric body, movement and life: in the astral body, consciousness." ~~~3/40, BW.

body: "The body is here as the school through which to wrestle through to immortality with self-consciousness."~~~3/34,OS.

Boehme, Jakob: The karma of his vocation as shoemaker.~~~3/65 ff. KV.

Book: Swallowing (in Apocalypse), indicating the seer's expanding of his consciousness over the entire earth. ~~~Pt. 1, 1/34,RP.

Book: B. indigestible for the lower human being, but like honey for the higher. ~~~Pt. 2, 9/120, RP.

brain: story of weight of Bischoff's brain. Bischoff maintained that women had lighter brains than men. When he died it was found that his was the lightest of all. ~~~5/73, MH.

brain: B. rel. to starry heavens. ~~~15/206, MH.

brain: b. is stiffer, more rigid than in Egyptian times.~~~11/185,EE.

breathing: as an exercise. ~~~4/51,MH.

Buddha's: most important pupil, Cassapa, incorruptible body. ~~~

~~~Pt. 2, 4/91,RP.

bull: symbol of fertility; lion is symbol of courage.~~~

~~~23/183, FE.



Cain & Abel: Abel represented the Moon race, Cain the Sun race. "Thus when the Lemurian Age was approaching its end two human types faced each other: the one kind, [Cain] the Sons of the Moon, who bred animals and nourished themselves from what the animals produced, from their milk; and a second kind who fed on plants, on the produce of the Earth." ~~~30/244, FE.

Calderón (de la Barca y Henao), Pedro: "How can man be filled with Christ? This question lived most strongly in Spain, and we see in C. a poet who knew how to depict this struggle with great intensity.... C's. most characteristic drama in this respect is about Cyprianus, a kind of miracle-working magician.... A later metamorphosis of this character is Faust.... The whole of the Christian struggle of the Middle Ages is contained in this drama" [El magico prodigioso (The Prodigious Magician), 1637]

~~~9/103 ff.ON.

Calvin: see evolution/involution.

cancer symbol, [two interwoven spirals]: "This symbol has always stood for important matters in the universe. If we have to speak of an atomistic world, we should not imagine it in the abstract way common today. We should imagine it in the image of this spiral...."~~~3/30, ON.

Capella, Martianus: his involvement with the seven liberal arts in his De Nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii. ~~~1/22,3,MT.

carbon: rel. to philosopher's stone. ~~~4/26 ff. FE.

Castes: will return in 7th Post Atlantean Epoch. ~~~Pt. 2, 9/117,RP.

Cassapa: Buddha's pupil.

Categories: Cs. listed, together with the comment: "And fundamentally speaking, all that Anthroposophy has brought forth, and all that it can ever bring forth, is experienced from out of these concepts just as what you read in Faust is experienced from out of the letters. For in these simple concepts as the Cosmic Alphabet, all secrets of the spiritual and physical worlds are contained." ~~~4/73 ff. EF.

[See also Karmic Relationships, Vol II, Lecture 9, p. 143, and Vol III, Lect. 8, pp. 129-30. Also "Man, The Creation of Cosmic Powers" by Ita Wegman, Golden Blade, 1969, p. 95.]~~~

Catholic Church: One of the principal reasons why Anthroposophy is prohibited from the RC side is that in Anthroposophy we have to relinquish the erroneous statement that man consists of soul and body. In truth man consists of body, soul and spirit. ~~~


Catholic Church: The C.C. struggle with occult societies. Questions of the encyclical of December 8, 1864, Freedom of Conscience and of Worship. ~~~7/143, KV.

Catholicism: Contrasts between those who seek the ritual of C. and those who seek spiritual science.~~~6/115 ff.TS.

cerebellum: is the Bodhi tree. ~~~12/82, FE.

Chaldean Calendar: "The Moon phases of twenty-eight days corresponded with the pattern of their own life experience of periods of six or seven years. And they felt that a Moon phase of one month was equivalent, in the life of man, to a period of twenty-eight years (4 x 7 years). This they expressed in the calendar by inserting an intercalary month every seventh year. In brief, their calculations were based on the Moon, not the Sun. See also Saros period. ~~~2/43, ff. TF.

Chaldean magician: description of. ~~~Pt. 2, 12/140,RP.

Chaldeans: how they saw or perceived things.~~~2/41, TF.

Chaldeans: "Cs. lived in larynx consciousness, whereas we today live in the heart consciousness."~~~3/71,TF.

channaling: see mediums, spiritism.

chauvinism: "C., perverted patriotism in every form--this is the material from which Ahriman will build just what he needs."~~~3/42,LA.

chauvinism: "C is more and more gaining the upper hand until it will finally lead men to split up to such an extent that at last a group will embrace only one single human being!. Things could come to the point where individual men would again split into right and left, and be at war within themselves; left would be at loggerheads with right. Such tendencies are even now evident in the evolution of mankind. To combat this, a counterweight must be created; and this counterweight can only be created if, like the old wisdom inherent in Paganism, a new wisdom, acquired by the free resolve and will of man, is infused into earthly culture. This new wisdom must again be in Initiation-wisdom." ~~~4/57,LA.

Chinese & Japanese: Ancient cultures, during Atlantean times, were vast in Asia. The present-day C. & J. are descendants of these. Description of changes. Their art, culture, etc. The present condition of the Chinese is a result of centuries of ill-treatment at the hands of the Europeans.~~~5/65 ff.EE.

Christ: as Lamb, at foot of cross. ~~~Pt. 1, 1/20, 21, RP.

Christ: as Lamb of God.~~~2/40, MT.

Christ: as Cosmic Man.~~~11/217, TF.

Christ: in every living thing, even the smallest. ~~~Pt. 2, 5/97, 98, RP.

Christ: "It is not enough to address Christ as: Lord, Lord! Christ must become something which fills the whole human being."~~~2/20,ON.

Christ: "In entering into Jesus of Nazareth, Christ nullified, through his entrance, not only the physical body, the etheric body, and the astral body, but also the I, to the extent that it was developed in Jesus of Nazareth at that time. So that in Jesus Christ there dwelt the higher Christ principle, which is related to the I in the same way the I of the human being is related to the astral body."~~~4/62,MT.

Christ: C. mystery was proclaimed in its clearest and most pure form in the last remaining mystery centers of antiquity.~~~4/63,MT.

Christ: C. and freedom.~~~4/66 ff. MT.

Christ Impulse: "No real connection with the C. I. can be achieved to-day merely through reading the Gospels--but only an hallucinatory picture of the Christ.... without the deepened knowledge yielded by spiritual science the Gospels can give rise only to an hallucination of the Christ, not to vision of the Real Christ. And so Paul's vision at Damascus is also regarded as an hallucination."~~~3/45,LA.

Christ Impulse: We are never able to understand the C. I. through our senses, while in the physical world.~~~2/40 ff.TS.

Christ, reappearance of: in the 20th century.~~~6/114 ff. TS.

Christ, understanding: see other streams, Mystery of Golgotha.

Christianity: as the greatest possible individualization of the human being, the freedom of the human being as an individual. ~~~Pt. 1, 3/33,RP.

Christianity: "C. today is not realized in the world. C. is not realized, for fully to understand Christ means: to find man as man within oneself. Christ is no folk god, no god of any race. Christ is not the god of any group of human beings. He is the god of the individual, in so far as the individual is a member of the human race as a whole."~~~2/13,ON.

Christianity: "Only a clear understanding of C. will build the bridge between the life here on earth and the life that exists in the spiritual world. Quite a few people today have a need for this spiritual world but we must admit that their number is insignificant in relation to the large number of those people who are either mired in traditional religions--and thus have fallen prey to materialism even if they don't admit it--or whose lives are directly determined by materialism and who do not have a real connection with the spiritual world."~~~10/209, KV.

Christians before the Mystery of Golgotha: Heraclitus and Socrates.~~~6/61-2,ON.

Christmas: "For the Christmas impulse must not remain a merely intellectual, theoretic and abstract one. It must be an impulse of the heart, it must not be dry and matter-of-fact. It must be sacred, solemn, joyful, not in sentimentality but out of the reality of the thing itself."~~~4/76-7, EF.

Christophorus: As initiate of the third degree in ancient Mysteries. ~~~2/40, & 3/57 ff. EF.

Christ's words from Cross: "My God, my God, how you have glorified me!" ~~~Pt. 1, 1/27, RP.

Christ's words from the Cross: and when spoken by Christian initiates ~~~Pt. 1, 1/28,RP.

ALSO: as mistranslation by writer of Matthew Gospel.~~~123 (A-15), Gospel of St. Matthew, 12/220

Christ's Descent to Underworld: ~~~Pt. 2, 4/89, RP.

cigars: "A smoker, who was in the habit of smoking ten cigars a day, promised his doctor to smoke only nine from then on, to which the doctor replied, 'Oh no, by all means stay with your ten cigars: one more or less makes no difference!'" [quote by Steiner] "The Man, Rudolf Steiner," by Andrei Belyi, Reminiscences of Rudolf Steiner, P. 14, by Andrei Belyi, Aasya Turgenieff & Margarita Voloschin, Adonis Press, 1987

civilization, collapse of: " truth, salvation for our collapsing civilization can only come from a spiritual life drawn from the real sources of the spirit. There is no other salvation. Without it, modern civilization, in so far as it is founded in Europe and reaches across to America, is drawing towards its close. Decay is the most important phenomenon of our time. There is no help in reaching compromises with decay. Help can only come from turning to something that can flourish above the grave, because it is more powerful than death. And that is spiritual life."~~~10/123,ON.

civilization, collapse of: "Civilised mankind must either establish the independence of the spiritual life or face collapse--with the inevitable result of an Asiatic influence taking effect in the future."~~~2/21,LA.

claws (in animals): created through aggression. ~~~

~~~Pt. 2, 8/114,RP.

clock face: as zodiac (2x12). ~~~Pt. 1, 1/22 RP.

coffee & tea: Rel. to concentration and conversation, respectively.~~~7/118 ff.EE.

cold-blooded animals: developed in a different way from the warm-blooded. ~~~6/40, FE.

color: subjective (after-images). ~~~7/96, MH.

colors: Greeks used only four: yellow, red, black and white. ~~~6/90,MH.

comets: and prussic acid. Steiner's observation, later confirmed by spectroanalysis.~~~3/46,EE.

comets: cs. break up and cause meteors which, in turn, give us 'cosmic remedies' for nervous disorders.~~~13/218,EE.

Comforter [Therapeut]: In the earliest days of Christianity Christ was the C.~~~Pt. 2, 3/117, MT.

comic books: see advertising

Confucius: see Chinese & Japanese.

consciousness: "We live now in an age when man must consciously begin to make clear to himself what is working in his soul. We know why the time is past when man could draw from an unconscious source the impulses he needed to guide him further. To-day he must begin consciously to enter the realm in which lives his soul-nature, and this soul-nature is generated by consciousness."~~~1/26,TS.

consciousness, five stages of: ordinary day consciousness; in the larynx; in the region of the eyes; "a fourth, that reaches out into the universe, at the crown of the head; and a fifth that is unrelated to the worlds of space and leads us back into the world of time. We travel through time; when we attain this fifth level of consciousness we share the same time-scale in reverse as the deceased."~~~Lecture 5,TF.

consciousness soul: CTC

consciousness soul: see scholastics.

contradiction of our time: "This is the fundamental c. of our t. This contradiction is what we must be attentive to. For if we fail to look at these spiritual realities we shall never understand the source of all the confusion, of all the contradictions and inconsistencies, in the endeavors of the present day. But the easygoing comfort of our time does not allow people to awaken and really to look into these contradictory tendencies."~~~1/26,MT.

corpse, cosmic: We work on the corpse of our spirit and soul element in our world of thoughts.~~~8/86 ff.ON.

cosmic script: see Categories

Cosmo-Sophia: In the 3rd Post-Atlantean period they achieved a Cosmo-Sophia. "This cosmosophy still contained an indication of the divine, spiritual beings, but what was seen tended to be merely a cosmic script expressing the deeds of these beings."~~~


Creating: The three ways of creating:

Combining of existing parts: Form

Producing new formations with new Life

content out of existing foundations: Life

Creating out of nothing: Consciousness~~~27/213 ff., FE.

creation out of nothing: Through two forms: evolution and involution.~~~3/39 ff.OS.

cross: "The symbolism of the Cross depicts the development from the Sun, through the Moon to the Earth. On the Earth the symbol of the Cross was attained by the addition of the upper vertical member above the T [Tau, q.v.] ~~~23/177, FE.

Crucifixion: "The crucifixion is not merely a single deed; it is a continuing deed. So long as we do not drive out the demons through what lives in our souls by changing external mechanical actions into holy actions, we will continue to crucify Christ. It is from this point that our education to a true Christianity must begin. What was symbolically practiced in the ancient cults of Christianity and was once performed only on the altar must take hold of the entire world.~~~10/206,KV.

cruelty: "...a quite definite characteristic that is widespread in the thought system of the present and is rooted in the subconscious. Since people lack the courage to practice this cruelty outwardly, they are cruel in their concepts and ideas."~~~6/105 ff. KV.

crystal: meditation. ~~~21/157-8, FE.

crystal: meditation.~~~3/59 ff.TF.

crystals: created by humans during old Moon. ~~~Pt. 2, 11/129, RP.

Cultural Epoch: related to Great Epoch. ~~~Pt. 2, 6/101-2,RP.

rel. of C. Es. to constellations. ~~~7/52, FE.

cycles, diurnal: rel. to man. ~~~3/43, MH.

cycle of head: seven times slower than of body. ~~~7/105,MH.

cycles, seven day & seven week: seven day cycle includes all the planets. seven week cycle as 1/7th of entire year. ~~~7/103-4,MH.

cycle of seven years: takes that time for anthroposophical truths to mature. ~~~7/107,MH.

Cyclops: When human beings possessed eyes like the C. illumination was brought about through the outstreaming light; this light streamed from within outwards. ~~~27/224, FE.

Cyprianus: see Calderón



dead, communicating with: common memories, use of vowels, "language of the heart" etc.~~~Pt. 2, 2/100 ff.MT.

Descartes: Error in his Cogito ergo sum. (I think, therefore I am.') ~~~16/214, MH.

Descartes: his Cogito ergo sum (I think, therefore I am) goes back to Augustine. "The proposition would have to run differently if we wished to establish the truth about man as he lives in the world of the senses. We should have to say: I think, therefore I am not. For the moment we begin simply to think, the moment we develop purely inward thinking, we are no more."~~~5/95,TS.

decay: "...we attain our freedom precisely through this decaying body, which is the base for our intellectual, abstract thoughts. Through this decaying body the human being has attained all that which a person, as an intellectually imbued scientist, is so proud of today."~~~Pt. 1, 4/59, MT.

demons: At the turn of the fourth to the fifth post-Atlantean period were two streams, the abstract heathen and the Christian. The heathen saw all natural creatures as inhabited by elemental spirits, "demonic spirits, those very demonic spirits who, in the Gospels, are said to have rebelled when Christ came amongst mankind, because they knew that their rule was at an end. Human beings failed to recognize Christ, but the demons recognized him.... Heathen consciousness...wrestled with that other form of knowledge which now sought in all earthly things the substance of Christ that had united with the earth through the Mystery of Golgotha."~~~9/101,ON.

