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Recipes from Bobby Jeaux's Kitchen

"When Bobby Jeaux starts cooking, my mouth starts watering," John Grout

For translations, place cursor over Cajun french words.

Original and Adapted Recipes by Cajun Chef Bobby Jeaux

Why Another Cajun Cook Book?
Here's a poem from my book, Flowers of Shanidar, which explains how I cook, which also explains why I prefer to eat my own food rather than some other's food.
The Thinking Cook

A man is what he eats
A man is what he thinks
A man cooks what he thinks
What he thinks while cooking
You can taste in the food.

If he's thinking, "I'd rather be
skiing than cooking these french fries."
The french fries will taste like you'd rather be
skiing than eating his french fries.

If he's thinking, "What a wonderful combination
of sausages, herbs, white rice, brown rice,
and wild rice to set before my friends
who will enjoy every bite,
His guests will savour every ingredient
and every bite.

Be careful what you think about
when you're cooking
You and others will get to taste your every thought.

"The Thinking Cook" copyright 2003 by Bobby Matherne

Many of these are Cajun dishes I ate inside of Cajun cottages just like the ones that appear on this page. I photographed these houses along Highway 1 between Thidodaux and Raceland, Louisiana. With Louisiana crawfish becoming indigenous to many parts of the world in the 21st Century, it will soon be possible to prepare these crawfish dishes wherever you live.

These are recipes that I only wrote down in order to share them with you, my Good Readers. Most of them were not written down until I decided to share them. I would be delighted to hear from any of you who use these recipes to good effect. If the recipe does not come out, just try it again. There was some aspect of the cooking that you need to pay attention to. The timing, the moisture content at the various stages of cooking, the amount of stirring (you can't stir too much, only too little), and many other aspects need attention, much more than I can communicate in a written recipe. I have added many photos to the recipes to aid you in visualizing the various ingredients, quantities, texture during cooking, how to serve food, etc. Just click on any underlined words or phrases of recipe to see photos, such as this one of Avocado Supreme.

I learned cooking at my mother's knee, literally. I was about five or six years-old and I couldn't even see the counter top yet, but I could smell and I could hear her chopping and stirring. Plus I could later taste the result. Those aspects are essential: chopping, smelling, and tasting, and these cannot be put into a written recipe except to call your attention to them as I do now.

A few more notes: some of these recipes are not Cajun dishes, but they are recipes prepared by, eaten by, and enjoyed by this Cajun. If you are not Cajun and prepare these dishes, I can't guarantee you will enjoy the results, but if you don't, I suggest you find a Cajun to help you by preparing the dish alongside you, and perhaps only then will you learn to cook like a Cajun. I put this caveat in so that perhaps you will understand what you eat in a Cajun restaurant may be horribly executed renditions which had little in common with what real Cajun food tastes like. Cajuns don't cook from a book, I guarantee! As a result every dish they prepare tastes good, because taste is the only consideration when a Cajun is cooking. The over-seasoning with spices and hot sauces is not real Cajun cooking, but a twisted and over-done version of Cajun cooking. If you see packaged versions of Cajun food, avoid them --- they will be over-spiced and made of dried ingredients you can get at the grocery yourself --- they will take away the control you have of making something taste good as you cook. If you see some restaurant or menu advertising "Spicey Cajun Cooking" do yourself a favor and avoid it! But, if you see a Cajun cooking the dishes, Mais, Cher! You is in for a treat! You will tell people about the food you ate, "Talk about good!" I guarantee!


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     Stone-Ground Bread: Burkhardt Bread, November 2002

     Basis for Cajun Meals: Wild/Long Grain Rice Mixture, December 2002: Cook ,
Save, Reheat


     Winter Soup: Grandma Del's Minestrone Soup, January 2003

     Cajun Seafood Dish: Crawfish Eggplant Dressing, February 2003

     Side Dish: Crawfish Leeks Tart, March 2003

     Cajun Gumbo: Seafood Gumbo Filé, April 2003

     Hearty Monday Meal: Quick Red Beans & Rice, May 2003

     Hearty Supper: Eggplant Supreme — Served, — Done , June 2003

     Lunch: Avocado and Cucumber Sandwich, July 2003

     Appetizer or Light Meal: Artichoke Flowers, August 2003

     Hearty Vegetarian Fare: Prima Vera Sauce for Spaghetti , September 2003

     Exquisite Salad Mandala Salad — Prepared , — Served, October 2003

     Thanksgiving Side Dish: Shrimp Stuffed Merlitons, November 2003

     Turkey Dressing: Maman Audrey's Oyster Dressing, December 2003


     Cajun Specialty: Maman Nette's Green Beans and Potatoes, January 2004

     Quick Lunch: Tamale Casserole, February 2004

     Exquisite Soup: Iced Vichyssoise, March 2004

     Seafood Dinner: CRESH - CRab-Eggplant-SHrimp étouffée(Shown Stuffed and over Rice), April 2004

