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The Starseed Transmissions by Ken Carey
An Extraterrestrial Report
Published by Uni-Sun/MO in 1982
Book Review by Bobby Matherne ©2002


My first reading of this book began in November of 1985 and continued during my trip to Paris last year. It was recommended to me by a friend and it's easy to see that much of Lucy's theology about her process of "lightening" is based on this book. The fairy tale she tells at her preliminary lightening seminars about the beings of light coming to earth and taking on a physical body then forgetting they did it, comes directly from this book. We are, the book tries to make clear, "bodies of clay dancing in light."

Our destiny is apparently to build huge floating cities of light in the shape of a one year old human baby, to name the Christ Child and to jump off into intergalactic space, leaving earth behind like a dried up turd on the doorstep of the Milky Way galaxy. No explanation is given as to why we would consider doing such a thing - suppose we'll have to leave that up to the Lucy's, the Lilly's, and the Leary's of the world to come up with the why's.

Halfway into the book Jesus takes over the author's body and begins talking in the second person. Even though He's talking directly to you in the second person, He explains that He's really a part of you. Great trance induction, Ken!

The book contains some good concepts in addition to spaceship design; e. g., from page 55: "Do not use powers that you have gained in ways that will attract attention." It occurred to me when I first read this he was referring to notoriety: a notoriety that is like a breeze that blows the sprinkler's water away from the flowers. Also the acorn metaphor on page 78: if the acorn gets so involved with its relationships with other acorns and it may never discover its potential as an acorn-factory-oak-tree.

So our charge seems to be 1) to re-member ourselves as beings of light, 2) adjust our disharmonies by saying to one and all, "May you be made whole." and 3) get ready to build our inter-galactic playpen.

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