Devechan: as world of effects (physical world as world of causes). ~~~14/101, FE.

diebetes: d. shows that a person has lost his instinct for nutrition.~~~7/116,EE.

diabetes & rheumatism: Caused by undigested vestiges of memory in the soul of a child. ~~~2/22,CC.

digestion: Man does not carry digestion so far as the animal; the digestive process ceases earlier, thus becoming the vehicle for what he sends to the head through the Will. ~~~10/138, MH.

Dionysius the Areopagite: not Pseudo-Dionysius. the Akashic Chronicle teaches that Dionysius "actually lived in Athens, that he was initiated by Paul and was commissioned by him to lay the foundation of the teaching about the higher spiritual beings and to impart this knowledge to special initiates." ~~~13/88-9, FE.

disharmonies: "Ahrimanic powers are working, in fact, wherever disharmonies arise between groups of men."~~~12, AD

directions in man: Lucifer on the left and Ahriman on the right in the realm of thought. In front L. & behind A. in the feeling realm. And L. above with A. below in the realm of will. See also planes (in human). ~~~2/23 ff. BW.

double: rel. to insanity. ~~~2/13, FE.

dragon: on Old Moon man was reptilian, "This gave rise to the tales about the winged serpent, about the dragon." ~~~18/136, FE.

draft [draught] of forgetfulness: see Mysteries, ancient.

draft of forgetfulness: d. o. f. [and the shock which followed] not the essential point. "Negative things are never the essential point."~~~6/59 ff.ON.

dreams: "The peristaltic movements of the intestines are symbolized in the dream as the writhing of snakes."~~~2/47,TF.

dreams:ds. necessary for poets. "People who are unable to dream will always be inferior poets."~~~2/48,TF.

dreams: "nothing can be learned from them." [dreams]~~~6/114 ff.TF.

dreams: What is missing from ds. is the power of thinking.~~~4/34 ff.ON.

drugs: "It is important, therefore, to understand the difference between the physical constitution of man in those times [ancient Chaldea] and that of today. Then one will no longer be tempted to induce other states of consciousness by administering medicaments, which was the normal practice in ancient times and was still frequently practised in the Middle Ages."~~~4/77, TF.

Druids: "...the Twilight of the Gods was taught and the future of Christianity came to magnificent expression through these Northern prophets in what later became the Siegfried Saga. This may be compared with the Achilles Saga.

"Achilles is invulnerable in his whole body with the exception of the heel, Siegfried with the exception of the spot between the shoulders." Siegfried an initiate of the Fourth Sub-Race [Epoch.] The cross of Christ later made the area between the shoulders invulnerable.~~~31/257,8, FE.

duty: "It is in...going-out-of-himself in the feeling of duty, that man can begin to learn how to get beyond his ordinary self.

"There is, however, a danger to man in all such going-out-of his ordinary self, in all such endeavour after spiritualisation. If man were to give himself up entirely to this, he would lose the ground from under his feet, he would lose his feeling of gravity. Therefore he must endeavour, when he surrenders himself to duty, to find within himself at the same time something that shall give him weight, so that he may keep his sense of gravity. Schiller expressed it very beautifully when he said that man has the best relation to duty when he learns to love duty....

"Thus we are truly, in a certain connection, redeemers of Lucifer. When we begin to be able to love our duty, then the moment has come when we can help towards the redemption and release of the Luciferic powers; we set free the Lucifer forces which are held in us as by a charm, and lead them forth to fight with Ahriman. We release the imprisoned Lucifer (imprisoned in self-love) when we learn to love our duty."~~~3/42, BW.



ear, otoliths: rel. to plant root-tip starch granules. ~~~3/18, FE.

Earth: and 'counter-earth.'~~~11/156-7, MH.

Earth: E. not as a globe, but four tetrahedra. Rel. to volcanos. ~~~12/192 ff.EE.

Earth: "Not only is the earth a mighty living being; the earth is an exalted spirit-being."~~~4/68, FM1.

earthquakes: Animals can sense them before they happen.~~~11/186,EE.

Earth's Axis shift: The north pole was once tropical.~~~23/183, FE.

economic balance between East and West: can only be achieved if they have trust in one another.~~~4/43,ON.

economists: "If you go back to ancient times, even to those that I have characterized today as the Luciferic--who were the governing types then? Initiates. The Egyptian Pharaohs, the Babylonian rulers, the Asiatic rulers--they were initiates. Then the priest-type emerged as ruler and the priest-type was really the ruler right up to the Reformation and the Renaissance. Since that time the economist has been in command. Rulers are in fact merely the handymen, the understrappers of the economists."~~~15. AD.

education: "We will begin to spiritualize what the religions call 'baptism' when we look upon every human being who enters the world through birth as bringing his/her Christ forces with him/herself. Thus we will have the right reverence before the growing human being and can then direct the entire education and especially the teaching of the child in this spirit so that we bring in this teaching a sacramentalism to fruition. We can achieve the same end when we not only look upon educating and teaching the child as a divine service, but also make it such a divine service."~~~10/206,KV.

education, religious: is built on egoism. "Because people want to live beyond death, spoken about. People long for this...because it is disagreeable to appeal to knowledge--knowledge is omitted and mere belief is called into play."~~~


Ego: beyond the zodiac (no freedom). ~~~6/93,MH.

egohood: "Through the fact that human beings nourished themselves from the lifeless it became possible to make the transition to egohood. This feeding on what is dead is rightly connected with the desire for the ego." ~~~30/144-5, FE.

Egypt: decay of: ~~~13/177,MH.

Egyptian solar astronomy: ~~~13/175 ff. MH.

eighth sphere: inhabited by black magicians. ~~~Pt. 2, 12/134,RP.

eighth sphere: "When a human being uses the life on earth only to amass what is of service to himself alone, only to experience an intensification of his own egotistical self, this leads in Devachan into the condition of Avitchi. A person who cannot escape from his own separateness goes into Avitchi. All these Avitchi men will eventually become inhabitants of the Eighth Sphere....It is from this concept that religions have formulated the doctrine of hell." ~~~14/106, FE.

eighth sphere: "A great part of the astral body, as it then was [on Old Moon], fell away....It formed, as a conglomerate substance, the astral sphere of the moon, the so-called eighth sphere." ~~~18/136-7, FE.

eighth sphere: "E.s. was introduced into earthly evolution in ancient times. As one of its aspects, the e.s. consists of man's acquiring such a preference for and attachment to his lower nature that Lucifer is not able to remove the higher nature from it."~~~10/199 ff. KV.

18 Years as one cosmic 'breath': (see also nodes) Tied in mathematically with the breathing cycle of man. ~~~4/53,MH.

1841: "The opponents of spiritual life (elemental beings) had, in 1841, the strongest point of attack in the evolution of humankind. [BHMcC Note: Does anyone have a good reference as to why this date is significant?) ~~~Pt. 1, 3/40 f.RP.

Einstein: example of man in box. how far man has deviated from reality. ~~~8/117-8.

Also 15/206. MH. (see also, Relativity, Theory of)

electricity, oscillating: O.e. will be used by man to spiritualize the mineral kingdom. ~~~4/27, FE.

elemental beings: in 1841 (q.v.) have taken possession of a large part of humanity. ~~~Pt. 1, 3/40,RP.

elemental beings: have their consciousness on the physical plane and their body in the astral. These are creative beings and natural laws are their thoughts. ~~~27/218, FE.

elemental beings: 'kings' of the elemental beings [Indian] as follows: gnomes, Kshiti, undines, Varuna; sylphs, Vayu; salamanders, Agni.~~~27/220, FE.

Elohim: as "Spirits of Light"~~~1/7,OS.

embryo: "In the germ of the e. in the mother's womb, in the germ of life, the chemical laws are suspended, reversed, and in the realm of nature this means chaos. Because the germ is chaos, the cosmos can work into it."~~~5/51,ON.

emanations, from man: Various Moon beings, former teachers of man on Earth, interested in our emanations: solid element in writing, movement, fluid, aeriform, etc.~~~7/140 ff. TF.

embryonic development: continues for three months after birth. ~~~3/41, MH.

English: as less advanced language. ~~~7/101, MH.

Ephesus: description of E. initiation.~~~4/89 ff. TF.

Ephesus: Mysteries of.~~~Lecture 4, EF.

equal, all men: "The notion of regarding all men as equal is sheer Luciferic fantasy; the point is not to cherish a general idea but to penetrate to the actual character of every individual man and to develop for it a loving--or, perhaps better, an interested--understanding."~~~1/17-8, TS.

Esau: " still a hairy man, that means he represents the human type which is still more enmeshed in the physical."~~~

~~~31/259, FE.

Eternal Feminine: as Divine Soul. ~~~Pt. 1, 1/30,RP.

ether: absorbs; matter presses. ~~~ 4/58,MH.

etheric body: CTC

evolution: "The great goal for which man must strive is the attainment of the power to gaze into the course of the evolution of humanity."~~~4/68,FM1.

evolution/involution: The "distinction between two processes--the one in which the seed's forces have unfurled themselves and unfolded into the plant, evolution, and the other in which the plant has folded itself up and, as it were, crept into the seed, involution." Followed by a discussion of e./i. spiritual life from Augustine to Calvin. ~~~3/35-6, OS.

Ex deo nascimur: Before the Mystery of Golgotha, people felt e.d.n. must be true.~~~Pt. 2, 3/114,MT.

exercise machines: don't take you anywhere. ~~~7/148, CC.

exercise: E. in visualizing light.~~~1/8, OS.

exercise: see pentagram

extermination of human race: danger of if we don't return to the spirit with full possession of the intellect.~~~8/137,EE.

eye: choroid & retina exchange from one life to next. ~~~8/116, MH.

e. must be selfless, transparent for us to be able to see. So too must the material nature of the physical body become transparent to spirit and soul.~~~7/75 ff.ON.

eyes: at first were united--one eye. Need for two es. to develop sense of self. See also cyclops.~~~Pt. 2, 2/104 ff.MT.

eye, nose, mouth, etc.: Connected to light (head), air (planets, breast), and earth (limb man & metabolic) etc., also head as appendage of eyes, breast as appendage of nose, and limb man as appendage of the organ of taste. ~~~15/204,MH.



fairy tales: How they come about by people relating tales of their experiences in dreamland, encountering their physical body as a castle, etc.~~~3/38-9, BW.

Father: "In the past the human being felt the spirit, from whom he had separated himself, as the spirit of the Father.... The 'Fathers' were higher initiates than the 'Sun Heroes.' The Father principle ruled before the mystery of Golgotha."~~~Pt. 2, 3/112 ff.MT.

Father Principle: the highest Adept, the Saturn Adept, the Hidden God. ~~~23/187, FE.

Faust: Goethe's evolution with.~~~10/108 ff.ON.

Faust: "F. is Oedipus reversed, i.e., the human being [Oedipus] who takes the Lucifer-nature into himself.~~~1/16 ff. BW.

fear: "In earthly life f. certainly puts in an appearance here and there. But it must never be allowed to fill our soul entirely."~~~8/91,ON.

fear, cosmic: as what impels humans back to earth life.~~~8/83 ff.ON.

fear, feeling of: "The feeling of fear that fills our soul before we descend to the physical world is metamorphosed here on earth on the one hand into the feeling of self and on the other into the will."~~~9/95,ON.

feelings: importance of, not the letters (or words). ~~~3/37,MH.

Fifth Post Atlantean Epoch: Task, the development of egotism [sic]. ~~~Pt. 1, 3/41,RP.

Fifth Post Atlantean Epoch: "Germanic". ~~~Pt. 2, 4/93, RP.

Fifth Post-Atlantean Epoch: of "Celts, Germans, and Slavs." Goal is to adapt the human being fully to the physical plane. ~~~Pt. 2, 12/139,RP.

finger dexterity: Movements of our fingers are to a great extent the teachers of the elasticity of our thinking. ~~~9/128,MH.

five stages of consciousness: [see consciousness, five stages of]

flowers, language of: see heart, language of.

folk: "In order for anyone to attain to real occultism, thus serving the whole of humanity, he must outgrow his folk character." Must become 'homeless.'~~~6/201, CT.

folk spirit: "...if our inner spiritual experience is not intense enough, our angel cannot lead us with our consciousness to the folk spirit....Either we grow into the folk spirit consciously and with love, or we are forcibly led into the sphere of the folk spirits. When, after death, the moment is reached at which we turn to descend once more to the sense-perceptible world for a new incarnation, then it makes a great difference, as our soul is led down, whether we have consciously united in love with the folk spirit, or whether, unaware of what is going on, thistakes place forcibly, under coercion....a great many people today lack a sufficiently loving relationship to their folk spirit. This statement hints at the cause for what today brings about disorder among nations. The conflict prevailing among nations today stems from the fact that many people are born with little love for their folk spirit and therefore find themselves in a forced relationship to it. The love which leads us to a particular folk spirit can never bring about a conflict with other nations. We must do everything we can to help people regain a love-filled relationship with their folk spirits. This is most urgent."~~~


food: from chemical laboratories, see Last Supper

foods: Discussion of carrots, potatoes, grains, fats, etc. Four necessary foods: minerals, carbohydrates, fats and proteins.~~~5/85 ff.EE.

foot construction: connected with our whole human earthly nature. (hands - super-earthly) ~~~9/128,MH.

forces: fs. of propagation come from the moon, of growth from the sun, & of thinking from Saturn.~~~14/227-8,EE.

form of man: as product of the extra-earthly. ~~~5/75,MH.

form of man: Formed by the force of the Sun lagging behind the stars. see Saros period.

~~~14/188 ff.MH.

form of man: formed by the mathematical inversion of the heart. ~~~1/14 (MS) AS..

four soul types (Bull, Lion, Eagle, Man): defined. ~~~Pt. 2, 3/80,RP.

free, on the physical plane: "Man gradually becomes free on the Physical Plane the more, through knowledge, he has become incapable of error." ~~~10/76, FE.

freedom from karma: when man's astral body is totally transmuted from within. ~~~2/9, FE.

freedom: "This is a point of view from which opposition to Anthroposophy can very well be understood. Human beings do not want freedom in the spiritual realm. They want to be compelled, led, guided by something."~~~14/171 ff.ON.

freedom: "...human beings definitely need that freedom of thinking in their soul constitution which can only become possible if they raise themselves to a position in which they can take in spiritual truths. Without this we come to that decline of culture which is clearly to be seen all around us today. Healthy judgment, the right immediate impression--these are things which mankind has for the most part already lost. They must not be allowed to get lost, but only if human beings can press through to an acceptance of spiritual things will they not be lost.

