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Actual Trace Histories of Doyletics Users

Faces of People with Unwanted Doyles

Using a simple memory tracing technique suggested by the nascent science of doyletics, users are able to trace and remove permanently various unwanted doyles that are counter-productive in their life, up until now. These stories are published with the Users's explicit permission.
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Tracing History of Disturbing Doyles by Gary

Click Here for Gary!

Photo of Gary at Four Years old with his younger brother.

History of Shingles Trace by Warren

Click Here for Warren!

Retired Aeroscape Engineer (1921 - 2008)

Trace History of Althea [not her real name]

Click Here for Althea!


Trace History of Leroy [not his real name]

Click Here for Leroy!

State Policeman (Retired)

Trace History of Valerie [not her real name]

Click Here for Valerie!

International Shipping Executive

Amanda's Confirmatory Experiences [not her real name]

Click Here for Amanda!

Career Woman and Mother

Trace History of Sandy[not her real name]

Click Here for Sandy!

Real Estate Broker

Trace History of Olive [not her real name]

Click Here for Olive!


Trace History of Bobby [his real name]

Click Here for Bobby!


Relief is just a Trace Away!

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