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Patterns of Inner Process Jung Young Lee
The Rediscovery of Jesus' Teachings in the I Ching and the writings of Preston Harold
Published by The Citadel Press in 1976
Book Review by Bobby Matherne ©2002


Lee strives to do an integration of Preston Howard, the I-Ching, and the teachings of Jesus Christ and achieves it. The chapter on "Empathy" is worth many times the price of the book and is well worth wading through the mystical numerology: 2/3 times 3/2 =1 (the equation of ONE) and the "young yin" and "young yang" that I don't understand the meaning of, up until now. It is in this chapter that he pulls together in a grand climax an explanation for how the I-Ching and all other fortune telling schemes work, the essence of Christ's teachings as inner process (versus the external trappings of Christianity), the connection of sympathy with conscious process and empathy with unconscious process and more. The use of random selection process as a method of tapping into the unconscious is a masterful way of explaining how shuffling cards or tossing coins can be useful for obtaining unconscious direction. Lee perceives the unconscious as a great ocean of possibilities that we may sit on the shore of and dip into. We may then examine what we retrieve from it and read the results as indications from our unconscious as to directions and decisions to be made rationally (from the irrational input). (Note: I have developed a method of divination using avocados.)

In the Jungian typology, divination by use of coins, cards or entrails represents an irrational input from the sensate domain which may be thought about (the intellect domain) or valued (through the feeling domain). Intuitives perceive directly through the un-rational intuitive domain and thus have no need for the cards, coins, or yarrow sticks. This is my view in this paragraph, not necessarily Lee's.

Jung Young Lee is an interesting writer and well-named, as his understanding of Jung matches his equally perceptive understanding of Jesus, the I-Ching, and Preston Howard. One of the pluses of this book is the elaboration of a scheme for generating Wilson's magic number 23. The number 23 represents in Lee's view "yin(2)-yang(3)." In the words of the Vulcan 23-Salute: Live long and prosper, Mr. Lee.

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