We must pay attention to the fact that human beings can find in Anthroposophy a meaningful content for their lives if they turn with their healthy common sense to what can be won through Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition. By opening themselves to what can be discovered, for example, through Imagination, they can recapture that inner vitality which will make them receptive to medicines. Or, it may be that they will also become free personalities who are not prone to succumb to all sorts of public suggestions. [followed by a description of what humans gain by entering in a living way into the teachings of Inspiration and Intuition.]~~~14/175-6,ON.

freedom: f. could not be developed while spiritual beings dwelled in us and impelled our actions. The intellectual age had to arise. Yet "the time is already past in which it was right for us to develop mere intellectuality, mere thinking in pictures."~~~Pt. 2, 2/98-9, MT.

freedom: "Only intellect enables man to become free. By means of his intellect man can become free."~~~9/136,EE.

freedom: see Prophecy and Freedom.

freedom, grasping it: Our task is not to prove freedom, but to take hold of it. ~~~16/217, MH.

freedom, in relations between men and women: "...full consciousness and complete freedom are never present in the external conditions that bring men and women together. These are things that still lie entirely outside the range of human understanding."~~~Pt. 2, 2/97, MT.

freedom, physiological concept of: rel. to sense-free thinking. ~~~


fundamentalism: "Again, what will be of particular advantage to him [Ahriman] is the short-sighted, narrow conception of the Gospel that is so prevalent to-day. You know how necessary it has become in our time to deepen understanding of the Gospels through spiritual science. But you also know how widespread is the notion that this is not fitting, that it is reprehensible to bring any real knowledge of the spirit or of the cosmos to bear upon the Gospels; it is said that the Gospels must be taken 'in all their simplicity', just as they stand. I am not going to raise the issue that we no longer possess the true Gospels. The translations are not faithful reproductions of the authentic Gospels."~~~1/14 ff.LA.

fundamentalism: "A good way of playing into Ahriman's hands is to exclude everything of the nature of knowledge from denominational religion and to insist that simple faith is enough. If a man clings to this simple faith, he condemns his soul to stagnation and then the wisdom that must be rescued from Ahriman cannot find entry. The point is not whether men do or do not simply receive the wisdom of the future but whether they work upon it; and those [who] do must take upon themselves the solemn duty of saving earthly culture for Christ, just as the ancient Rishis and Initiates pledged themselves not to yield to Lucifer's proviso that mankind be enticed away from the earth."~~~4/59,LA.



galoshes: Anecdote of Steiner's followers in Berlin. ~~~5/69,MH.

gastric disorders: "G. ds. arise because one is too much attached to the dead." ...the world that is more real than the physical world.~~~4/80,TF.

geosophy: The ancient Greeks transformed the older cosmosophy into a g.~~~3/26, ON.

generation: "...sins of the fathers [inherited karma] are inherited down to the seventh generation....After the seventh generation heredity dies out. One reckons three generations to a century." ~~~10/65, FE.

gnosis: Its importance, yet we cannot revert to it, we must move forward. ~~~Lecture 4,FM1.

God: "Humanity has been fragmented into bits and pieces. All that survives is merely the word god, which has a common sound for the peoples using the same language, but each individual conceives something different in connection with this one word; that is, his own angel. He does not even ascend to the archangel who guides society.

"At the bottom of this lies a certain concealed egoism but people will not admit it.... There is only one single way of avoiding misinterpretation of God and that is to acknowledge the spiritual hierarchies." How this brings on materialism in various religious sects through Luciferic intervention.~~~9/172 ff. KV.

god-forsaken: "In the physical world man is left to himself, here nobody leads him, he is in very truth god-forsaken." ~~~10/75, FE.

Goethe: and Schiller,~~~3/49 ff. MT.

Goethe: member of 'certain lodges.'~~~4/61, MT.

Goethe, life of: ~~~Lects. 1, 2 & 3, KV.

Goethe's plant science: opposed to Linnaeus'. described.~~~Pt. 1. 2/29 ff.MT.

Goetheanum: How it was named.~~~363,TS.

good & evil: Man has in himself both good and evil. In the future this will become externally apparent as a kingdom of good and a kingdom of evil. ~~~1/6, FE.

Gospel: "The Gospel must be deepened by spiritual science if we wish to gain an actual grasp of the Christ. It is then interesting to examine the separate Gospels and arrive at their real content. To accept the Gospel as it is and as numberless people accept it today, and particularly as it is taught today, is not a path to Christ; it is a path away from Christ.... These very people who swear by the Gospel alone and reject every kind of real spiritual knowledge, form the beginning of a flock for Ahriman when he appears in human shape in modern civilization. From these circles, from these members of confessions and sects who repulse the concrete knowledge brought by spiritual endeavor, whole hosts will develop as adherents of Ahriman."~~~17 ff. AD.

Gospels: "In the absolute sense, nothing is good in itself, but is always good or bad according to the use to which it is put. The best can be the worst if wrongly used. Sublime though they are, the Gospels can also have the opposite effect if men are too lazy to search for a deeper understanding based on spiritual science."~~~3/46,LA.

Gospels: "Fortunately there are four Gospels, which outwardly contradict one another, and this has so far prevented the great harm would cause. By being faced with four Gospels people do not go too far in the direction of the one, but have the others beside it.... A great wisdom lies in the fact that these four Gospels have come down to the civilized world. In this way man is protected from being caught up by some one stream, which will take possession of him--as in the case of so many members of sects--if he is influenced by one Gospel alone."~~~20, AD.

Gospels: "We are touching here on a very important secret which we must bring with all exactitude before our souls. The contemporaries of Christ had first to go through death, had to live in the spiritual world until the second or third century; and then, in the life after death, knowledge of Christ could dawn upon them, and they could inspire those who, towards the end of the second century, or from the third century on, wrote about the Christ Impulse."~~~2/40, TS.

Gospels: "Truths of mighty, awe-inspiring significance are contained in the Holy Scriptures, not just the trivialities of which we so often hear in religious teachings to-day, but sacred truths which thrill through the very fibres of our being, stirring our hearts to the depths. These are truths which flow through the whole evolution of humanity and resound in the Gospels. And as spiritual science reveals their deep, deep source, the Gospels will one day become a precious treasure, prized at their true worth."~~~4/66-7,FM1.

Gospel translations: "...the translations that have been made into the different languages are not faithful reproductions of the Gospels; often they are scarcely even reminiscent of the original meaning of the words in which the Gospels were composed."~~~3/44, LA.

Götterdämmerung: (Twilight of the Gods) in Siegfried Legend, characteristic of all the northern mysteries. ~~~Pt. 1, 2/30,RP.

grains: As a good food.~~~5/92 ff. EE.

gravity: effect of on plants. (starch granules at the root-tips). ~~~3/17, FE.

groups: need for gs. and group work. ~~~14/100, FE.



Hamlet: as Faust's 'pupil'~~~10/129 ff.ON.

hands: clumsy hs. rel. to materialism. ~~~9/127, MH.

hands: connection with super-earthly. ~~~9/129,MH.

hands: "To be an Ego-being we must make the right and the left meet." We need two hands for the ego experience.~~~2/21, BW.

hands: see also finger dexterity.

handwriting: changing one's h. as an exercise of will.~~~Pt. 2, 1/87-8,MT.

head: "The organism of lungs and metabolism of our previous earthly life--not its physical substance, of course, but its shape--becomes our head organization in this life."

~~~8/97, ON.

head, threefold: To the front of the head lies the thinking part; above, the part of feeling; to the back of the head that of willing. The esoteric pupil brings these into conscious connection with each other "in the same way as an ant heap controls the males, females and workers." ~~~4/29, FE.

hearing organization: The spleen in a former life becomes the hearing organization. ~~~9/129, MH.

heart: on way to pineal gland (in next life), source of sublime experiences. ~~~7/115,MH.

heart: as the organ that made man kama-rupic. ~~~6/44, FE.

heart: "The moment one sinks oneself into the heart, one creates for oneself the surroundings as they were when in the Lemurian Age the heart came into existence." [brain, Atlantean age; solar plexus, Hyperborean]. ~~~28/227, FE.

heart: is a world turned inside out.~~~Pt. 2, 2/108,MT.

heart, form of: Formed by opposition of Solar and sidereal forces. (See also Saros period). ~~~14/192 ff.,MH.

heart: Heart is the 'mathematically inverted' human form. ~~~1/14, (MS) AS..

heart: " its true essence our heart is something much more majestic, something vastly greater than any sun." see also, man, richness of. ~~~Pt. 2, 2/95, MT.

heart, language of: awareness of moods of vowel sounds etc., developing into a language of flowers. ~~~Pt. 2, 4/142 ff.MT.

heart-liver: Heart is to liver somewhat as the Sun is to Mercury in the outer world. ~~~10/144, MH.

heart, warmth of: see pituitary gland.

heat, body: Thought rel. to b.h.. B.h. rel. to external heat, etc. ~~~Lect. 16.MH.

heathen and Old Testament cultures contrasted: leading to art and science respectively. ~~~8/92 ff.ON.

helix as "orbit" of Earth around Sun: (Note: this is listed as 'spiral' in text.) ~~~2/33, MH.

hell: see Eighth Sphere, ~~~14/106, FE.

Heraklites: Greek philosopher. description of his initiation into the Mysteries of Ephesus.~~~4/89,TF.

Herta-Mystery: ~~~3/62, FM1.

higher self: "Man must be clear that the higher self is outside him. Were he to seek for it within himself, he would never find it." "What in the course of some thousands of years will become our self is not the higher self." ~~~20/149, FE.

Hinderences, Spirit of: see Mammon

history: Nothing is to be known of the Mystery of Golgotha by external, historical means. Faith is required. "The Mystery of Golgotha does not admit of historical proof by the senses."~~~2/37, TS.

Holy Grail: a place where "all those who were pure in heart and Christian in the true sense went to the Grail while they slept--while they were between sleeping and waking." also, rel to Parcifal and Lohengrin (Ambassador of the Grail).~~~13/162, ON.

Holy Grail: how knights and guardians of the H.G. were selected.~~~Pt. 1, 1/19 ff.MT.

Holy Spirit: as dove.~~~Pt. 1, 2/40, MT.

Holy Spirit: sent by Christ.~~~Pt. 1, 4/67 ff. MT.

Holy Spirit: "When we bring Christ himself as the Resurrected One to life within us, then our knowledge of the Trinity is not dead but alive, for Christ is the bringer of the H. S.~~~

~~~Pt. 2, 3/122,MT.

homeopathy: in ancient Chaldean times.~~~4/76, TF.

hooves (in animals): sign of a hardened nature. ~~~Pt. 2, 8/114,RP.

horses (of the Apocalypse): ~~~Pt. 2, Lect. 9, RP.

hostility: "...But one cannot so conduct oneself in the name of the Christ since it is an absolute impossibility for two human beings who are hostile to one another to confess the Christ."~~~9/177, KV.

human form: fashioned from the force of the Sun lagging behind the stars. [See form of man.] ~~~14/188 ff.,MH.

human being: We need to look beyond the maya of the physical h.b. we see, and see the influence of divine spiritual beings working there.~~~10/195 ff. KV.

human being, true: "For to be a true human being in the universe means to be the instigator of one's own worth."~~~4/33,ON.

hypnotism: "The overpowering of a human being by means of hypnotism is a still stronger killing [than murder], for it destroys the will. The occultist therefore never intrudes into a person's freedom; he only relates facts." ~~~19/146, FE.

hypochondria: as hardening of abdominal & lower parts. ~~~7/101, MH.



ice age: In five to seven thousand years will be another i.a.~~~11/173,4,EE.

ich: [German for I] as J(esus) Ch(rist). [BHMcC Note: One could also add "Je" in French, and "I" (which is identical to "J" in many languages) in English, etc.] ~~~2/14, FA.

initiate consciousness: differences between i.c. and ordinary consciousness.~~~Pt. 2, 1/74 ff. MT.

initiation: "...Initiation was in truth an Easter Festival."~~~2/34, EF.

Initiates, famous: "Men...whom we should describe today as savants, men adjudged to be the outstanding scholars of their day [at Chartres]...such as Bernardus Silvestris, Bernard of Chartres, Alanus ab Insulis. These personalities were still fortunate enough at that time to be associated with Initiates...such as the famous medieval Initiate Joachim of Fiore or that other illustrious personality known to the world as John of Hanville." ~~~4/83 ff.TF.

Initiation, ancient: [see Mysteries, ancient.]

initiation knowledge: life of thought must be fully developed. "This life of thought can be especially well schooled through an immersion in the natural scientific development of the last centuries...."~~~Pt. 2, 1/75,MT.

Initiation, modern: 1st stage: we carry over our dreams into waking life. 2nd stage: waking dreams become a form of perception higher than the normal perception of everyday life. ~~~2/49-50,TF.

Initiation, modern: "Today, our aspiration is not to withdraw the body but to draw out the spirit, by strengthening and enhancing our forces of spirit and soul. The opposite of what used to take place must happen now; now the spirit must be drawn out [of the physical]. No changes must be allowed to take place in the physical, bodily aspect. Since the fifteenth century the human being has been organized in such a way that changes in the physical body, of the kind that were customary in those of [ancient] Mystery pupils, would denote a condition of sickness. It would be a pathological condition, which must not be allowed to come about in normal development."~~~6/62,ON.

initiation, modern: Attempts to exterminate m.i. Courage needed to pursue it.~~~Pt. 2, 4/143 ff.MT.

initiation, modern: "Through the descriptions given by modern initiation science, I would like to awaken strength so that a few people are actually present in the world who can find the proper place between what wants to come into the earthly world from spiritual worlds and what, from the direction of the earthly world, wants it to be impossible for spirituality to penetrate into the life of earth.~~~Pt. 2, 4/145,MT.

initiation science, task of: " take away from natural existence the absolute reality it assumes for itself and to give reality back once more to the world of moral values. It can only do so by using means of expression different from those given by today's language, today's world of ideas and concepts.~~~1/2,ON.

initiation, stages of: In ancient mysteries.~~~2/34 ff.EF.

injuries, self-imposed: not always carried over into next life. ~~~7/103, MH.

intellect: "For our understanding of the spiritual world the intellect is of minimal importance. If we wish to enter even the first of the spiritual spheres that border on our world the intellect must be silenced."~~~5/101,TF.

intellect: One of the most important facts given to us by higher knowledge is that our forces of i. are bound up with our forces of dying....But a moral ideal, which can intensify until it becomes a religious ideal, lives in us in quite a different way. ~~~5/53,ON.

intellect: We must return to the spirit in full possession of our intellect, otherwise we will exterminate ourselves.~~~

~~~8/136 f.EE.

Intellectual (or Mind) Soul: CTC

inversion of life & death: also, i. of astral/ego and physical/etheric.~~~11/213 ff.TF.

Isis: "I am the All; I am the Past, the Present and the Future. My Veil has no Mortal ever lifted." ~~~15/201,MH.

Isis: "...the Egyptian occult teaching in esoteric centres called the Moon Isis, the Goddess of Fertility, Isis is the soul of the [old] Moon".... "What man developed after the Lemurian Age as the sexual forces, is due to Isis, the soul of the Moon..." ~~~14/101-2, FE.

Isis: I. as the soul that seeks the sun spirit (Osiris). ~~~Pt. 2, 6/103, RP.



Jacob: "J. represents one who relies on his intelligence and guile and thereby achieves what is now actually developing in human nature. The overcoming of physical force through intelligence is here inaugurated."~~~31/159, FE.

Jahve-Jehovah: connected with inhaling, in Hebrew. ~~~Pt. 1. 4/53, RP.

Jahve: J. wanted to create human beings like beautiful statues, motionless forms. J's. opposition to the 'Moon Adepts' [Lucifer]. ~~~23/181, ff., FE.

Jahve: J. has the tendency to slow down by seven times what comes from the Moon-organization. ~~~10/141,MH.

Jahve: description of Old Testament aims of J.~~~9/101-2,ON.

Jahve: J., "one of the Seven Elohim, gained the mastery of human consciousness and suppressed the other Elohim at an early period."~~~1/31,CT.

Jahve: The 'mood' of the name J-O-A [I-O-A] in Ephesian Mysteries.~~~4/67 ff. EF.

Japanese: see Chinese & Japanese.

Jesuits: & materialism. ~~~12/160-61,MH.

Jesuits: versus Goethe: ~~~16/219, 20, MH.

Jesus: as initiate of the Third Degree before he could place his body at the service of the Christ. ~~~14/104, FE.

Jesus: as 'Galilean'. " 'Galilean'. means 'The Stranger', someone who does not really belong; 'Galilee' means a small isolated territory where someone could be brought up who, in his native milieu had to take into himself, not only the Jewish, but also all the ancient forms of culture."