     Exquisite Salad: Avocado Supreme, May 2004

     Salad: Maman Audrey's Avocado Halves, June 2004

     Seafood Dinner: Butter Beans over Rice with Grilled Flounder Filet, July 2004

     Summer Fare: Tuna Macaroni Salad, August 2004

     Seafood Dinner: Baked Fish Casserole, September 2004

     Large Group Entree: Redfish Courtboullion (koo-bee-yohn') or
Wild Game Sauce Piquante (pee-kahnt'), October 2004

     Seafood Entree: Shrimp Stew, November 2004

     Appetizer: Guac This Way, Guacamole Dip, December 2004


     Winter Lunch: Split Pea Soup, January 2005

     Winter Lunch: Borscht (Beet Soup), February 2005

     Winter Lunch: Mushroom-Leeks Soup, March 2005

     Winter Lunch: Brussels Sprout Soup, April 2005

     Seafood Entree: Seafood Jambalaya, May 2005

     Lunch: Redfish Courtboullion Sloppy Jeaux Sandwich, June 2005

     Seafood Dinner: Salmon en papillote with Green Lima Beans and Rice (Shown with Baked Yam) , July 2005

     Homemade Jam: Fig Preserves: Cooking and Canning, August 2005

     Salad Dressing: Stilton Bleu Cheese Dressing ( Shown in Avocado Half) , September 2005

     Hearty Meal: Crawfish Stew , November 2005

     Dinner Casserole: Chicken Gloria , December 2005


     Holiday Drink: Egg Nog , January 2006

     Breakfast: Eggs over Rice , February 2006

     Seafood Entree: Red Snapper ala Robért (Crabmeat Topping) , March 2006

     Cajun Specialty: Boiled Shrimp, Crab and Crawfish, Cajun Style , April 2006

     June Treat: Louisiana Creole Tomatoes with Granma Del's Special Sauce , May 2006

     Hearty Meal: Leeks-Crawfish Étouffée , June 2006

     Breakfast: Leeks-Crawfish Omelette , July 2006

     Seafood Dinner: Cresh, Simplified (CRab, Eggplant, SHrimp Étouffée) , August 2006

