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I'm yearning to breathe free.Remember what Harry Boyd told us, 'If you're swimming in a sewer, it's best to keep your mouth shut!'

Freedom on the Halfshell

A Collection of Poems on Freedom



Coercion in a social system acts like friction in a physical system — it reduces its efficiency  . . . 
"     Spencer Heath in Citadel, Market, and Altar

Give me your poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free and I will give them taxes, regulations, restrictions, and every manner of unfairness ever created by persons saddled with the illusion that they can decide what is best for someone else's welfare. The individual, like the business professional, knows what's best in a given situation and, given the freedom, will take that action. The forces of coercion are prying open the shell that contains the living muscle and spirit of the American people — will we resist those forces and keep our muscles and spirit alive, free to open at will, or will we give up like the oyster and settle for "freedom on the half shell?"

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Click Me to Read the Title Poem, Freedom on the Halfshell.

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