~~~31/261, FE.

Jesus' Astral Body: carried by Francis of Assisi, Meister Eckhart, Johannes Tauler. ~~~Pt. 2, 7/108-9,RP.

Jesus' Etheric Body: carried by Augustine, Columba, Gallus, Patrick. ~~~Pt. 2, 7/108,RP.

Jesus' "I": Those who prepare themselves draw the "I" of Jesus to themselves. ~~~Pt. 2, 7/111, RP.

Joachim of Fiore: [see Initiates, famous]

John of Hanville: [see Initiates, famous]

Joseph: An allegory of how J. was initiated. "He was removed from his normal surroundings, sold for twenty pieces of silver and cast into a pit, where he remained for three day. This indicates an initiation....And now we have finely indicated the transition which began at that time from the knowledge of God in the stars to the knowledge of man."~~~31/259-60, FE.

Judas: had to betray Christ. ~~~8/56, FE.

Judas: "Judas did not understand the essence of that which Christ brought the world, and expected that Christ would gain the victory over his enemies by magical powers. By his betrayal, Judas wanted to bring about the earthly triumph of Christ. Our materialistic civilization, Rudolf Steiner said, stands under the sign of Judas. Just as Judas went and hanged himself, so will our civilization destroy itself." "Life Memories Meeting" by Margarita Voloschin, p. 125. Reminiscences of Rudolf Steiner. by Andrei Belyi, Aasya Turgenieff & Margarita Voloschin, Adonis Press, 1987

Julian the Apostate: His tragedy and great mistake was that he still saw the source of personality as coming from the physical rays of the sun, and not from within the individual.~~~2/36, TS.

Jundí Sábúr, Academy of: How it was founded, and its effects.~~~5/87 ff.TS.

Justinian: The effects of his prohibiting the further functioning of the Greek schools of philosophy.~~~5/86 ff,TS.



Kalevala: [Finnish Epic) Steiner's explanation of the 'being' that stretches across Europe from west to east.~~~2/18, BW.

kama: was only to be found as a force on Mars. ~~~6/43, FE.

kangaroos: "proved unsuccessful on the way to becoming man--like pottery vessels which are rejected and left behind." ~~~6/40, FE.

Kant-Laplace theory: relevant for Hyperborean Period. ~~~23/179, FE.

karma: the twelve forces of k. in Indian philosophy, see Nidanas, ~~~15/111 ff, FE.

karma: K. first became possible when human beings made use of their hands for work. Also, "the moment when the first sound was pronounced, the Karma of humanity began in the world" ... "We thus differentiate three stages. The first consists in external deeds brought about through the hands; the second is what is brought about through the spoken word, and the third by what is brought about through thought. And thought is something far more comprehensive than the spoken word. Thought is no longer, as with language, different among the different peoples, but belongs to the whole of humanity." ~~~16/118-20, FE.

karma: How physical body and Ego work together, as well as the etheric and astral bodies in karma.~~~5/102,KV.

karma, freedom from: (see freedom from karma)

"karmic violin': "...a whole complex of forces...project from one incarnation into another. Now we must consider what relationship exists between this complex of forces and the human being insofar as his life flows along between birth and death. Here he or she is really an instrument with four strings--physical, etheric, astral bodies, and ego--on which this bow of karmic forces plays its tune." ~~~5/99,KV.

Kingdom, Power, Glory: "A condition of Consciousness is called Power, a Round is called Kingdom, Wisdom, a Globe is called Splendour, Glory." "To-day all religions, exoteric religions in particular, have fallen away from the true knowledge of God. They are the bearers of egoism for they are not conceived in connection with the whole world, with the Power, the Kingdom and the Glory. When these words regain their meaning through living consciousness, then once more religions will be what they ought to be."~~~25/195, ff. FE.

Knights of Malta: ~~~7/67 ff.ON.

knowledge: "A basic condition of all knowledge is the recognition that life runs its course in opposites, and a state of balance between opposites is all we can strive for."~~~3/52, TS.

"know thyself": "From the fusion of these two sayings--'the world is Maya', from the East, and 'know thyself!, from ancient Greece--there first arose the quest for spiritual knowledge amongst later humanity."~~~1/24,TF.

Koran: The K. contains more about Christ as a divine spiritual being than many protestant ministers profess.~~~10/211,KV.

Kortum: "one of the most significant alchemists of the 18th century." his quote about the search for the Philosopher's stone. ~~~4/25-6, FE.

Kundalini light: description of. ~~~12/83, FE.



Lamb: as Christ, as intelligence of Sun. ~~~Pt. 1, 1/20,21,RP.

languages: "It was he [Ahriman] who has brought about differentiation, who has degraded the one, cosmic speech into the different tongues on earth. Whereas the Luciferic tendency is always towards unification, the fundamental tendency of the Ahrimanic principle is differentiation.--What would thinking be if it were not Luciferic?"~~~4/55, LA.

languages, need to learn: "The human being is the imprint of language...." Learning to speak several languages has had the effect of making people more universal. ~~~2/36, CC.

Laotse: see Chinese & Japanese.

Last Supper: "The significance of the L.S. is the transition from nourishment taken from the dead animal to nourishment taken from the dead plant. When our Fifth Sub-Race will have reached its end, in the Sixth Sub-Race [Epoch], the L.S. will be understood. Even before this it will be possible for the third form of nourishment to begin to make its appearance, the purely mineral. Man himself will then be able to create his nourishment. Now he takes what the Gods have created for him. Later he will advance and will himself prepare in the chemical laboratory the substances he will require."... In the last third of the Sixth Root-Race [Epoch] there will no longer be a physical body, it will be etheric. "So that man, in so far as he no longer takes his nourishment from Nature, but gains it from his own wisdom, from the God within him, so far does he also hasten towards his own deification."~~~30/248, ff. FE.

Latini, Brunetto: Dante's famous teacher. suffered a heat-stroke which produced a change of consciousness. his description of the Goddess Natura in his Tesoretto. ~~~4/85, TF.

law of cosmic continuity: "During waking life...the Sun forces stream into our physical and etheric bodies from without and our inner being is permeated with the stored up Moon forces. During sleep the Sun inhabits the astral body and Ego; during waking life, the Moon. In waking life the Sun inhabits the physical and etheric bodies, during sleep, the Moon."~~~10/191 ff. TF.

law of spiritual economy: What has once been achieved for humankind is not lost. ~~~Pt. 2, 2/74,RP.

laws: three sets of laws, not one set, but three. We must seek for them in Man himself. ~~~4/61, MH.

learning: easier in summertime than in winter.~~~11/185,EE.

lecturing: must come from the heart.~~~1/6, AL.

lecturing: " should not indeed believe that one is able to find the adequate word, the adequate sentence; one can only conduct oneself as does a photographer who, in order to show a tree, takes at least four views."~~~2/34, AL.

lecturing: three steps: 1) survey the whole lecture as a totally. 2) speak from experience. 3) the need to elaborate the ideas which ensue to the point that these things can stand before the soul in the most complete inner satisfaction.~~~3/37-8, AL.

lecturing: know your audience.~~~3/40, AL.

lecturing: "...through your experience you speak to the heart of the listener. It is this which should be looked upon as a golden rule."~~~3/57, AL.

lecturing: when speaking about the spiritual sphere, lyrical; the rights sphere, dramatic; the economic, narrative or epic. ~~~

~~~5/84, AL.

legends & fairy tales: "In their very composition, legends and fairy-tales which seem so unintelligible to modern scholars, point either to the Mephistophelian, the Ahrimanic, or to the Sphinx, the Luciferic. The secret of all legends and fairy-tales is that their content was originally actual experience, arising either from man's relation to the Sphinx or from his relation to Mephistopheles.

"In legends and fairy-tales we find,... either the motif of the riddle, the motif of the Sphinx, where something has to be solved, some question answered [Luciferic]; or else the motif of bewitchment, of being under a spell [Ahrimanic]."~~~1/14 ff. BW.

lemniscate: many applications, including rel. to waking & sleeping. ~~~10/145-7, MH.

Lemurian: "day", of six months. ~~~Pt. 1, 1/21, RP.

leprosy: as disease of middle ages caused by fear of the Mongolian hordes. This would not have happened if they were met with courage and love. ~~~29/234, FE.

letters, their meanings: see sounds and vowels.

Levi, Eliphas: "In the writings of Eliphas Levi and also in those of Encausse who wrote under the name of Papus you can find highly questionable and dangerous instructions on this subject." [ceremonial magic]~~~7/148 ff,TF.

libraries: Ahriman's "preserving jars" where disinterested students do research to write papers practically no one reads. "These 'preserving jars' of wisdom are a particularly favourable means of furthering Ahriman's aims."~~~1/18,LA.

Light on the Path: (by Mabel Collins) "A sentence such as that from 'Light on the Path', 'Before the eyes can see they must give up tears', holds good for all times and all places." [Note: In presenting this quote, Steiner emended it slightly. The original, in English, is a bit more cryptic. It reads, "Before the eyes can see, they must be incapable of tears."] ~~~10/72-73, FE.

lightning: L. not caused by electricity, but by the air getting rid of its heat.~~~11/181 ff.EE.

liver: connected with melody, listening to a symphony. ~~~7/101, MH.

Logoi, three: Reference to the Logoi who underlie a planetary chain. ~~~27/214 ff., FE.

Lohengrin: as emissary of the Grail Lodge, the wise leader who prepared the way for the establishment of towns. The swan was his symbol. (Initiate of the third grade.) ~~~9/63, FE.

Lohengrin: "L. is the initiator of the 'city-state', and the city life which leads up to a new cultural stage is symbolized by Elsa of Brabant."~~~31/261, FE.

Lohengrin: Why Elsa was forbidden to ask after L's. name and origin.~~~13/162-3,ON.

love: What we normally think of as love between two people is not love at all if it is not spiritualized, it is self-love.~~~4/134 ff.CT.

Lord's Prayer: CTC

Lord's Prayer: see Tetraktys

love: "We have to call in Ahriman to create a polarity to Lucifer. And this we can do by cultivating the polar opposite of love.

"Love is inner fire, its opposite is calmness--the quiet acceptance of what happens in the world. As soon as we approach our right with this quiet and calm interest we call in Ahriman. It is not easy to recognise him here, for we set him free from his merely external existence, we summon him into ourselves and warm him with the love that is already united with the right. Calm and peace of mind have the coldness of Ahriman; in the quiet understanding of what is in the world, we unite our warmth and our understanding love with the coldness that is in the world outside. And then we release Ahriman, when we meet what has come about with understanding, when we do not merely demand our rights out of self-love but understand what has come about in the world. This is the external battle that is waged between Lucifer and Ahriman. On the one hand man learns in a conservative way to understand the conditions that are in the world, he learns to understand how they have come about from cosmic, karmic necessity. That is one aspect of the matter. The other aspect is that he feels in his heart the urge to make new conditions possible, continually to let the old give place to the new. This is the revolutionary current in human life. In the revolutionary stream lives Lucifer, in the conservative stream Ahriman, and man in his life of right lives in the midst between these two poles."~~~3/44, BW.

love, spirit of: developing a sp. of l. towards all created things and all living beings, as a third level of consciousness.<~~~3/58-9,TF.

Lucifer: how he incarnated in the third millennium BC.~~~3/37, LA.

Lucifer: We must take L. into ourselves during the fifth post Atlantean epoch in order to balance the Ahrimanic forces.<~~~1/16, BW.

Lucifer: "...the Luciferic being is fighting in us from the left and the Ahrimanic being from the right."~~~2/22 ff. BW.

Lucifer: Luciferic activity in the etheric body has the result of making the will young, the result is will. ~~~3/34, BW.

Lucifer & Ahriman: in body, soul and spirit of man.~~~1/4 ff.ON.

Lucifer & Ahriman: "If we want to characterise Ahriman and Lucifer we might say: Lucifer is a proud Spirit who likes to soar away into the heights where lofty visions open out. Ahriman is a morally lonely Spirit who does not readily make his presence known; he sets his nature to work in man's subconscious... conjures judgments out of it. People then believe that they judge out of their own consciousness, whereas they often derive an opinion from (subtle) subconscious instincts...or they even allow it to be conjured forth by the Ahrimanic forces themselves."~~~1/19, TS.

Luciferic: "It should be realised that just as external science becomes Ahrimanic, the higher development of man's inner nature becomes Luciferic if he gives himself up to mystical experiences. The Luciferic tendency wakens and becomes especially powerful in everyone who, without the self-training described in the book Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its Attainment, sets about any mystical deepening of the impulses already inherent in his nature. The Luciferic tendency shows itself in everyone who begins to brood over experiences of his inner life, and it is extremely powerful in present-day humanity. It takes effect in egoism of which most people are entirely unaware." To counteract this, we must achieve objective understanding and acquire knowledge of what is necessary for world-evolution.~~~2/26-7, LA.

Luciferic: "All that arises in the course of history as wonderful programmes, marvelously beautiful ideas, by which it is always believed that in some way or other a return can be made to the Golden Age--all this has its origin in the Luciferic tendencies which flow into man. Everything by which he tries to loosen his connection with reality, to soar above his actual circumstances--all this points to the Luciferic. So, too, does the impulse that is always tending to diminish the interest we take in our fellow-men."~~~1/16-7,TS.

Luciferic 'sacrifice': was a sacrifice before the middle of earth evolution but a hindrance after. ~~~Pt. 2, 11/126,RP.

Lucifer's intention: "L's. i. was to convey the wisdom to men in such a way that it would induce them to abandon the path of earth-evolution and take a path leading to a super-earthly sphere, a sphere aloof from the earth.... to win mankind for a kingdom alien to the kingdom of Christ."~~~4/54,LA.

lying: "L. is, from the astral standpoint, murder and at the same time suicide. It deceives the other person and creates in him a feeling that is related to a non-existent fact, to a nothingness. On the astral plane appears the counter picture of the nothing- ness, the killing. You therefore kill something in a person when through a lie you direct his feeling to something that does not exist, and you commit suicide because," [Gap in text] ~~~19/146, FE.



Magi, three, & their gifts: "...represent the Initiates of the three preceding races or epochs of culture, the Initiates of mankind up to the time of the coming of Christ, the Bringer of the Love that is free of egoism--the resurrected Osiris." The Lumurians, the Atlanteans and the Aryans. "The European (Melchior) brings gold, the symbol of wisdom, of intelligence which comes to expression paramountly in the Fifth Root Race. The offering of the Initiate representing the Fourth Root Race (Balthasar) is franincense, connected with what was intrinsically characteristic of the Atlanteans . They were united more directly with the Godhead, a union which took effect as a suggestive influence, a kind of universal hypnosis. This union with the Godhead is betokened by the offering. Feeling must be sublimated in order that God may fertilise it. This is expressed symbolically by the frankincense, which is the universal symbol for an offering that has something to do with Intuition.

"In the language of esotericism, myrrh is the symbol of dying, of death.... It is offered by the Initiate representing the Third Root Race (Lemurian). ~~~6/88-9,FM1. ~~~

magic, ceremonial: the lowest kind of sorcery, frequently results in suicide.~~~27/220, FE.

magicians, black: will form the bodily incarnation for Sorat, (q.v.), ~~~Pt. 2, 11/127, RP.

major and minor: "Paracelsus major" and "Paracelsus minor" also "Jacob Boehme major" and "Jacob Boehme minor" briefly described.~~~7/138-9,TF.

mammals: as human passions which 'congealed' or solidified out during Lemurian times. ~~~Pt. 2, 8/113,RP.

Mammon: ruler of the lower astral (sub-earthly) plane, the Spirit of Hindrances. ~~~Pt. 2, 11/125,RP.

Mammon: M's. battle with Michael. Also, he brings about certain infectious illnesses.~~~29/235, FE.

Man: study of from four different points of view: Complete Form, Internal Motion, Organic activity and Metabolism. ~~~5/77-8,MH.

Man: need to study: As a 'cardinal demand' which now approaches humanity. ~~~15/196,MH.

Man, richness of: "If we combine all we observe in the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, and add thereto the starry heavens, it would not compare in richness with the mysteries within Man himself." ~~~7/110,MH.

Manichean teaching: From now on, souls should prepare themselves to transform into good the evil that will appear in its full strength in the sixth epoch. ~~~Pt. 2, 12/143, RP.

Manichaeans: important endnote (no. 46) refers to Steiner's lecture notes. ~~~13/94, FE.

manna: as Manas. ~~~Part 1, 4/52, ] RP.

manure: Importance of compared to artificial fertilizers.~~~6/108 ff.EE.

Marduk: [in Chaldean Mysteries] "He [Micha-el] is the same Being as Marduk, the son of Ea." [Ea later Sophia, wisdom.]~~~1/34, ff.TF.

mark (on forehead): Human beings will carry the mark of their inner life on their foreheads. ~~~Pt. 2, 8/115,RP.

martyrs, future: after the war of All against All. ~~~ ~~~Pt. 2, 9/119,RP.

Mars: rules larynx (& upper limbs) while Moon rules lower limbs. ~~~9/124,MH.

Mars: M's. contribution to first half of earth, also, Mercury's contribution to second half.~~~26/205, ff., FE.

Master: "To be a M. means: To work in the substance in which the beings are incarnated who work with us in our thoughts. Imagination gives the picture." ~~~17/124, FE.

materialism: "The more human beings are led by materialism to disdain the Spiritual, the more will the ether-body contract and wither."~~~1/10, BW.

materialism, practical & theoretical: described. ~~~Pt. 2, 3/84,RP.

materialist: cannot be a materialist and a Christian. ~~~13/178,MH.

Maya: "From the fusion of these two sayings--'the world is Maya', from the East, and 'know thyself!', from ancient Greece--there first arose the quest for spiritual knowledge amongst later humanity."~~~1/24,TF.

measure: "In the world of devachan, everything is ordered according to measure and number." ~~~Pt. 1, 3/43, 44,RP.

meat: Discussion of metabolism of animal fats, vegetarianism etc. "But it is no use being fanatic about these things. There are people who simply cannot live if they don't have meat."~~~5/98 ff. EE.

medicine: "...someone who has made the effort to understand something given through Imagination will have reactivated his vital forces to such an extent that medicines will once more be effective for him--provided they are the right ones--because his organism will no longer reject them.... Mankind needs to take in what can be given by Imagination, if only for the reason that the human physical body will otherwise succumb more and more to a condition in which it cannot be healed if it falls ill."~~~14.173,ON.

meditation: how it is done.~~~Pt. 2, 1/77 ff. MT.

mediums: Through contact with "shades" one can be exposed to the illusion that what is merely the shell of a person is his real individuality. ~~~20/152, FE.

mediums: "Instead of being the bearer of the human Ego,...a medium is, temporarily, the vehicle of an elementary being [subject to Ahrimanic influences] which is neglecting its duty in the Cosmos, I want you to take quite literally the expression: a being which is neglecting its duty in the Cosmos."~~~8/157 ff.TF.

mediums: "Though we may learn much of importance from them [mediums], this is not the right path to spiritual knowledge.~~~8/158,TF.

mediums: "...everything at work with this mediumistic form that ought to advance the course of human evolution and bear fruit in the future is relegated to the present where it does not belong. In the present, it works to the detriment of humanity."<~~~8/162,TF.

memory: whole man as organ of. ~~~7/99,MH.

menstruation: "A very special process takes place in the female organism that is connected with the expulsion of blood.... Every time the blood is expelled something of a spiritual-soul nature is born at the same time, and this remains. It does not become physical, because no conception has taken place."~~~1/11,EE.

mental images: "Everything we see before our eyes constantly wants to bring about an actual structure within us. But we resist this. We keep our brain as it is. Because of this, the object is mirrored back and becomes the mental image."