     Dessert: Cherry Goop , September 2006

     Dessert: Bartlett Pear and Lemon Curd , October 2006

     Lunch: Lump Crabmeat in Avocado Salad , November 2006

     Breakfast: Pain Perdu (French Toast) , December 2006


     Seafood Entree: Shrimp-Crabmeat Stuffed Eggplants , January 2007

     Party Appetizer: Del's Ranch Dip & Veggie Tray , February 2007

     Winter Meal: Artichoke-Oyster Leeks Soup , March 2007

     Dessert: Sweet Potato Tart , April, 2007

     Dinner: Quick Seafood Jambalaya , May, 2007

     Dinner: Leeks Mushroom Rice Dressing , June, 2007

     Special Treat: Oysters on the Half-Shell with Bobby Jeaux's Sauce , July, 2007

     Decor/Healthy Snacks: Fruit Bowl Preparation and Use , August, 2007

     Dessert: Strawberries Romanov , September, 2007

     Hearty Meal: Leeks-Eggplant-Mushroom Red Beans Étouffée , October, 2007

     New Year's Day Lunch: Blackeye Peas and Cabbage , November, 2007

     Light Lunch/Supper: Smoked Salmon Sandwich , December, 2007


     Light Lunch: Vegetable Triage Stir Fry , January, 2008

     Food Preparation: Preparing Parsley for Freezing , February, 2008

     Light Lunch: Baked Sweet Potato , March, 2008

     Dessert: Blackberries on Pound Cake , April, 2008

     Dessert: Mom-Annette's Lemon Meringue Pie , May, 2008

     Main Dish: Sautéed Orka with Asparagus Side , June, 2008

     Lunch: Avocado Sprouts Sandwich , July, 2008

     Light Dessert: Strawberries & Pineapple , August, 2008

     Food Preparation: Deboning Redfish , September, 2008

     Light Dessert: Brazilian Avocado Creme , October, 2008

     Light Dinner: Grilled Tilapia/ Flounder with Asparagus , November, 2008

     Dessert & Beverage Ingredient: Simple Syrup , December, 2008


     Light Lunch: Boiled Shrimp , January, 2009

     Sandwich: Potato Salad Sandwich on English Muffin/Toast , February, 2009

     Food Preparation: Peeling Navel Orange , March, 2009

     Breakfast Dish: Maman Nette's Hot Oatmeal , April, 2009

     Light Lunch: Grama Del's Tuna Fish Salad , May, 2009

     Breakfast : Egg Muffin , June, 2009

     Dessert : Maman Nette's Bread Pudding , July, 2009

     Main Course : Pompano en Papillote , August, 2009

     Main Course : Flounder Seafood Etouffee , September, 2009

     Light Lunch or Side Dish : Eggplant Stir Fry , October, 2009

     Dessert or Afternoon Treat : Mama Nette's Icebergs , November, 2009

     Light Lunch or Side Dish : Crab Salad , December, 2009


     Christmas Cookies or Afternoon Treat : Grama Del's Oatmeal Cookies , January, 2010

     Afternoon Tea or Snack : Rosie's Date Bars , February, 2010

     Main Course: Grilled Salmon with Avocadoes , March, 2010

     Main Course: Red-Bean-Eggplant Étouffée , April, 2010

     Main Course: Crawfish Pasta Laurene , May, 2010

     Light Lunch or Side Dish: Oysters-Artichoke Soup , June, 2010

     Light Lunch or Side Dish: Cajun Stir-Fry , July, 2010      Side Dish: Sliced Cucumber Salad , August, 2010      Appetizer Plate: Cucumber Dip , September, 2010

     Side Dish : Black Beans & Brown Rice , October, 2010

     Side Dish : Pepper Medley , November, 2010

     Hearty Winter Soup : Broccoli Soup , December, 2010


     Hearty Winter Dish: Grama Del's Clam Chowder , January, 2011

     Casserole Dessert: Pumpkin Crisp , February, 2011

     Light Meal: Portobello Burger , March, 2011

     Lunch or Appetizer: Crab Salad with Avocado&Egg , April, 2011

     Side Dish: Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Rice , May, 2011

     Dessert: Sunshine Cake , June, 2011

     Dinner: Grilled Fish with Green Beans and Potatoes , July, 2011

     Lunch or Appetizer: Crawfish, Crabmeat with Avocado , August, 2011

     Post-prandial Liquor or Apéritif: Cherry Bounce , September, 2011

     Breakfast favorite (updated): French Toast or Pain Perdu , October, 2011

     Main Dish : Eggplant-meatballs & Spaghetti , November, 2011

     Main Dish : Fortuitous Stir Fry , December, 2011


     Light Lunch Dish: Sauteed Brussels Sprouts & Avocado , January, 2012

     Super Bowl Gnoshing: Artichoke & Spinach Dip , February, 2012

     Healthy Breakfast: Cinnamon & Honey Toast , March, 2012

     Main Dish: Shrimp Creole , April, 2012

     Lunch/Dinner: Eggplant Medallions & Green Limas over Rice , May/June, 2012

     Cool Treats: Fruit Smoothie and Iceberg Cubes , July, 2011

     Lunch or Appetizer: Grama Del's Grilled Cheese Sandwich , August, 2012

     Breakfast for Kids of All Ages: Grama Del's Eggs-on-Toast , September, 2012

     Breakfast or Brunch: Simple Omelet , October, 2012

     Dessert: Icebergs , November, 2012

     Appetizer: Shrimp Remoulade , December, 2012


     Appetizer or Main Dish: Cream of Cauliflower Soup , January, 2013

     Coffee Break Snack: New Orleans Beignets , February, 2013

     Bread Sidedish: Poppa Frank's Cornbread , March, 2013

     Nutritious Drink: Juicing from the Garden , April, 2013

     Healthy Cocktail: Cranberry Sunrise , May, 2013

     Appetizer or Light Meal: Steamed Artichokes , June, 2013

     Appetizer: Crab Hors d'oeuvres , July, 2013

     Warm Weather Soup: Grama Del's Cool as a Cucumber Soup , August, 2013

     Tasty Onion Dish: Onion Casserole , September, 2013

     Hearty Main Course: Okra Jambalaya , October, 2013

Occasional New Recipes

     NO FAIL RICE STEAMING: Wild Rice and Long-grain Parboiled Rice , June, 2017

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