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You really shouldn't use should.I don't - my momma taught me never to should on myself . . .

Freedom on the Halfshell

A Collection of Poems on Freedom

Copyright 2002 by Bobby Matherne
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Click Me to Read the Next Poem of Freedom on the Halfshell

Chimera Verité

Should is the socialist's shibboleth,
The password to the utopian path:
A just distribution should be arranged
For general opportunity and wealth.

Our fragile few private property rights
This socialist chimera would trample
Ride roughshod over our Bill of Rights
Till all that remains is one great big BILL
To create in our Western Hemisphere
The principles the Eastern Bear once held dear.

We'll queue for bread and wine and salami
With no time nor money for baloney.
Locked into legalized equality,
We'll grin and bear with forced fraternity
And dream dreams of how we used to be
When private property meant liberty.

NOTE: Joanne Woodward is said to have posted above her bed, "I will not should on myself today."

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Click Me to Read another Pearl from Freedom on the Halfshell.

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