~~~8/89, ON.

mercury (quicksilver): "...m. holds a profound secret. Its effect upon man is such that he is isolated from all impressions of the physical world and also from the world of the Elements."~~~5/103 ff. TF.

metabolism, movement of: in lemniscate. ~~~6/87-9, MH.

metabolism: rhythms of, in 24 hours. ~~~ 6/82, MH.

metals: meditation with metals, and their rel. to human organs.~~~3/64 ff.TF.

metamorphosis, in man: a factor natural science ignores. (rel. to after-images in eye and memory, etc.) ~~~7/96-7,MH.

milk: "The occultist calls milk: the Moon-food."~~~30/243, FE.

Mithraic Cult: How Christianity triumphed over M.C.~~~10/203 ff. KV.

molecule: minutest m. acted upon by the whole starry heavens. ~~~7/111, MH.

Moon: rel. to sidereal, not solar, astronomy. two separate astronomies: Solar astronomy, christianity, astral: and Lunar astronomy, Heathen, etheric. ~~~12/166 ff., MH. ~~~also most of Ch. 13.MH.

Moon: rules lower limbs, while Mars rules higher (& larynx) ~~~9/124,MH.

Moon: is present more spiritually during New Moon, and more physically during Full Moon.~~~3/49, EF.

Moon, Old: as womb.~~~1/10, EE.

Moon sphere: "What we see as the Moon is simply a kind of nucleus and the whole sphere belongs to the Moon. The Earth is within the Moon sphere....The Moon's orbit follows the boundaries of the Moon sphere."~~~6/128-9,TF.

Moon's nodes: equal to nutation of earth's axis. ~~~4/54,MH.

moral side of substances: "It is important that the man who is familiar with the physical side of substances and has occasion to make a detailed study of this aspect should also supplement his information by a knowledge of the moral side."~~~4/81,TF.

moral worlds, new: "in order to discover n.m.w. we must proceed to the question of where matter can be built up. Death is in us at every moment, but so is resurrection. This is where we should look. This, out of the anthroposophical world view, is the perspective we must place before human souls, since the natural sciences have turned their attention for far too long and far too one-sidedly to the forces of dying. It is important to develop the courage to attend to what must be done in order to build up new worlds."~~~5/54,ON.

morality: The student "gradually comes to understand that this entire age, with its physical ingredients and processes, can decay and be dissolved; but the morality that flows forth from our actions continues to exist in its effects.... moral laws are also objective laws of the world."~~~Pt. 2, 1/89,MT.

Moses: former student of Zarathustra, bore his etheric body. ~~~Pt. 2, 2/76,RP.

"mountain, on the:" "When the disciples were with Jesus 'on the mountain', they were led into the devachanic world, beyond space and time; they built themselves a 'tabernacle'--a home. This is the first stage of initiation." ~~~14/104, FE.

movement, inner: there are seven, including blood, nerve-fluid, lymph, etc. (the rest not enumerated) ~~~6/84,MH.

movement, of metabolism: moves in lemniscate. ~~~6/87,MH.

Mystery of Golgotha: "In our present time it is essential to turn our attention to the great question for humanity: How and in what sense is the mystery of Golgotha the meaning of the entire development of the earth?"~~~Pt. 2, 3/108,MT.

mystic: "The ordinary mystic looks inward. Through introspection he sets up an emotional ferment compounded of God, the universe, angels and devils. At best his introspection leads to normal dream states where it is impossible to tell whether they come from the sexual or the intellectual plane. As a rule the experiences are confused and chaotic. This is the vague and nebulous mysticism which does not illumine the dream, but, as only the Initiate can understand, makes the confusion more confounded."~~~10/196,TF.

music: sevenfold influence, see Planets, sevenfold influence.

music: m. is destined to be the art of the future. Goetheanum was conceived musically. In future the coming of the figure of Christ will have to be expressed through music.~~~11/219, TF.

music: description of the strivings of the various music intervals.~~~11/220 ff,TF.

music: "It will even come to pass that one day the realm of music shall echo the teachings of Anthroposophy and the Christian enigma shall be solved through music."~~~11/222, TF.

Mysteries, ancient: All led to same Mystery goal, but took different paths. "Despite the modifications, there were two measures within the Mysteries which every pupil had to undergo and which could be termed as being of paramount importance. These were, on the one hand, the draught of forgetfulness and, on the other hand, something which worked on the human being during the Mystery procedures like a powerful shock--like entering into a powerful fear. It is no longer permissible to use either of these for the purpose of achieving higher supersensible knowledge."~~~6/58,ON.

mysteries, northern: Founded by Sig. ~~~Pt. 1, 2/29, 30, RP.

Mysteries, Pre-Christian: The coffin, in which the student experienced the crucifixion was given the shape of the cross.

~~~Pt. 2, 12/134,RP.



Nertus: Among the tribes of the Ingaevones, N. was Mother Earth. Other names for N. include: Frigg, Frei, Freiga, the Scandinavian Nört, and Ing.~~~3/61 ff. FM1.

new year birth: In certain ancient Germanic tribes conception was allowed only during specified times in spring. Anyone not born "in the period of the darkest nights, at the time of greatest cold, towards our New Year, was regarded as an inferior being."~~~3/60, FM1.

Nidanas: the twelve forces of karma which in Indian esotericism are called Ns. ~~~14/106, also 16/111 ff. FE.

Nirmana-kaya: as a stage higher than the Bodhisattvas. ~~~6/43, FE.

nodes, of Moon: about 18 years & seven months, "the nights passed during these periods are the most important nights in the life of the individual." ~~~4/56,MH.

northern mysteries: founded by Sig. ~~~Pt. 1, 2/29-30,RP.

northern mysteries: and Friggo.~~~3/63, FM1.

nose: as a coarse plant.~~~8/148, EE.

Novalis: "Novalis' famous occult faculties are connected with the fact that he was a mining engineer." ~~~13/93, FE.

number: "In devachen, everything is ordered according to measure and number". ~~~Pt. 1, 3/43,RP.

number relationships: Several examples of how a 'most secret' numerical relationship always yields the current date. How numbers can be used to "throw dust in people's eyes."~~~6/131 ff. KV.

numbers: "...numbers and numerical proportions have a certain meaning for the cosmos and the world. It is in numbers...that the harmony that wells through space is expressed." This lecture is devoted to explaining the occult meanings of numbers, including an exercise on page 45. It includes the occult formula: 1 = (2-x) - (1+x). "When we meditate on the world from the standpoint of numbers, we can penetrate deep world secrets."~~~3/31 ff. OS.

nutation: of Earth's axis equal to Moon's nodes. ~~~4/54, MH.



Oedipus: means 'club foot'. O. had to take Mephistopheles into himself for the advancement of the fourth post Atlantean epoch, just as we have to take Lucifer into ourselves for the fifth post Atlantean epoch.~~~1/16, BW.

organs of humans & animals: "In the animal the organs die, whereas in man they are dissolved into the Cosmos, They dissolve rapidly....We can follow the individual organs as they take their path towards the infinite, each towards its own sphere." development of Cosmic Man.~~~11/216, TF.

Ormuzd & Ahriman: In Ancient Persia they represent good and evil; "and what conquers the evil is Zervan Akarana, Time.~~~31/255, FE.

occult schooling: "In a strict occult schooling the pupil receives no educational matter whatever, but is given a pregnant sentence filled with inner power. ~~~ 3/24, FE.

occult societies: "All sorts of ways have been used to keep... knowledge, which is fostered within their walls, from the rest of humanity."~~~6/116, KV.

occult truths: why they can't be taught to everyone. [question of illness and disease.]~~~29/236, FE.

1:3:7:12: "When Pythagoreans wanted to express the four members of the human being, they expressed the harmony in the ratio: 1:3:7:12." ~~~Pt. 1, 3/43-4,RP.

organs in man: upper, directed outward; lower. directed inward. ~~~7/97,MH.

other teachings: "If...we wish not only to become participant in Christ, but to understand Him, we must not only look at what Christ has done for us, but we must learn of all the teachers of West and of East, and we must account it a holy thing to become familiar with the teachings of the whole known world; we must devote ourselves to the sacred task of understanding the Christ in His completeness by means of the highest teaching." (113 (A-9) The East in the Light of the West, Spiritual Science Library (a division of Garber Communications, Inc.) Blauvelt, 1986)

other teachings: "It is entirely wrong not to become acquainted with them, but it is also wrong to be taken in by them. It is also most important to examine carefully everything that appears today, often from the most dubious sources, in the form of mysticism or occultism."~~~7/142, KV.

ownership: o. puts one to sleep regarding social conditions.~~~4/140,CT.



Pagan wisdom: "I beg you earnestly--although I know that such requests are of little avail--not to adopt a philistine attitude when mention is made of Luciferic beings. Even among anthroposophists there is still the tendency to say: 'That is certainly Luciferic. At all costs let us avoid it, reject it!' But these things have to be considered in many different aspects and it must always be remembered that the whole of the old Pagan wisdom emanated from a Luciferic source. The subject is one that calls for deep and serious study."~~~4/53, LA.

Pantheism: no knowledge of spirit if it is summed up in a unity. Therein lies the poverty of pantheism. ~~~Pt. 2, 5/96,RP.

Parcival (Parcifal): an expression of a pupil's typical path of development in our fifth post-Atlantean age. Unlike in former times, we now need to ask questions. ~~~Pt. 2, 7/109-10-11, RP.

Parcival: Illustration of Parcival legend placing one man against the 12, as opposed to the Holy Grail picture which shows the 12 around the round table. ~~~16/214. MH.

Parcival: P. represented the striving of humanity to find the Christ within. ~~~16/215,MH.

Parcival: P. as prototype of fifth post-Atlantean human--must ask questions.~~~13/157,ON.

passion: should not be annihilated, but purified. (catharsis.) ~~~ 6/41, FE.

pentagram: Its rel. to etheric body. "No one who ponders the pentagram deeply will be unsuccessful if only he does so with patience. He must immerse himself in the pentagram, as it were; then he will find the currents in the etheric body."~~~1/2 ff.OS.

pentagram: P " the star of humanity, of evolving humanity; it is the star that all wise men follow, as did the Priest-Sages of old. It symbolises the very essence and meaning of earth-existence. It comes to birth in the Holy Night because the greatest Light shines forth from the deepest Darkness. ~~~2/38,FM1.

Philo of Alexandria: "...interprets the whole of the Old Testament as an allegory. This means that he wants to make the whole Old Testament, which is told in the form of direct experiences, into a series of thought images. This is very clever, especially as it is the first time in human evolution that such a thing has been done....These allegories are nothing other than an inner revelation of dead soul life, soul life that has died and now lies as a corpse in the power of thinking....These are the two great polar opposites: the world of abstraction foreshadowed in an ahrimanic way by Philo, and the world which is to enter into human evolution with Christianity....The Mystery of Golgotha is the all-embracing living protest against this. Thoughts can never solve the riddle of the universe because the solution of this riddle is something living. The human being in all his wholeness is the solution to the riddle of the universe. Sun, stars, clouds, rivers, mountains, and all the creatures of the different kingdoms of nature, are external manifestations which pose an immense question. There stands the human being and, in the wholeness of his being, he is the answer"~~~9/99-100, ON.

Philosophy of Spiritual Activity: How Steiner was led to introduce moral tact into his book.~~~14/170 ff.ON.

physical body: p.b. only knows self-awareness. ~~~ 9/57, FE.

physical body: "In itself it [physical body] can neither live, think nor feel. There then remains a very wisely ordered, extremely complicated automaton, a purely physical apparatus." [describing human existence on Old Saturn] ~~~12/79, FE.

physiological concept of freedom: rel. to sense-free thinking. ~~~10/137,MH.

pictures: need to think in ps. ~~~17/124, FE.

pineal gland: Betw. death & rebirth, the evolution of the heart on its path to the pineal the cause of a sublime experience. ~~~7/115,MH.

pineal gland: will become organ of vision. ~~~5/36, FE.

pineal gland: Following the development of the pituitary gland, the pineal gland (epiphysis) is developed. When this happens the word will become an actual being. ~~~7/49, FE.

pineal & pituitary glands: organize a second spinal column which will descend in front from the head. ~~~4/28, FE.

Pitris = Fathers: stand higher than the Bodhisattvas & below the Gods. ~~~6/43, FE.

pituitary gland: "Just as the parallel organ to the ear is the organ of speech, so the parallel organ to the warmth of the heart is the pituitary gland, the Hypophysis. Reference to this in Light on the Path by Mabel Collins.~~~5/35, FE.

pituitary gland: Today, thought passes out through the larynx as the word. In the future this word will be the expression of inner warmth when the Pituitary gland (hypophysis) develops. ~~~7/49, FE.

planes above physical: described. ~~~5/32 ff., FE.

planes (in human): P. of vertical symmetry, Thinking: front-back, Will; Horizontal, Feeling.See also directions in man. ~~~1/16-17,MH.

planetary influences: as viewed by the Moon beings.~~~3/53 ff. EF.

planetary spheres: describe10/197 ff. TF.

planets: Their influence on geographic regions of the earth: Asia, Venus; America, Saturn; Africa, Mars.~~~9/147,EE.

planets: Difference when ps. are above or below solar ecliptic, to the right or left of sun, before of behind the sun. ~~~1/18-19,MH.

planets: Relative speeds of ps.~~~1/11, OS.

planets: sevenfold influence from the planets on the etheric body, as there is from the seven musical intervals: unison, major second, major third, perfect fourth, perfect fifth, major sixth, major seventh--Saturn, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus.~~~Pt. 1, 3/44, RP.

planets: ps. influence on life, human, animal vegetable.~~~10/158 ff.EE.

planets: "There are many planets that are not to be seen with physical eyes, such as those in the first, second and third elementary kingdoms."~~~3/41,OS.

plant: P. scent comes from the planets, the color from the sun and moon.~~~10/162,EE.

plant parts: leaves as tongue, roots as eyes. ~~~8/149,EE.

plants: self-conscious on spiritual plane. (animals on astral plane).~~~2/55,TF.

plants: in ps. it is the etheric which is visible [as material], not the physical. With animals it is the astral. Humans manifest the I.~~~2/32 ff.MT.

plants: as homeopaths, using fine particles of stone.~~~10/166 ff.EE.

plants, speaking with: The plants can speak and answer us on the mental plane. Their consciousness is similar to that of an idiot. ~~~3/19, FE.

plants, effect on of gravity: from starch granules in root-tips. ~~~3/17, FE.

polarity: "All intellectual activity can be found to work in two polaric directions: toward separation and toward union."~~~1/20, KV

point of view, personal: "Just consider how popular it has become to respond to everything that appears in the world as knowledge with the words: This is my point of view. People say 'This is my point of view' without having gone through any kind of development. Everyone is supposed to make his own point of view count from the location where he just happens to be standing at the moment when he speaks. And people are offended, even angry, when a higher knowledge is mentioned, a knowledge that can only be acquired through the work of self-development."~~~Pt. 2, 4/144-5, MT.

pontifical college of ancient Rome: A college [unnamed], which was created as a successor to the p. c. a. R., which fulfilled the decree: "'For as long as possible nothing new shall be seen in the spiritual world....The principle of initiation shall be completely rooted out and destroyed. Only the writings we are now modifying are to survive for posterity.'"~~~1/13, MT.

positivity: need for in occult training. ~~~5/31, FE.

potatoes: Not a root, but rather a tuber or enlarged portion of the stem. Not a good food.~~~5/92 ff.EE.

potatoes: ps. transform the brain, making people, perhaps, good poets but not good mechanics, incapable of sewing on a button!~~~9/151,EE.

prana: as life ether. ~~~5/31, FE.

prayer for teachers: '"Dear God, make that I, as far as my personal ambitions are concerned, quite obliterate myself. And Christ make true in me the Pauline word, 'Not I, but the Christ in me.' This prayer, addressed to God in general and to Christ in particular, continues: "...that the Holy Spirit may hold sway in the teacher." This is the true Trinity.' ~~~6/146, CC.

prayer in youth: leads to blessings in old age. ~~~1/21,CC.

"premature birth": (of Paul) means "initiation by grace" ~~~Pt. 2, 1/70,RP.

preparation for spiritual perception: [see spiritual perception, preparation for]

propaganda (for anthroposophy.): should not use p. or agitation. ~~~Pt. 2, 7/110-11, RP.

Promethean-Saga: when fire was withdrawn from the Agni.~~~28/228, FE.

proofs: "...our attitude of soul will be that we do not set out to prove things, but rather to experience them. ~~~3/48,LA.

prophecy and freedom: Things are realized depending on the freedom and initiative of the individual. ~~~Pt. 2, 12/138,RP.

proportions: CTC

proportions: see 1:3:7:12, pyramids.

psychic research: "The suggestion has even been made by enthusiasts for this kind of investigation that I, together with the fruits of my investigations, should put myself at their disposal in their laboratories in order that they may be able to investigate objectively the phenomena of the inner world. This is about as sensible as if someone were to come along and say: I understand nothing about mathematics so I cannot say whether the statements of mathematicians are true or false. The best thing for him to do would be to come to me in my psychical laboratory and I will make experiments with him to show whether he is a great mathematician or not."~~~9/180 ff.TF.

psychoanalysis: P. probing the "'bestial slime at the bottom of the soul.' "What they are able to discover in the life of the soul can only be analyzed in the right way with the knowledge that human life proceeds through repeated lives on earth.... What is needed is not to investigate the bestial bottom slime, but what is planted in this muddy substance as the seed of the soul."~~~5/92 ff. KV.

Ptolemaic system: "Copernicus established his heliocentric system from the point of view of the terrestrial consciousness only. The old P. system is not erroneous; seen from the perspective of the consciousness of the Moon sphere its findings are correct.~~~9/173, TF.

punctuality: [regarding lectures] "...either one wants to come or one doesn't want to come, but under no circumstances is one allowed to disturb the concentration of those present. He who does not understand this proves that for him the time to work esoterically has not yet come." "The Man, Rudolf Steiner," by Andrei Belyi in, Reminiscences of Rudolf Steiner by Andrei Belyi, Aasya Turgenieff & Margarita Voloschin, Adonis Press, 1987.

pyramids: and their connection with (Pi).~~~6/107, KV.

Pythagorean: "In the Pythagorean sense we can say, 'Divide the unity, but never otherwise than to have in your underlying thoughts the remainder connected with what has been separated.'"~~~3/44, OS.

Pythagorean square: 1. The spinal cord and brain are the organ of the ego. 2. The warm blood and the heart are the organ of Kama (astral body). 3. The Solar plexus is the organ of the etheric body. 4. The actual physical body is the complicated physical apparatus. ~~~12/81, FE.

Pythagorean square: see Tetraktys.





races: 'melting' of human beings with their race. ~~~Pt. 1, 4/50,RP.

radio-activity: "Radio-activity (radioactivity) did not exist in earlier times and could not therefore be discovered. It has only existed for a few thousand years, because now the atoms split up more and more." ~~~10/66-7, FE.

reading and writing: " can we expect to communicate with spiritual beings when we are compelled in many cases to learn to read and write before the change of teeth? Angels and spiritual beings cannot read or write."~~~6/121,TF.

reincarnation: time between lives discussed.~~~8/50, FE.

reincarnation: was not to be taught for two thousand years, for educational reasons. ~~~8/53, FE.

reincarnation: Two incarnations (as man and as woman) are to be reckoned as one. ~~~8/54, FE.

reincarnation: "...there were many people in Europe, even into the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, who were aware that a human being passes through repeated lives on earth."~~~Pt. 2, 2/97, MT.

Relativity, Theory of: "not of much value." (see also Einstein) ~~~6/83, MH.

review, backward (Rückschau): exercise described.~~~Pt. 2, 1/86-7,MT.

rhythmical organism: "The more living element that comes over from the life of spirit and soul, when we descend into a new earthly life, takes up its dwelling from the start not in our head, but in our r. o."~~~8/97,ON.

rhythms: of metabolism - 24 hours. ~~~6/82,MH.

riddle of the universe: see Philo of Alexandria.

"This is another point of view from which to contemplate the Mystery of Golgotha. Instead of confronting the riddle of the universe with thoughts in all their deadness, confront the whole of what man can experience with the whole of what man is."~~~9/100, ON.

Robespierre: R. in the service of retrograde brotherhoods. ~~~15/108, FE.

Roman emperors: Augustus, the first of the Julians, was the only one to be initiated, though in a questionable way. The others obtained initiation by force.~~~2/38, TS

Rome: founded in 747 BC. ~~~12/165,MH.

Rückschau: see review, backward.

Russian occultist: In the presence of the Guardian of the Threshold the Russian Occultist primarily perceives the light-filled beings. He doesn't see the darkness, the decay. "Being blinded by what comes across is the danger in the presence of the Guardian of the Threshold for the Russian who remains as an occultist among his own people."~~~6/214, CT.



Samothrace, Mysteries of: ~~~4/71 ff. EF.

Saros period: (Chaldean) Rhythm of 18 years in rel. to 72 years, etc. (BHMcC Note: Lunar month of 27.5 days times 2 = 72.) ~~~14/190 ff.,MH.

Saturn: as leader of planetary system. ~~~11/154, MH.

S. and Jupiter as our most important day planets. (Mercury & Venus at night). ~~~11/155,MH.

savages: "The s. have developed into what they now are...from states originally more perfect."~~~8/126 ff.EE.

Schiller: his question, 'How can people achieve an existence which is truly worthy of human beings?' leading to his Letters on the Aesthetic Education of Man. ~~~12/141 ff. ON.

Schiller: How S. was led to an esthetic approach. ~~~14/167 ff.ON.

Schiller: S. and Goethe.~~~3/49 ff. MT.

Scholastics: Why they fought the Arabian influence. The three things the consciousness soul are related to: the nature of birth and death, the course of life itself, and the true nature of science.~~~5/94 ff.TS.

science: "A truly Christian science will not seek for atoms, not for atoms and their laws, nor for the conservation of matter and energy; it will seek for the revelation of Christ in all the phenomena of nature, and these will thereby reveal to men their sacramental character."~~~6/122,TS.

Secret Doctrine: [by H. P. Blavatsky] "If we can distinguish fact from fiction, many important truths are to be found in the S.D. ~~~10/203,TF.

sectarian ideas: 'We must never be tempted to implement s.i. ~~~2/24, CC.

seed force: in Atlantean times, (animal force in Lemurian age). ~~~Pt. 2, 3/81,RP.

self, feeling of: "Our f. of something that must not be allowed to exceed more than a certain degree; indeed it really ought not to be felt independently at all in earthly life. Someone who develops his f. of s. with too much independence turns into a person who knows only himself. Our f. of s. is actually only with us during earthly life so that we keep a hold on our body until we die.... So if, on passing through the portal of death, we were to enter this spiritual world without our f. of s., we would lose ourselves. We need our f. of s. there simply in order to maintain ourselves. And moral deeds we have done during earthly life, deeds which have justifiably enhanced our f. of s. ---these protect us from losing ourselves after death." ~~~8/91, ON.

self, feeling of: need for two eyes for f. of s. "We reach the idea of I because we can lay our right hand over our left, or, more generally speaking, because we can bring any two symmetrical members together." e.g. focusing of eyes.~~~Pt. 2. 2/107,MT.

Sem & Semites: Sem as double personality, etheric body filled by higher being. ~~~Pt. 2, 7/106,7,RP.

Semites, Original: "It is to the original Semite civilisation that we owe everything that has existed up till the present time. But now there begins a new impact with the Slavonic Peoples which will lead into the future."~~~ 30/250-51, FE.

Semites, Original: The O. S. were first people who were in a position to think with their intellect. They were the founders of the Fifth Root-Race [Fifth Post-Atlantean Epoch.] The later Kabbalistic teachings were an echo of that finely articulated thought system of the primeval Indians [original Semites.]~~~31/252-3. FE.

sense organs, right & left: left, outer objects & thinking: right, feeling our feeling. ~~~1/21, MH.

senses: The five senses and their rel. to the various planes, including two other senses, those of the pituitary and pineal glands. ~~~9/59. FE.

sentient soul: CTC

Sephiroth, Tree of: "Raymond of Sabunda called to mind, how the T. of S. or the Aristotelian categories (those generalised concepts that look so strange to one who cannot understand them) contain what is meant to guide us through Intelligence, up into the universe." (8/129, Karmic Relationships, Vol III)

seriousness: "What is lacking in our age for a real view of the world, capable of supporting human life, is seriousness. It is for this reason that one of the first demands made upon those who enter spiritual science is to develop this seriousness in their view of the world and really to penetrate the course of human evolution a little. We have frequently emphasized the fact that the evolution of the world really acquires meaning only through the Mystery of Golgotha..."~~~9/176-7,KV.

Seth: see Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge.

seven letters, seals, trumpets: refer to the 5th, 6th and 7th great epochs respectively. ~~~Pt. 2, 1/71,RP.

seven liberal arts: as angels or 'guardians' in Greek. With Capella [Martianus, 5th century.] they became allegories, yet still had power. "...and finally the heavenly lady astrologia, who towered over them all.... The sevenfold feminine leads us onward and upward, so might Capella have concluded when describing his path to wisdom."~~~1/22 ff.MT.

seven seals: Description and illustrations of the s.s. of the Apocalypse, along with the admonition that they are not to be profaned. ~~~Ch. 4.OS.

sexuality: "Through the descending Kama-Principle it was the manifestation of Jehovah; through the ascending Buddhi-Principal it was the manifestation of Christ." ~~~19/144, FE.

Shakespeare: his influence on Goethe and Lessing.~~~10/129 ff,ON.

should (2 quotes on Steiner's use of "should" as an injunction) : "We are now living in the age of the consciousness soul development, a condition of soul wherein the all-important thing is for individuals to draw their own conclusions and learn to give facts an unprejudiced hearing, so that they can then make fully conscious judgments. The style of my presentations springs from an awareness that man has entered upon the development of the consciousness soul. This accounts, as I said for the varying conclusions that can be drawn from my words. I try to present the facts as clearly as possible. But there is never any question of "should" or "shouldn't." Anthroposophy is there to communicate truth, not to propagandize. This has often been emphasized as, for example, in my refusal to take sides about vegetarianism. When I describe what effect a vegetarian diet has on people and what the effects of meat-eating are, I do so merely to present the facts, merely to present the facts, to make the truth known. In the age of the consciousness soul, anyone really acquainted with the facts of any case can confidently be left free to form his own judgments. It is essential to an anthroposophical view of things to be really clear on this point."~~~Pt. 2, AC.

"Moral teaching and moral preaching, however, do not establish morality. Truly not. If morality could be established in this fashion there would be certainly no immorality at this time; humanity would be overflowing with moral actions, for everyone without question has had many opportunities to hear the most beautiful moral principles, especially as people are so fond of preaching them. But knowing what one ought to do, what is morally correct, is of least importance in this realm. What is of importance, on the other hand, is that there should be impulses living within us, which through their inward strength, their inward power, translate themselves into moral actions. As is well known, moral sermons do not produce this result. Morality can be established only if human beings are guided to sources from which they can receive the impulses that lead to moral conduct."~~~Pt. 2, SF.

sickness: " entering into a human body I have actually become sick when compared with the world from which I have descended. The concepts of sickness and sin were interwoven for the ancients."~~~Pt. 2, 3/110,MT.

Sig: as founder of northern mysteries. ~~~Pt. 1, 2/29, 30,RP.

Siegfried's: vulnerability to Hagen, pre-Christian lack of cross on his back. ~~~Pt. 1, 2/31,RP.

Silver: "If a man concentrates on the peculiar properties of s...

he concentrates within himself those forces which are responsible not only for the circulation of fluids through the vessels, but also for the circulation of warmth in the bloodstream." bound up with reproduction, fever, karma, etc. ~~~5/110 ff. TF

sin, original: The placing of 'o. s.' into the moral realm, and the way it is presented today is a terrible blasphemy.~~~3/53,TS.

six, six, six (666): How the date is computed, the role of Christ in balancing the beast, the Sorat, and its influence on the Consciousness soul.~~~4/74 ff.TS.

Sixth & Seventh Cultural Epochs: will be spiritualized.~~~Pt. 2, 5/98, 99, RP.

Skandas: astral beings which bring about our karma. ~~~27/221, FE.

sky, blue: see blue sky.

sleep: "It is simply a fact that for the human waking condition the significance of sleep is enormous."~~~Pt. 2, 4/129 ff.MT.

sleep: discussion of spheres entered during s. "The Other Side of Human Existence."~~~Pt. 2, 4/125 ff.MT.

sleep, too much & too little (in children): too much leads to slow talking, too little to stammering. ~~~2/38,39,CC.

sleeping-waking: must be drawn in a lemniscate, not a circle. ~~~10/145,MH.

sleeping-waking: Sleeping man like earth in summer, waking man like earth in winter. ~~~11/150,MH.

"smart pills": "People will learn what to eat and drink in order to become really clever. Eating and drinking cannot make them spiritual, but clever and astute, yes.... they will be the inevitable outcome of catastrophes looming in the near future. And certain secret societies--where preparations are already in train--will apply these things in such a way that the necessary conditions can be established for an actual incarnation of Ahriman on the earth"~~~3/47, LA.

snake: As sign of Ego. ~~~1/3, FE.

snake: raises the process of digestion into consciousness. ~~~4/51,MH.

solar astronomy: s.a. rel. to Christianity, astral; contr. w. Lunar astronomy, heathendom, etheric.~~~12/167 ff.MH.

solar astronomy: Egyptian. ~~~13/175 ff. MH.

solar plexus: in communion with the whole world. ~~~1/2, FE.

solar plexus: developed during the second Round of Old Sun. ~~~12/80, FE.

solid: in man, related to Earth, liquid rel. to entire universe, especially the Moon. Ego has a direct influence on our solid man, astral body has an indirect influence on our fluid man. ~~~13/174, MH.

Solomon's Temple: "What the Gnosis contained in the form of wisdom, Solomon's Temple contained in the form of symbolism." ~~~3/56,FM1.

Soloviev, Vladimir: "S. has taken western thought forms into his own thinking." but handled differently from the way they are handled in the west.~~~2/17 ff.ON.

somnambulistic condition, origin of:~~~10/193 ff, TF.

Sorat: 666, sign of (illustrated), Sun demon. ~~~Pt.1, 1/19,RP.

Sorat: How his planned appearance in 666 was thwarted by Christ incarnating when He did.~~~4/74 ff.TS.

soul; s. as bee " the Greek Mysteries the soul was called a bee, the Arupa Plane a beehive and the physical earth a field of flowers."~~~10/76, FE.

s. enters the body with the first breath and leaves with the last.~~~14/235, EE.

sound: study of is studying the arithmetic of the air. Sound corresponds to Manas. ~~~5/34, FE.

sounds, inner moods of: [A few examples will be given here. See also vowel sounds.] a: [ah, as in father] Wonder, Amazement, b: To wrap around; to envelope, c: [ts] The quality of lightness, d: To indicate; to ray outwards, e: [a, as in say] To be affected by something and to withstand it, f: Thou knowest that I know. Eurythmy as Visible Speech, Dornach, 1924, (Anthroposophical Publishing Co. London, 1956) [Listed at end of Lecture II and elaborated throughout the book.]

speaking and thinking: "S. and t. are, in their origins, Luciferic, but were drawn away from the grip of Lucifer by the wise men of old.--If you are really intent upon fleeing from Lucifer, then you must make up your minds to be dumb in the future, and not to think!"~~~4/55, LA.

specialization: How it will increase in the future. Preparations for it. "This means that each human being should fill his soul with what brings him close to every other human being, no matter what their specialized work may be."~~~3/75 ff. KV.

species: "The individual human being is, in himself, a whole animal species."~~~4/51,OS.

speech: Through s. we propagate ourselves spiritually. ~~~7/48, FE.

speech: In our sp. we "create the foundation for later planetary conditions. What we speak to-day will actually be present there as foundation, just as the rocks and stones form the foundation of the earth."~~~ 13/96, FE.

Sphinx: Union of paternal spirit with maternal substance (Osiris & Isis) yielded Horus. "The merging of the serpent form with the etheric head, with the newly acquired astral body and head formation, led to the conception of the form of the sphinx." ~~~18/137, FE.

Sphinx: S. represents the transfigured human countenance when evil race will have been expunged. Also, "Not for nothing did the old Egyptians place the Sphinx in front of the Temple of Initiation."~~~29/240, FE.

Sphinx: "When an extended ether-body--which is not suited to the nature of man but to the Luciferic nature--makes itself felt and takes shape before the eye of soul, what kind of form emerges? The Sphinx!" ~~~1/9, BW.

Sphinx, riddle of: "In the morning it goes on four, at mid-day on two and in the evening on three. What is it: It is man." In the morning of the earth man went on all fours, then upright, then in far distant future (Vulcan) the legs and right arm will disappear and he will go on three. Vulcan man limps. ~~~3/23, FE.

spiders: have consciousness on astral plane. Their webs are spun out of the astral plane. ~~~3/21, FE.

spiral [sic] (helix?): in cosmogony, the spiral itself moves in a spiral. ~~~3/48,MH.

spirit, seeking the: "When we seek the spirit without becoming conscious of the nature of the spiritual world we are at all times on a false track."~~~10/196,TF.

spirit, seeking the: "...the best means of finding one's own way into the spiritual world is through understanding and meditating upon what is understood."~~~11/218, TF.

spirit self: CTC.

spiritism: Why certain occultists introduced it toward the end of the nineteenth century.~~~10/212 ff.KV.

spiritual life: "Therefore, in the highest degree, it is necessary that an increasing number of human beings in our time understand the need to return to the s. l. This feeling that we must return to a s. l. is what people today should seek to awaken within themselves. If they fail to seek this, humanity will fall prey to Ahriman. Seen from a higher standpoint, this is how serious the situation of humankind on earth is today. We should actually put this thought before all others."~~~Pt. 2, 2/99, MT.

spiritual life: The Ahrimanic incarnation will be greatly furthered if men fail to establish a free and independent spiritual life and allow it to remain entangled in the economic or political life.... To the Ahrimanic power a free spiritual life would denote a kind of darkness, and men's interest in it, a burning, raging fire. The establishment of this free spiritual life is essential in order that the right attitude, the right relationship, may be adopted to Ahriman's incarnation in the future."~~~2/22, LA.

spiritual science, definition: 'That which brings man to take his head in earnest once more.'~~~11/158,MH.

spiritual perception, preparation for: "One cannot prepare a person for spiritual perception by external means; he must first learn to organize effectively his inner life which is normally so chaotic." ~~~6/120 ff. TF

spiritual training, dangers of: ~~~7/45, FE.

spleen: Synonymous with 'depression' in English. ~~~7/101,MH.

Star of Bethlehem: "The light that shines before the Magi is the soul of Christ Himself. The Second Logos Himself shines before the Magi and over the cave in Bethlehem."~~~6/90-1, FM1.

Star of Bethlehem: see Three Wise Men.

stars: as plants.~~~2/53 ff. TF.

steam engine: "The entire possibility of making steam engines rests on the creation and use of a vacuum. In ancient times men spoke of the horror vacui, the horror of a vacuum.... When the steam engine is created in this way, Ahriman gains the possibility of establishing himself as a demon even in the very physical entity. In constructing steam engines, the condition is created for the incarnation of demons." But these things (including electricity, which is even more demonic) must not be done away with. Rather, we must bring about a balance by a deeper understanding of the Christ.~~~9/184 ff.KV.

Steiner's clairvoyance, scope of: "When I wrote my book, Occult Science-an Outline,...I described the Earth in its earlier incarnations of Moon, Sun and Saturn....whereas all the Initiates who spoke of these matters concluded their account between Moon and Sun; in reality, they traced the Earth incarnation only as far back as to the Moon sphere. Any suggestion that they should look back to still earlier incarnations of the Earth was met with indifference....They declared this to be impossible, for the path was blocked by an insuperable barrier." How Steiner overcame this barrier.~~~9/174 ff.TF.

stock, capital: drives the I constantly deeper into materialism.~~~Pt. 2, 9/119, RP.

stones: in gardens. Importance of stones and stone dust.~~~10/165 ff.EE.

study: "Study the conclusions of Spiritual Science, not to satisfy a curiosity for clairvoyance. That must be emphasized again and again." ~~~10/144,MH.

substance, annihilation of: Man is the one arena in which an actual annihilation of substancetakes place. ~~~14/192,MH.

suffering: "We cannot come to intuitive knowledge, to this submerging of ourselves in things external to ourselves, without having gone through an intensified suffering." "Beauty can only be developed out of pain."~~~Pt. 2, 1/89 ff.MT.

sugar: "The sugar illness, diabetes, shows that a person has lost his instinct for nutrition." Rel. to liver illness in children.~~~7/116 ff.EE.

suicide: "When someone commits suicide he has identified his ego with the physical body. For this reason the longing for the physical body is all the more intense. It seems to him that he is like a hollow tree, like someone who has lost his ego. He then has a continual thirst for himself." ~~~12/87, FE.

Sun: As result of solar system, not its cause. ~~~3/47,MH.

Sun: In that which comes to us from the Sun is all that has been transmitted to the Sun from the universe. ~~~4/57,MH.

Sun: Schelling's question: Not, Where is the Sun? but rather, Where is his influence felt?~~~5/64,MH.

Sun: "In reality, of course, the sun does not revolve around the earth, but that is how it appears."~~~10/157,EE.

Sun Demon: Sorat, 666. ~~~Pt. 1, 1/19, RP.

Sun Intelligence: sign of (illustrated) ~~~Pt. 1, 1/20, RP.

sunspots: effects on radiation, vintage years, etc.~~~11/171 ff.EE.

supersensible world, relation to: Venus & Mercury are the two planets through which our planetary system has a relation to the supersensible world. ~~~11/153, MH.

swan: "A human being through whom a knight of the Grail was working here in the physical world was called a Swan."~~~Pt. 1. 1/20,MT.

sword: in mouth (Apocalypse).~~~Pt. 2, 4/90,RP.

symbols, language of: in ancient India, used for communicating esoteric truths. "The words which the Indians created are still full of the magic of the sacred primeval language. Nevertheless what is of Indian origin cannot be made use of by us in Europe." ~~~15/108-9, FE.



tardiness: see punctuality.

tarot: [Note: spelled 'Tarok' in source book.] "Those who were initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries to read the Book of Thoth, consisting of 78 leaves on which were inscribed all happenings in the world from the beginning to the end, from Alpha to Omega and which could be read if the signs were rightly put together. These pictures gave expression to the life that dies and then springs again to new life. Whoever could combine the right numbers with the right pictures, were able to read the Book. This wisdom of numbers and of pictures had been taught from time immemorial. In the Middle Ages it was still in the foreground although little of it survives to-day."~~~2/37-8,FM1.

task of present: to unite knowledge and faith. ~~~12/171, MH.

task of Cultural Epochs: The Christ impulse in us must become active in the 5th C.E. through healing, in the 6th through seership, and in the 7th through prophecy. ~~~4/168-9,CT.

task of Cultural Epochs: "What constitutes the mission of the fifth post-Atlantean epoch is rooted in the English [speaking peoples] as an instinct, as an impelling force arising instinctively from the soul of the people." The task of developing the consciousness soul.~~~6/194 ff. A HREF="#CT">CT.

Tat twam asi (That thou art): We look upon the animal kingdom and say to ourself t.t.a.~~~ 6/41, FE.

Tau: as symbol for man as animal-man with horizontal spine, on Old Moon.~~~23/177, FE.

teachings, other: see other teachings

tedium: When men find one thing or another in outer life tedious, possibly because of the education they have received or because of other circumstances, the path which Ahriman wants to take for the benefit of his incarnation is greatly smoothed. Tedium is so widespread nowadays! I have known numbers of people who find it irksome to acquaint themselves for example with banking procedure, or the Stock Exchange, or single or double entry in book-keeping. But that is never the right attitude. It simply means that the point has not been discovered where a thing burns with interest. Once this point is reached, even a dry cash-book can become just as interesting as Schiller's Maid of Orleans, or Shakespeare's Hamlet, or anything else--even Raphael's Sistine Madonna. It is only a question of finding the point at which every single thing in life becomes interesting....

"It is man who is paradoxical in his relationship to truth. What he must realise--and this is a dire necessity to-day--is that he, not the world is at fault. Nothing does more to prepare the path for Ahriman's incarnation than to find this or that tedious, to consider oneself superior to one thing or another and refuse to enter into it....

"To be interested in something does not mean that one considers it justifiable. It means simply that one develops an inner energy to get to grips with it and steer it into the right channel."~~~2/29 ff.LA.

teeth: It takes seven times longer to develop our mature teeth as it does the milk teeth.~~~3/42, MH.

Tertullian: His Credo quia absurdum est (I believe because it is absurd) not really from T. Explanation of his works.~~~3/44 ff.TS.

tetrahedron: see volcanos.

tetraktys: [Steiner does not use this term, but in Pythagorean wisdom it is represented by the triangle surmounting the square.] "The square is the symbol of the fourfold nature of man; physical body, ether-body, astral body and ego. The triangle is the symbol for Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit, Spirit-Man." ~~~2/37,FM1.

tetraktys: see Pythagorean square.

thinking: We can think because the head has withdrawn from Earth-forces. ~~~2/29,MH.

thinking: We shall lose the possibility of thinking unless we work our way through now to that which is new. ~~~11/157,MH.

thinking: We tend to put each other to sleep in our thinking. How to defend against this. In thinking we are anti-social.~~~4/124 ff.CT.

thinking: "The moment you generalise or unify--at that moment you are nearing Luciferic thinking. If you were to contemplate each human individual, each single plant, each single animal, each single stone in itself alone, having in mind the one, single object, not classifying into genera and species, not generalising in your thought--then you would be little prone to Luciferic thinking. But anyone who were to attempt such a thing, even as a child, would never get beyond the lowest class in any modern school."~~~4/56, LA.

thinking, feeling & willing: "T., f. & w. are nowhere separate in our soul life; everywhere they work into one another."~~~1/9, ON

thinking and brain: "Just as little as I can walk without the ground under my feet, so can I, as a physical being, not think without a brain." ~~~ 2/44, CC.

thinking without the head: ~~~2/30, MH

thinking without prejudice: "Only if you are capable of restricting yourself solely to what you have seen will you be in a position gradually to attain to thinking with exactitude. It is necessary to lay aside everything we have been taught or have learned from life with regard to what we see, and follow solely what life presents to us."~~~7/78 ff.ON.

Thirteen Holy Nights of Christmas: ~~~Lecture 3, FM1.

thought: belongs to the whole of humanity. [as opposed to languages, which are different among different peoples.] ~~~16/119-20, FE.

thought forms: "...are made out of a kernel of etheric substance surrounded by astral substance." ~~~12/85, FE.

thought forms: t.f. described. ~~~19/142, FE.

thoughtless glance: "Every thoughtless glance is damaging to modern initiation."~~~7/77,ON.

thoughts: "What you think to-day you are tomorrow." ~~~21/164, FE.

three elements in evolution: form, life and consciousness. ~~~3/16, ff. FE.

threefold social order: CTC.

threefold social order: lecturing about.~~~5/84, AL.

three wise men: [Magi] "What led them to Christ Jesus was the most ancient and, at that time, the highest wisdom of mankind....By the fourth century AD mankind had lost the wisdom of the Magi...." ~~~2/20,ON.

three wise men: see Star of Bethlehem.

three worlds: As man is a threefold being, so is the world. 1. world of sense, 2. indicated by motion of the Moon, 3. indicated by the equinoctial point, path of Sun. ~~~4/60, MH.

threefold man: Steiner's early conception of, (1905).~~~2/7 ff., FE.

threefold man: inner aspects, followed by outer aspects, of t.m.~~~Lects. 9 & 10,ON.

threshold, experiences when crossing: ~~~4/36 ff. ON.

Till Eulenspiegel: How, by taking everything people said literally, T.E's. owl mirror helps them to see themselves.


time: "To recognize the full significance of the Christ-Force in human evolution on Earth, we must be able to place Man himself correctly in the whole Universe, in a temporal sense." ~~~16/208 ff., MH.

time: " a certain level of Initiation we see into Time. One has the impression that the passage of Time is spatial."~~~6/123 ff.TF.

Tolstoy: a high spiritual power used him as an instrument. (see also Ulfilas) "Tolstoy's writings work so powerfully because they are consciously opposed to West European culture and contain something new and elemental." ~~~5/37, FE.

Transubstantiation: "In the physical world of sense it is contradictory to say that bread and wine--which in outward appearance remain the same--become the body and blood of Christ after the T. But when we are initiated we will understand this, because then, in our soul lives we are within the spiritual world. Thus would people have spoken in olden times."~~~3/45, MT.

Trappist vow of silence: They knew about reincarnation. "The Trappists had to remain silent throughout one incarnation, so that in the next they might become eloquent speakers."~~~8/53, FE.

Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge: Rel. to blood, ~~~Pt. 1, 4/58, 59,RP.

Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge: Legend of Seth standing before the Gate of Paradise, craving entry, and gaining admittance. A sign of initiation. Seth planted three seeds in Adams mouth from which sprang a Tree. Moses' staff, the cross etc. made from this Tree.~~~ 2/36 FM1.

Tree of Sephiroth: see Sephiroth, Tree of.

Trinity: (See prayer for Teachers)

True, Beautiful, Good: "Through what we achieve today in terms of the t. b. and the g. humans form their organs of the future." ~~~Pt. 1, 4/55,RP.

truth about Christ: "...even were we to cite Lucifer, he would not say what is untrue about the Christ!" But something else untrue might leak out.~~~3/63,TS.

twelve stages of human consciousness: "There are seven grades of human consciousness: trance, deep sleep, dream, waking, psychic, super-psychic, and spiritual consciousness. Actually there are in all twelve stages of consciousness; the five others are creative stages." ~~~1/4, FE.

twelve stages of human consciousness: "The twelve apostles represent the stages of consciousness through which the Christ passed.~~~1/5, FE.

Twelve Tribes of Israel, Knights of Round-table, zodiac:~~~16213, MH.

Twenty-five thousand nine hundred and fifteen, (25,915): Rel. to cosmic year, breathing cycle, etc.~~~10/163 ff.EE.

Twice-born: Explanation of in ancient mysteries.~~~2/31 ff. EF.

two races: " could easily be possible that if conditions prevailing on earth today continue, conditions in which everything is based on violence and power, and wisdom counts for nothing--well, it could indeed happen that the men who want to found everything on power would gradually take on animal-like bodies again, and that two races would then appear."~~~8/127, EE.



Ulfilas: First Christian initiate in Europe. Embodied the possibility of union with Christ into the German language. ~~~2/14, FE.

understanding: "To understand the world without understanding Man is impossible."~~~10/133,MH.

understanding and the will: "People often say: 'I don't understand this, I can't grasp what it means.' But is it terribly important whether you or anyone else grasps what a thing means? For what does this grasping (begreifen) mean? It really means putting a matter in the light where repose the thoughts which for decades a person has found comfortably suitable for himself. Otherwise its meaning is no different from what people call 'understanding'. What people themselves call understanding often signifies very little where truths revealed from the spiritual world are concerned.... in the supersensible spheres...truths are not mere theory but are meant to seize upon the will, to strike the world of deeds...."~~~3/63-4,TS.

Uranus & Neptune: as 'fugitives' that have wandered into solar system.~~~11/151, MH.



Valkyries: "The fallen fighters were received by the V, their own soul; union with the Valkyries was union with the eternal." ~~~Pt. 1, 2/30,RP.

Vedanta: "No philosophy dealing with human matters was expressed so objectively, with such pure mathematical thinking, as the V. philosophy which is truly philosophical in the highest sense of the word. Whoever imbues himself with this, knows what the following means: 'I need no other person in order to know whether something is true.' Whoever actually raises himself to this clear, passionless thinking, needs no other opinion" ~~~21/161-2, FE.

Venus transits: Importance of. Effects on weather, etc.~~~11/179 ff.EE.

Virgin Birth: "...two facts that are inseparable from a true view of the Mystery of Golgotha are those which form, as it were, its boundaries: namely, the Resurrection, which cannot be understood independently of the V. B.--born not in the way that makes birth a delusive fact for mankind, but born in a supersensible way and going through death in a supersensible way. These are the two basic facts that have to act as boundaries to the life of Christ Jesus. No-one understands the Resurrection...who does not accept its correlate, the V. B., the birth that is a supersensible fact.~~~3/59,TS.

"vibes, good": [quoting a lady in Paris] "'There are such good vibrations here!'....the scents of the lectures which were left behind and which one could sniff out somehow, these were really meant. We must learn to tear language away from adequacy. For it can be adequate only for the material."~~~2/35, AL.

violent death: "...he continues seeking for his physical body until the time when he would otherwise have died." ~~~12/87, FE.

Virtues, three fundamental: "Firstly, all that can live in willing gratitude; secondly, all that can live in the will to love; and thirdly, all that can live in the will to do one's duty." ~~~6/127, CC.

Voltaire: "V. was in the most eminent sense, an individual directed by forward-striving brotherhoods, for the actual purpose of his being there was to set men on their own feet." ~~~15/108, FE.

vowel sounds: express human feelings of sympathy and antipathy. Thus, Eee, joy or curiosity; Ah, 'I am astonished'; A (as in say without the y), I want to get rid of something that irritates me; U (as in shoot) 'I am frightened'; I (as in kind) 'I am fond of you, I like you.' ~~~4/93, CC.

Vulcan man: will lose right arm and legs. ~~~3/23, FE.

Volcanos: Vs. occur along the fault lines from the four tetrahedra which make up the earth. Earth not a globe but rather four tetrahedra.~~~12/192 ff.EE.



Wagner, Richard: His Parcifal anticipated the urge to give a musical expression of the Christ Impulse.~~~11/219,TF.

Wahle, Richard: A professor of philosophy who wrote that there ought to be no such thing as philosophy. About his works.~~~4/69 ff.TS.

Waking-Sleeping: "Now I wish to emphasize that for the consciousness of today it is most important that we are awake during the daytime or for a corresponding period and that we sleep for a period equivalent to the hours of darkness."~~~2/39,TF.

Walpurgis Night: W. N. connection with the Herta cult and, later, with Ahrimanic influence.~~~3/63,FM1.

War of All Against All: described, ~~~Pt. 2, 3/81, 82, RP.

War of All Against All: " the Lecture-Course on the Apocalypse, namely that we are heading for the "War of All against All", must from now onwards be grasped in all its significance and gravity; its implications must not remain in the realm of theory but also come to expression in the actions, the whole behaviour of men."~~~3/33, A HREF="#LA">LA.

War of All Against All (after): good description of that time. ~~~Pt. 2, 8/115, RP.

warm-blooded animals: all w.b.a. are derived from man.~~~6/39, FE.

Way, Truth & Life: Way = Elias, Moses = the truth, Christ = the life.~~~8/53, FE.

white magic: "...the basic principle of all w.m. is that no power can be gained without selfless devotion." [followed by an exposition of the left and right hand paths.] ~~~20/150, FE.

Wilhelm Meister: Steiner's exposition of Goethe's story.~~~8/108 ff.FM1.

will, strengthening: exercises: backward review, handwriting, etc.~~~Pt. 2, 1/86 ff.MT.

willing: "Willing is the same soul-activity as thinking, but willing is still a child."~~~3/33, BW.

Wilson, Woodrow: "...Wilsonism is essentially opposed to the true progress of mankind..."~~~6/123-4,TS.

wine: "Whoever partakes of wine cannot attain to any true knowledge of Manas, Buddhi and Atma." ~~~8/53, FE.

Wine: In the Fifth Root Race of Atlantis chemical processes were introduced into food production. This made possible the introduction of wine. The human had to be prepared for materialism, thus the Dionysian Cult made its appearance. "Wine cuts human beings off from everything spiritual. Whoever takes wine cannot attain the spiritual." Marriage in Canna, Bread & Wine, etc.~~~30/246, ff. FE.

Wisdom, Beauty and Power or Strength: "Three separate concepts have always comprised what, coming from outside, education on the physical plane should bring about in the three different bodies of man. These three aspects were called: W., B. and P. or S." [Wisdom, etheric body; Beauty (Piety) the astral body; Power, the individual ego.] ~~~15/109-11, FE.

Wisdom, Beauty and Power: are the three constructive forces which have to be developed. "Anyone possessing all three will in his next incarnation become a human being who fits harmoniously into his three bodies." ~~~20/160, FE.

Wisdom, Beauty and Power: Rosicrucian quote: "Form the world in such a way that it contains within itself Wisdom, Beauty and Strength: then W., B. & S will be reflected into us. Wisdom is the reflection of Manas; Beauty, Piety, Goodness are the reflection of Buddhi; Strength is the reflection of Atma."~~~22/174, FE.

wisdom: is that which is revealed. "Wisdom is in the light and discloses itself in all sense impressions.~~~6/38-9, FE.

wisdom: is the daughter of karma:~~~ 2/15, FE.

wisdom: "w. radiates in the light." [as meditation]~~~4/78, TF.

wisdom: lives in the light.~~~Pt. 2. 1/77-8,MT.

wisdom: "The difference between the 'good' wisdom and the purely Luciferic wisdom--which so far as content is concerned is exactly the same--is that the 'good' wisdom is in hands other than those of the Luciferic beings. That is the essential point.... the only difference being whether it is in the hands of wise men who use it for good...or whether it is in the hands of Lucifer and his hosts.... Lucifer wants to abandon the earth to its fate, to win mankind for a kingdom alien to the kingdom of Christ."~~~4/54, LA.

wisdom: " must be emphasised that the wisdom of the future can be attained only through privations, travail and pain; it must be attained by enduring the attendant sufferings of body and soul for the sake of the salvation of human evolution. Therefore the unwavering principle should be, never to let oneself be deterred by suffering from the pursuit of this wisdom....

"At bottom, it is simply due to faint-heartedness that men to-day are unwilling to approach spiritual science. They are not conscious of this, but it is so, nevertheless; they are fearful of the difficulties that will have to be encountered on every hand. When people come to spiritual science they so often speak of the need for 'upliftment'. By this they usually mean a sense of comfort and inner well-being. But that cannot be offered, for it would simply lull them into stupor and draw them away from the light they need. What is essential is that from now onwards, knowledge of the driving forces of evolution must not be withheld from mankind."~~~4/61,LA.

worlds, three: see Three Worlds.

worms, intestinal: When head forces are too weak. Carrots as remedy.~~~5/90 ff.EE.

Wotan & Loki: how ancients pictured them in wind and fire, not as 'beings'.~~~8/132 ff.EE.







Zarathustra: His students became Hermes and Moses, to whom he gave his astral and etheric bodies, respectively. ~~~Pt. 2, 2/76,RP.

zero: "When the human being has gone through a cycle fully, so that nothing more remains to be done, this is characterized in occultism with a '0' or zero." ~~~Pt. 2, 12/133, RP.

zodiac: as representative of the astral world. ~~~5/70, MH

zodiac, beyond the: Realm of the ego, where we cannot sin. We can sin and gain freedom, with astral, only within the zodiac.~~~6/93, MH

zodiac, signs: influence of when above or below the horizon. ~~~5/71,MH.

zodiac, three planes of: The planes of feeling, willing and thinking described.~~~3/39,MH.

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